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Chapter 11 - Bad Dreams

[ I wanna grow old with you - Westlife ]


"Thea honey hurries up we're going to be late if you're not going down now. Thea!" My mom shouted from downstairs. Today is my seventeen birthday. Me, my mom and my dad are going to have a special dinner that my parents already prepared for tonight. I can't help it but feel so excited. I think this is going to be the best birthday ever. I wear the dress that my mom bought for me yesterday with my dad. It's a really nice dress that falls to my knees and also it's a long sleeve. It just so fit me. I put my hair into a ponytail and then rush out from my room.

"Thea!" I heard my mom call my name again.

"I'm coming! Coming mom, dad. I'm ready lets go." I said after I rush from my room to go downstairs.

"You look so gorgeous honey, happy birthday to my beautiful daughter." My dad said and kiss my head.

"Happy birthday Thea. I love you so much. Now, you're bigger so you can take,care of yourself." My mom hug me. When I already make my way to the door, my dad stops me.

"Thea, before we go, this is from both of us." My dad gives me a small box and I smile and them both.

"What it is?" I ask excitedly.

"Open it." My mom said. I immediately open the box and see the beautiful necklace and my name is written on it.

"Oh my god! This is so beautiful. Thank you, mom, dad! I love you so so much." I take it out and my mom helped me to put it on my neck.

"It's suit you very well. Take care of this necklace like how you take care of your life. Alright?" I nodded my head and three of us hug again. After that, three of us get into the car.

"Mom you're the most pretty woman I've ever seen and dad, you're the most handsome man I've ever seen. I'm really lucky to have both of you as my parents." I said from the back seat.

"Awe you're so sweet." I chuckle and then we just talk on our way there.

"Oh no it's looks like it's gonna rain. The wind is so fast. Looks like it's gonna rain so heavily." I look outside the window and I can see the tree like it's gonna fall down and also the leaves flying around. Also, there's thunder and it's so loud. I think it's gonna be a thunderstorm.

"Thea, honey why are you look so nervous suddenly? Are you okay?" My mom asked.

"Yea I'm okay just feel worried."

"Oh honey, it's only gonna rain. That's fine. Let's just enjoy tonight alright?" My dad said and I just smile at him.

"Why is the restaurant take so long to arrive? I'm already hungry." I said to change the topic.

"Now you're back to normal. Well, it's not that far but because of this rain, your dad has to slow down a bit because the road is slippery." I nodded my head.

"Mom, dad I really want to ask you this question since last year.."

"What it is?"

"Why you didn't make another child so that I can have a little brother or maybe sister to play with? It's pretty bored you know even though I'm already seventeen." My mom laughs at my question.

"Oh Thea, It's not like me and your dad didn't try it we try but no luck. So if you want to play with baby, why don't you get married and have your own baby."

"Mom! I'm still young not even graduate from high school yet." I said and three of us laughed happily.

I look in front to see if I can see the restaurant but I see none. The rain covers it all. So it's hard to see anything. Just then I feel my heartbeat so fast. "Ummm dad, I think it's better we just stop for a while until this rain starts to slow down.." I said.

"It fine hon-" I cut him quickly when I see there's a car from the other way and looks like it loose control.

"Oh my god! Dad watch out!" I screamed and my dad try not to hit that car, our car also loose control because of the slippery road. "No! No! Mom dad!" I screamed and then all black.

"No!!!!" I open my eyes and then look around. I'm in my room so that's mean it's just a dream. Why do I having this bad dreams after a year I'm not having it. I feel my eyes watery and I hug my knee to my chest and cry. Mom, dad I miss you so much. I get from the bed and open the sliding door to take fresh air. I hug myself and look at the sky.

Then I remembered something that my mom used to say to me if I miss someone when I'm 8 years old.

"Mom, I miss grandma and grandpa. Why can't I go and stay with them?" I asked.

"Thea, your grandparents already gone from this world but if you miss them or miss someone, just look up the sky look at the stars, moon and just talk to them because maybe they'll hear you." My mom said.

"Mom, dad I miss both of you so much. I want to be with you guys happily like we used to. I want to hug and kiss both of you. I want to celebrate my birthday with you guys." The tears coming out more and more from my eyes. "Mom, dad I'll go and visit both of you soon. I really really miss both of you so badly." I wipe my tears but it's still coming out. I just look at the stars and moon. "I wish you can hear me." I touch my neck then I remembered that I didn't wear it. I question to go back inside my room and search for it.

After a moment, I finally found it. I wear the necklace and then look at it. I close the sliding door and walk to my bed. I feel the tears coming out again. I cry until I feel so tired and feel sleepy. So, I just lay my back and try to sleep.


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