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Chapter 12 - Argument

[ Camila Cabello - Real friends ]


"Parrish, do you have to go back to your parent's house that long?" I ask him while we had our lunch together.

"It's been like two years since I last visit them. Besides, it's only for one month, not one year, Thea. Oh and I'm going to bring my partner. I'm so nervous about it." He said while I take a bite of my burger.

"Oh my god, you already have one but you never told me. How Could you." I fakely pouted.

"Me and him have just been together like five days. We met at the club." I smile at him.

"So that's mean you guys are so serious right? Because you're going to bring him to meet your family." He nodded his head. "So happy to know that you finally found your happiness," I add.

"There's a lot of men who hit on you for the past five months but what you did? You rejected all of it. Even without giving them a chance to get to know you. Live a bit girl."

"I need to focus on my work, Parrish. I don't want to be in any relationship yet. Just not ready for it." I said. Well I'm actually want to have someone special too but I just don't find anyone suitable here.

"Yeah yeah just stay like this until you're old. Just focus on your work and don't think about relationships at all."

"No That's not what I meant. You know guy here not here but most of the guys just want to have fun and then after they get bored, they just leave the girl alone and leave them heartbroken."

"I understand but no matter what, just remember I really ship you and Mr. Sanchez. Don't you think that both of you look so cute together?" I look at him disbelief and smack his hand.

"That man is the biggest player I've ever met and you ship me with him? Oh please, Parrish." He laughs and we continue to eat our burger. "Looks like I'm going to go and buy groceries alone then," I said.

"Awe sweetheart, you make me feel bad for leaving you."

"You should.." I smile at him.

"Nah it's not working sweetheart, I'm going back tonight no matter what." He winks at me. I chuckle.


When I'm in my room doing my work, the phone on my desk ringing. I pick it up. "Hello?"

"Come to my office now!" And the call end. What. Is. Happening?

I take my phone and walk out to go to his room. I feel so nervous and scared because this is the first time he is this mad. Did something happen? I walk faster to his room and then knock his door. I heard 'come in' and then open the door slowly. When I already in, I close the door and the atmosphere in this room so tense. I walk and stop when I'm in front of his desk. Oh gosh, I don't like this. "Yes, Mr. Sanchez?" I ask in a low tone but making sure that he can hear me. He stands up and then what he did next shocked me.

He throws all the papers on his desk to my face. My mouth opens in shock and then when I look at it, it's all my design that I gave him like two days ago. I don't know what to do so I just stand there and look at the scattered papers on the floor. "What's all this?!" I startled.

"T-the designs?" I reply but it turns out to be like a question. That's the most brilliant answer, Thea. Good job.

"You call this rubbish designs? What were you thinking?!" It seems like he really in a bad mood.

"I-" he cut me off.

"You busy with your stupid boyfriend until you can't focus on work?!" Boyfriend? Since whe- ... Oh, he must saw that I always with Parrish and assume him as my boyfriend. But what's wrong with that? Why would he care? "Answer me!" He shouted.

"I-I'm sorry Mr. Sanchez. I'll redo again if you want me too." I said to him.

"I want it to be done before tomorrow morning. And I don't care if you have a fucking date with your stupid boyfriend or anything just make sure that rubbish, more acceptable." Okay, I'm done with all this!

"Excuse me, Mr. Sanchez, if you mad because of this design that I made I'm okay with it but don't ever call Parrish like that!" I burst out. "For the past months, I've been so patient with you and with all your fucking attitude. All the designs I made you always rejected it. Do you think I'm a machine or what? I have a life too. If you think that I'm not capable to do what you want, why not choose another person to do all this?! Ughhh! " I stomped my feet and get out of his room.

I take my handbag and my phone than walk out of the room and make way to the lift. I'm really mad at him.

First, because he throws those papers to my face.

Second, because he called Parrish stupid.

I really hate it when people call my friends Like that. I make my way out of the building and just follow my feet wherever it brings me. After a few minutes of walking, I end up to be at the cliff. I'm never been at this place before but it shows a really breathtaking view of the city. I stand there I don't know for how long but now its already dark. I look st my watch and gasp when it's near 10 pm. Why didn't I feel anything? I've been standing here for more than four hours. That's impressive.

Now, I'm on my way to go home but the problem is that what way should I go? I don't remember and now I'm freaked out. I take a deep breath and just follow my senses. The streets seems familiar but I don't usually strolling around because I mostly just stay at home and watch movies. That's what I always did. Maybe I pick the right way because I know this street. I smile at myself because at least I'm not gonna lost and stay up all night to find my way home. I walk and walk until I saw the supermarket that I and Parrish always go. So that's means I just need to walk about ten minutes more to arrive home.

Just then, I saw the car stop not to far from me. Okay now, this is not even funny. I walk a bit faster but the car just follows me. What the hell?

"Thea! Thea!" I look aside and see Joseph in that car. I groan and just ignore him but he just follows me with his car. "Thea stop!" He said but I just keep walking. Then I see he already stop his car probably feel useless to follow me. Then, someone turns me around. My eyes widen to see Joseph in front of me. "I told you to stop right?" He said.

"Let me go. What are you doing?" I wriggle from his embrace but he doesn't budge. "What do you want from me?" I ask him.


"You what?"

"Want to apologize to you. I know I shouldn't be that strict to you. I don't know what's got into me earlier. Sorry." His voice comes out like a whisper when he said sorry.

"Fine. I'll follow you but now let me go cause I'm tired. I need to rest so that I can think of a new design for you." I said to him,

"Where did you go earlier? You know I'm so worried about you? I search for you but I can't find you. Where did you go?" I look at him weirdly.

"Why do you care? Now let me go and just go home." He let me go and then I just walk away from him to go home.

What is wrong with him? Why does he needs to be worried about me and also why he needs to search for me? I'm not anyone from his life anyway. I don't understand him and never be because there's a time he okay and the other time he just being so... I don't know what it is.

Why I feel my heart weird when he hold me like that. I feel so safe and secure in his arms. Did I like him? No no no.... Thea, he's the player. Who knows he just want to sleep with you and then the next day dump you like he always did to other women.


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