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Chapter 15 - Back To LA

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After a really long flight, It finally landed and back to LA. I am so happy to come back here. I miss Los Angeles and the people here. I wait for the cab and tell the driver the address. I look at the time and it's still too early so that's mean Alexa must be still sleeping. After a few minutes, the cab parked in front of Alexa's house. I pay the fee and get out with my luggage.

Walking to the front door and take out my phone from my pocket to call Alexa. Oh gosh it's freezing.

I wait for a few rings until she finally pick it up. "Alexa!" I  shouted and I know she must be pissed because she always , mad at me when I did that.

"Gosh, woman. You're going to make me deaf in early age." I laugh when hear she said like that.

"Oops sorry bestie but I'm really happy because..." I stop just to tease her. I stay silent when I heard her yawn then yelled at me.

"Tell me! What it is. Don't make me curious like this." I chuckle.

"I'm. In. LOS ANGELES!!!" Again I shouted and that's a good thing that nobody in this neighborhood hear it. I look around to see no one comes out from their house to get angry at me so that's mean I still safe.

"Seriously? Oh my god! I miss you so much." She said in an excited voice and I laughed

"Well, I miss you too my bestie. And I think I'm gonna die out here because it's so freaking cold." I said.

"What do you mean? Out there? Wait don't say...." She stops her sentence in the middle and I can hear footsteps come downstairs and come near the door. A few moments later, the door opened by Alexa.

"Alexa!!!" I hug her really tight. "I miss you so so so so so so so so muchhhhhh." I said and kiss her cheek.

"Okay don't be so dramatic. Let's go in." I chuckle and drag my luggage and put it near the stairs. "Why you didn't tell me you're coming to LA? I might fetch you at the airport." She said.

"Well, it's not going to be a surprise then. By the way, I'm gonna stay here for three days." I said to her.

"Awhhh that's so short. Why can't you stay a little bit longer? Three days is not enough." She whines at me and walks to sit on the couch.

"My boss only can give me three days leave I can't do anything about that. Whatever so, how are you my one and only best friend." I ask her.

"You know, there's a lot of things that happened just in a few months." She answers.

"Oh what it is? Tell me everything." I ask her eagerly curious to know what it is.

"Well..... Actually I and Elijah already get back together last week." What?! I fell into silence because I don't know what to react. Should I be happy in front of her? Nah I'm no hypocrite. "Thea, did you hear me?" She asks and I look at her.

"Alexa, why are you being so dumb? I thought you gonna be more alert and careful after what he did to you before. You might get hurt again because I have a feeling that he's not changed. Why would you think he changed just to get you? Are being serious Alexa?" I finally said to her in a serious tone while she just looks at her hands. "It's not like I didn't want you to be happy but your decision is so stupid. Maybe you see him change because he treats you so sweet, romantic and all but once he got you in bed, he will leave you Alexa and that time, you will get hurt for a second time. You have to be harder to get until he feels the same heartbreak loke what you felt." I said to her but I think it more to nag but at least she knows that she made a wrong decision.

"I-I just think this decision might be a good thing because Gabriel and Gabriella need a happy family." She answers.

"Yes I know that the twins are his children too but you don't have to let him use this opportunity to hurt you again." I sighed. "I'm so sorry Alexa, but I really didn't agree with what you've done.." I add.

"I know, but it's not wrong to give it a try and let him change slowly." She said. "Thea, whatever it is I just need your support that's it." I just nodded my head and sighed.


"Auntie, can we watch emoji movie later after dinner?" Gabriella ask me when I'm sitting with them in the living room. They look big enough since I last met them.

"Sure, we can watch whatever you want.,"I answer and she jumps happily.

"Guys! Food ready?" I heard Alexa shouted from the dining table and Gabriel and Gabriella run to it.

"You should call me and I can help you, Alexa," I said and sit across her.

"It's nothing much. It's okay."

We just had our dinner with laughter and have a good time together. After we finish the food, I help Alexa to wash the dishes while Gabriel and Gabriella already get ready to watch the movie, emoji movie. "You know, sometimes I really hope my boss can transfer me and let me work here not in Paris. I really want to live with three of you like this." I said to her while washing the plate.

"There's nothing we can do. Things already happened."

"You know what, I have to work with Joseph Sanchez the young and one of the richest billionaire and also a womaniser. He's so bossy and picky. All the designs that I did for his new hotel, he rejected it and told me to make another design. Ughhh." I complained and see she just smile in reply but then she zoning out for a bit. "Alexa? Hello? Are you zone out while I'm talking to you? Gosh." I look at her while raising my eyebrows.

"Sorry I just think about something else. About work." She answers. "Well, you already finish it. Let's go and watch the movie with them. They're waiting for us." She said and both of us walk to the living room and sit with the twins. We watch the movie until late at night. I feel so sleepy because of the long flight. My eyes feel so heavy so I just fall asleep on the couch while watching the movie. Then when I open my eyes, I saw Alexa carry Gabriella who already fast asleep and bring her upstairs then I take Gabriel in my hands and follow her upstairs.

"Thanks Thea. You can go and sleep now. I can manage from here." Without any second I just walk to the guest room. I am so tired. As soon as I get into the room I just plopped myself on the bed and fall asleep right away


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