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Chapter 10 - Brothers ( Joseph point of view )

[ HRVY - High ]


Now I'm back in New York and now I'm getting ready to meet my best friend, Elijah. I look at the time, and decided to disturb him when he does his work. Well, isn't that's what best friend supposed to do? Make their best friend pissed. I wear my suit and comb my hair perfectly and spray some cologne. After that, I wear my watch before completely done. I take a look myself for the last time before left the room.

I take my car keys on the table and grab my phone also wallet. I open the door and go out to walk to my car. I get into the car and drive away to go and disturb Elijah at his company.

After I arrive, I give my keys to chauffeur and then walk inside the building. As usual, the women there just swooning over me. I just smirk at them and walk to the lift. That's a good thing that the lift open after a few seconds. I get in and then there's one guy who get in with me too. He didn't press the floor that he want to go. "What floor?" I ask.
"Same as you sir." He answers and then I look at him. He just wear a black jacket and looks like he doesn't work here.

"You want to meet Elijah?" He nodded his head. I look at the file that he hold in his hands.

"What's that?" I point at the file.

"Mr. Perkins just ask me to give it to him."

"Give it to me. I can give to him because I want to see him too." He thinks for a few seconds before handing the file to me. "Don't worry I'm Elijah's most trusted person. He won't be mad at you for giving this file at me." I said to him and walk out after the door opens.

I stop at the receptionist counter and open the file. I'm not a nosy person but this file looks suspicious. "Do you need anything Mr. Sanchez?" The receptionist asks me looking at me with seductive look.

"Just be quiet and do your work." I said and open the file. Who is this? Kids? Why he need these kids photos? And Alexa?

I put the photos back into the file and walk to his office and open the door without knock it. "What's that?" He asks me. I close the door and sit on the chair in front him.

"I'm the one who should ask you that question." I throw that file in front of him and looking at him. He looks at me weirdly and he opens that file. Then, he stops for a few seconds because it has seemed like he knows what it is. He immediately closes it and put it aside.

"Well?" I ask while lean my back to the chair and look at Elijah. He sighed and then tell me.

"I met her yesterday but it seemed like she doesn't notice me. So, I paid an investigator to find more about her. Well, that's really her. And you know what, I will make her mine again." I scoffed and look at him in disbelief.

"Woah, dude, she's not a doll that you easily want to make her yours again. She has a feeling. Also, Didn't you said three years ago 'I want to enjoy my life, Joseph and I think what I did was the right thing'... Ha! I still remembered it all too well." I said and then smirk at him.

"That's three years ago. Now I'm already 26 and I think I'm ready to be with her again. Don't you think so?" I take a deep breath and just shrugged.

I look at him open the file. "These kids." He said while looking at the photos.

"What?" He gives me the photos and I look at him confused. "I already open that file before I came in earlier but who are these kids?" I ask him.

"That's my kids. I.. I met them like four days ago and I bought them ice cream. Why I didn't notice that their faces are same as me or maybe one of them. They're twins. I didn't even ask their name. Gosh." He said.

"What! Your kids? That means my niece and nephew. Oh my god, brother congrats." I said and smile at him. "Yeah that boy looks like you but the girl, only have the same eyes with you but still look the same. You're so dumb. Why didn't you notice them." I said to him and he just shake his head.

"No matter what, I'll find them and be a happy family with them." That's what he said. "By the way what are you doing here? Don't you have worked to do?" He adds.

"Well I'm here in the first place just want to disturb you. Got bored. It's nothing wrong to come here right brother?" I wriggle my eyebrows.

"What about your new project at Paris." He asks me.

"So far good. Just I think I'm going to spend more time there. I need to keep an eye on someone." I reply.


"Secret brother. Okay I need to go now see you later. I have a meeting in an hour." I said and walk to the door. "Don't miss me alright, brother." I said and wink at him playfully.

"Ew! What's that for? You're so gross." He said and I laugh.

"Isn't that what brother did?"

"No! Get out, so I can do my work peacefully."

"Bye big bro." I said and left the room. I walk to the lift and then when I'm in, I press L.


"Yes sir?"

"Did Thea come to work today?" I ask my trusted person there.

"Yes she is sir. Why?"

"What did she wear?" I ask him.

"S-she just wear black leggings and light blue blouse sir." He answers and I smile.

"Alright thank you, Gerald." I said and end the call. That's a good thing that she didn't wear that kind of dress anymore. To be honest, I love to see her in that dress but I just don't like how men out there look at her. I feel weird when they did that. It's like I feel... I don't know what I feel. I've never like this to other women before. That's weird.


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