His Pact

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Katrina Diaz, daughter of one of the most influential business men of London, grew up with a proper family, a boyfriend whom she loved more than her family, had her career planned when she landed in an art college in Florida. When it was finally the time to return home, she was excited to face everything that fate was about to offer. However, when the road of life takes too many unexpected turns, bumping into many new people and unveiling the reality of sweet lies, it takes her every ounce of strength to drag herself reluctantly along the path. But will she ever find her destiny? ✄┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ •Contains mature content and strong language• [ Book Two in HIS Series -sequel to His Ink- but can be read as a standalone, Ongoing ]

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Katrina Diaz

A low groan escaped my throat when the golden rays of sun glared at me through the window, disturbing my sleep. Nonetheless, that really didn’t succeed in waking me up simply because I rolled over and pulled the comforter over my head.

“Kate!” A voice yelled, which I ignored, “Oh my fúcking god, Kate, lift that call before I break your phone.”

I could have ignored the threat if it didn’t include my phone, I mindlessly ran my hand below my pillow searching for my phone with my eyelids still shut. No such luck, though. I gave up my search and snuggled into the soft pillows.


I ignored the voice.



“Katrina Diaz!” My eyelids snapped wide open when the high-pitched scream from Bethany, my roommate, reached my ear.

“Why are you yelling?” I yelled back as I sat straight on my bed, I blinked my hazel eyes several times taking in the bright light. My hands flew up to massage my temples in an attempt to stop the headache.

Fucking hungover!

“Pick that call, Kate!” She moaned my name, I watched her lazily as she squirmed in her bed. I tossed my comforter aside and searched for my phone. My eyes shifted to my nightstand when I couldn’t find it.

“I can’t find it, where is it?” I asked her as she squirmed again in her bed. I huffed, running a hand through my auburn locks.

“In between my legs, that damn thing won’t stop vibrating.” She groaned, kicking the sheets down her leg.

Ugh! That’s not a fucking vibrator!

I tried my best to not twist my face in disgust as I padded across the room. I picked up the phone after shoving her legs aside. I answered the call as soon as I saw the caller ID.

“Hey babe!” I answered the call, slumping down on the edge of Bethany’s bed.

Where the fuck are you?“ He yelled into the line, I looked back at Bethany who was sleeping peacefully and I decided it would be the best to take part in a yelling contest outside our room.

“In my bed, Cain, where else do you expect me to be?” I spoke calmly, leaning against the doorframe lazily, ignoring the throbbing ache in my head.

“Who is beside you?” He laughed dryly, I looked back at the bed and smiled widely to myself.

“Squishy is still tucked in my bed.” I laughed, admiring the cute and soft teddy bear gifted by him.

“Kitty,” he sighed impatiently, “I saw your Snapchat story, prey tell me, why were the two guys kissing your cheeks?” I rolled my eyes at his question.

“The guys kissing me are both boyfriends, they aren’t hitting on me, they are literally gays, Cain.” I answered him, walking over to my table, searching for pills to help with my hangover.

“They are still boys.”

“And your point?” I yelled this time, I could imagine Bethany’s glare at the side of my head but that was least of my worries. He needed to stop being ridiculous.

“You went to a party that I told you not to go. Why can’t you just listen to me once? What do you think my friends and family think when they see the pic of the guys kissing you?”

“Do you mean my gay classmates kissing me?” I snapped, “Unless their definition of gay has changed, they will understand. For fuck’s sake, they pecked my cheek, I went to the frat party because we were celebrating the end of our semester. You seriously need to stop thinking I’m whoring around just because of the distance.”

From the corner of my eye I could feel Bethany giving me ’he is a controlling asshóle’ look which I chose to ignore.

“May be if you stop being one, I would stop thinking in that way.” He growled, I froze for a moment at the tone of his voice and his words.

“Enough, Cain, talk to me only when you grow a pair of balls.” I yelled before hanging up the call and tossing the phone on my bed.

“I told you he is an asshóle!” Bethany whined as if she heard our conversation.

“We all have our moments.” I defended him like always, I opened the cabinet and picked up the bottle of pills.

“Apparently this guy has it 24/7.” She laughed, I unscrewed the cap before tossing the pills from the bottle into my hand.

“No, he is just mad about my Snapchat story.” I whirled around to give her a convincing smile.

“Forget about that asshole, are you done packing your luggage?” She asked me, sitting on her bed, leaning against the wall.

“Oh no, there is a lot to pack and I have five hours before I check in at the Orlando airport.” I answered her, walking over to my closet.

“I’ll help you though, but when you come back in August, promise me to get the best Penhaligons Perfume from London.” She demanded, climbing down the bed, she strolled towards me and pulled me into a hug. “Finally, you’re going home. I’m going to miss you.”


I was going home far from my art college and closer to my family, friends and boyfriend.

I smiled at the thought and hugged her even tighter. I didn’t know what fate had in store for me for this summer break, but I was excited.




Bloody hell!

I wasn’t at all excited.

It was unfair to say I was hurt when I had to hire a cab at the airport because I felt so bïtchy that neither of my parents cared to pick me up at the airport even when I was returning home from Florida for the first time since a year.

I paid for the cab before stepping out. I smiled gratefully when one of the maids took my luggage out of the cab for me.

A smiled forced its way onto my lips as I started at the mansion before me as I recalled the good old times.

After taking a deep breath I stepped into the house, I wasn’t surprised to find my mum dressed in a red dress, which I was sure was designed by a London’s famous designer, adorning diamonds and pearls as she sipped her coffee as if she was the Majesty herself. She seemed to be busy, absolutely oblivious to my existence, probably lost in her thoughts about the upcoming charity event, so I ignored her and headed towards the stairs.

Charity, my ass. It was more of a fortune display event.

“Honey, you’re home!” A familiar voice greeted me when I was halfway through the top of the stairs.

“Dad!” I smiled as I took in his appearance, he was dressed in his favourite Paul Smith suit jacket and a pair of black boots, his hazel eyes were as a smile danced on his own lips.

“I missed you,” he quickly engulfed me in a bear hug before questioning me, “how was your journey?”

I pulled back instinctively.

“Great, really great, imagine having 5 cars and 3 drivers at your home but none cares to pick you up.” I gave him a loop sided smile, “that’s exactly how I feel.”

“Oh, sweetheart, you’re already home.” My mom’s astonished voice reached us before my dad could speak a word. Ahh, she is awake! I whirled around to look at her. She gave me a small smile. “I’m sorry, I was lost in my work.”

The usual planning of what dress to wear the next day.

“As always.” I joked, behind me my father’s broke out into loud laughter.

“Well, I’m sorry, honey, go to your room, fresh up and relax. Kendall is waiting for you.” He patted my back, I gave him a nod before continuing my journey to my room.

“Kate, I’ll send the breakfast up to your room.” Came my mom’s voice. When I reached the top of the stairs, I gave her a nod and veered my direction.

The house doesn’t look exactly the same; they have replaced the brown furniture with white furniture with a few indoor plants and new photo frames hanging on the walls, giving it a refreshing look.

As I turned the doorknob of my room door, I heard a high-pitched sound from my behind making me jump up in fright, “Kendall Diaz!” I yelled, whirling around.

“I missed you too, Katty!” She smiled pulling me into a hug, I inhaled the smell of her unabashedly feminine perfume.

“You smell so..” I stumbled over my words, predicting the smell.

“Seductive, right?” She threw her head back and chuckled. “Mom got this, she got you one too.” I walked past her into my room with a nostalgic smile dancing on my lips.

“If it’s anything like seductive, so help me, the last thing I want is for Cain to think that I work as a stripper.” I sighed as I crashed down on my bed, sinking into the soft mattress.

“Why would you say that?” I snapped my head up to look at her. She furrowed her eyebrows. Her brown eyes were unusually wide.

“I don’t know, Ken, he is so insecure ever since I moved to Florida, he is a sort of controlling me or maybe I was feeling that way. It’s starting to piss me off now.” I whined, raking my fingers through my tresses.

“Then dump him!” She shrugged, my gaze fell on my phone, my heart fluttered when I registered the date.

May 10!

Tomorrow it would be our five-year anniversary.

“You know what, tell me, how will it be if I break up with my boyfriend for five years on our anniversary?” I scowled when she fell back on my bed, laughing like a maniac.

“I would answer it, if I dated anyone more than two months.” I shook my head at her answer.

“Okay, Ken, what is the count of your exes?” I raised an eyebrow at her. She sighed before she started counting with her fingers. I watched her intently as she continued to count, often shaking her head as she contemplated the answer.

“Fúck it, I don’t even remember their names.” She laughed again, “but since your so obnoxiously attached and in love with Cain, I suggest that you pay him a surprise visit tomorrow.”

“You think? He hates surprises.” I groaned, smacking my head into the pillow.

“Then that’s the perfect gift to give him, since he is being a dick lately, however, I think you guys should talk it through. I wouldn’t ever loose someone who is possessive about me.” She winked her eye. I resisted the urge to laugh before I teased her.

“That’s sounds rich coming from someone who literally dated half of London’s male population.” She glared at me, but my shoulders shook and I broke into loud laughter.




I took in a deep breath, straightening myself as I clutched the straps of my bag, I couldn’t help but to smile when I assumed how amazing this night would be.

I was a little mad that Cain didn’t give me a call even on our anniversary day, but that was fine, I would either have to kick his ass or suck his cock to assure him that I was in love with him and only him.

My fingers knocked on the door, but I didn’t get any response. The second time, I knocked a little louder, but I didn’t get any response. I was thankful the door creaked open. The apartment was dark. I took another breath before sauntering towards his bedroom.

A blush slapped my face when I thought of the gift I got for him, a lingerie that would turn him on. I was startled when the sound of my heels was suppressed by the sound of a moan. I was apprehensive, but I continued to walk towards his room.

My hands were sweating for some unknown reason as I heard of another moan filling the room.

He wouldn’t dare to cheat on me.

This was Cain Taylor, my boyfriend of five years. He will never cheat on you.

My heart sank when I heard another masculine moan.

He is watching porn!

Believing my inner voice, I gave the door a light push. My heart stopped at the sight in front of me. Moisture filled my eyes.


═∘♡༉∘ ═

What is it do you think she saw?🤔

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