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Chapter 13 - Sunday

[ Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning ]


When I look at myself in the mirror, my eyes look so swollen and red. It's been like one week since I got those dreams. It's been like a year since I last got that dream but now it comes back. Since the day that I fainted in the rain that day. I wash my face and decided to take a shower. I shampoo my hair and scrub my body.

After a few minutes, I walk out of the bathroom with white fluffy towel wrap around my naked body. I open the dresser and wear my undergarments then pick a white tee and my black yoga pants. I just let my wet hair fall down and then I hang the towel before left my room. I pick the chips from the kitchen counter and take a seat on the couch. Watching movies with chips on my lap this what I like it. Just then, my phone ring. It's Alexa I smile and pick it up.


"Don't do that!" She yelled back and I chuckle.

"How are you my bestie?"

"I'm reallllly miss you, Thea. Don't you want to come back here again or you already find yourself a new best friend."

"Well first, I'll go to LA but I don't know when and second, I have found a friend here and it's a guy but you're always number one bestie. Oh and I miss you too!" I said.

"Stop doing that woman. If you're here I'll shove your mouth with this phone." I laugh and then suddenly I heard a knock on my door. I look at it and thin who it is. It can't be Parrish because it's only three weeks he gone. "Thea, are you okay why are you suddenly quiet?" Alexa ask me.

"Ummm I'll call you later. Got something to do." I said and put my phone on the couch. I walk to the door and then open it slowly.

"Hey." It's Joseph and this is the first time I see him in this casual outfit.

"What are you doing here?" I ask.

"Just wanna spend my Sunday with you. Can I?" I look at him weirdly and see that he held a plastic bag in his hand. I don't know what's wrong with me but I just step aside and let him in. I close the door and walk to the same spot that I've been sit for the past hour.

"So... Why are you here again?" I ask him and shove a chip in my mouth. He takes a seat next to me but not too near. It's still got a gap between us.

"Want to spend my Sunday with you." He said. Is he being serious? "Yes, I am serious." Did I talk out loud? "And yes you are." I just continue to eat my chips and watch the movie. It's not like both of us are in a good term or anything. It just him being weird and acting like a completely different person. Where's the arrogant, snobbish, picky, player, heartless and annoying attitude go? "Do you want some? I bought two of them. And I just pick cookies and dough. I don't know what you're favorite." He said and did he mention cookies and dough? That's my favorite and I really can't resist it.

"Oh really. Ummm just give me. I still can eat it." I said and he gives it to me. I mentally smiling because I got my favorite ice cream. I stand up and take a spoon in the drawer in the kitchen. Then take a sit back on the couch. "Here." I give him one spoon and then I start to eat mine. We eat our ice cream in silence until the movie end. I close it then play with my phone. A moment later I finally remembered that Joseph is here.

"You know we're not that close to spending the Sunday together. We're just boss and employee. So I don't think this is what boss and employee do.." I start to talk to him.

"It's not but I just got bored to be at the company so I just decided to come here and talk to someone that I know."

"You knew lot of people, Joseph. Oh, I'm sorry it, Mr. Sanchez." I smile at him.

"Nah you can call my first name when we're alone. That's more comfortable to hear." He said and I nod my head.

"If you are bored, why you didn't go to the club or just bang another girl because that's what you always did. Right?" I ask him.

"I will but maybe later. It's still early though." I guess he's still the same person. "By the way, where do you from, Thea." He asks me.

"Well I'm from Colorado but I moved to New York when I'm 16 and just find a part-time job but still have to go to school," I said to him.

"Well, I won't ask about you anymore because I know you won't tell me if ask another."

"Good then. Can I ask you one thing?"

"Sure thing."

"When will you go back to New York?" He looks at me while raising his eyebrows.

"Are you hate me that much until you can't wait for me to go back to New York?"

"Maybe because your best friend, makes my best friend life like hell," I answers.

"It's him not me I didn't do anything."

"Yeah but you're his best friend after all. Both of you just the same, like to make all women like your clothes. Just changed wherever you want. Do you guys think we all women like to be dumped? I bet even the slut didn't like that." I said to him.

"They're the ones who gave their body to us. It's not like we're forcing them." He answers.

"Yeah yeah, whatever. So can you go home and just find something else to do. I want to be alone now. So?"

"Don't say you're kicking me out now."

"I am. So get out now. I think I'm being nice enough right now." I said and he stands up and walks to the door. I just look at him to get out.

"See you tomorrow then." He said before close the door. I finally alone again. I lay down on the couch and then I feel sleepy so I just close my eyes and drift to sleep.


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