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Chapter 16 - Who are you (Joseph point of view)

[ HRVY - Phobia ]


I'm in New York now and I think I'm just gonna stay here for a few months before go back to Paris. I need to give myself a break. Not from work of course but from Thea. These days, I kept thinking about her and sometimes I even had a dream about her. She really makes my heart feel so different when I'm with her or think about her.

I shake my head from my thoughts and get ready to have a breakfast with Elijah. I think this is also one of the reasons why I got a headache. He and his problem never solve. I think his problem just come more and more to him. Poor him. After I'm done with my appearance, I spray cologne and then walk out from the walk in closet. I grab my phone with the wallet also car keys that on the night stand and left the room.

As usual, I stuck in a traffic jam. I know I have to get out from the house a bit early but I'm not. Well by the way it's not my fault because it's New York we're talking about the city that never sleep. I just hope this is not to long because one, I'm hungry and two Elijah might end up eat alone and also I have to eat the breakfast alone too.

After waiting like a few minutes, I finally can moves my car and drive to the restaurant. I look at my watch as soon as I parked my car into the empty spot there. 8:09 am. Well I'm late like nine minutes. It just nine minutes not to long. Right? Right.

I get out from the car and walk inside the restaurant. "Welcome, do you search for a table?" The waitress ask me the moment I step into it.

"I can manage myself. Thank you." I said not feeling to be in a flirty way this morning. I roam myself around and see Elijah who already started to eat.

"You know I can help you if you want?" I almost forgot that the waitress still standing next to me with her tease eyes. I smirk and then walk away from her.

"Sorry dude, I got stucked in traffic jam." I said and he just hum in response. The moment I open my mouth to talk again, the same waitress come to me and give me the menu. I quickly order the fresh toast and a coffee. She walks away and that's a relief. He just being silent until my food being serve. I am so hungry so I eat it as soon it in front of me.

I can't stand the silent so I ask him "What's wrong with that face dude?". His face looks stress and looks like he got another problem. He let out a sighed and stop eating then take a sip on his coffee.

"Rebecca called me last night." I take a few moments to think who is he talking about.

"Rebecca? Who's that?" I asked him because I clearly don't know any woman name Rebecca.

"The one that I slept with when Alexa caught me cheated on her at the hotel three years ago and also She's my one night stand a few months before I met Alexa." He explain to me. I think this is one of the problem that I will get a headache too. Then I remembered the woman that he talking about.

"Oh that woman. I remembered now. Well blocked her number then." I said easily. He look at me disbelief. "What? Did I do said anything wrong?" I ask and eat my food.

"You know if Alexa know about this, she might think that I'm not serious to be with her again. She might think that I just playing with her heart again." He we go again. Back to his problem with Alexa. His loves life. I really feel sympathy to him because it's just seems like he can't be happy at all. If he solve another problem, then here it is come more problems.

"Oh that's why your face like a old man just now." I said and laugh hoping that he might at least chuckle but none. So I stop laughing and clear my throat and said "Well just be honest with her then. It's better for her to hear from your mouth other than that woman mouth or maybe internet. It's not that hard to tell her right? Besides, you're not planning to get back with that whore. Right? or maybe you want Rebecca. " He shake his head. "Then, what's you scare of? She will understand and also try to make that Rebecca stop from calling or texting you. You're rich and have power just do anything to make that woman stop all that." I said.

"I think that the best way. I should tell Alexa first then second I will make that woman stop from call and text me." He answer and I just nodded my head in agreement.


"Hello Gerald." I call him by his last name it's because I don't know I just feel comfortable with it and without Mr.

"Yes sir?"

"I just want to ask did ..... Thea ummm ask where am I or anything?" I ask him.

"No sir besides she's taking a leave like three days." He answer. Three days leave? Where did she go? Why would she take the leave? Is she sick? So much thought about her in my mind right now. "Do you have anything to ask sir?"

"No. By the way thanks for the information Gerald." I end the call and then lean my back to the chair. Where did she go? I can just ask Gerald but I don't want him to be suspicious or something. I shake my head and continue to do my work.

After an hour, I feel bored so you already know what did I do if I got bored. Go to Elijah's office and disturb him. I take my phone then walk out from the room. "I'm going out for awhile and I'll be back in maybe one hour or more." Said to my secretary and walk to the lift.

When I arrive at his office, I give the keys to the chauffeur and walk inside the building. It's not a lunch time or anything so everyone just do their work. I get inside the lift and press the floor.

As soon as I walk out and make my way to Elijah's room, I heard a yelling from it. I stop and stand near the random worker there.

"Get out! NOW!" Woah, who makes him so mad like that?

Suddenly, there's one girl walk out from his room with unreadable expression on her face. Wait is that Rebecca? I look at her and then I hear something like glass crashing on the floor.

I make my way into his office and ask "Dude? What's wrong?"

"Find someone to kill that woman now." That's all he said to me.

"Woah chill. Kill who? And why you look so stressful? Tell me" I ask him even though I know what he's talking about.

"That woman really don't know who is she playing with and what can I do to her life."

"Wait did she call you? Text?" I Ask and take a sit on the sofa and look at him.

"No she came here and I Kicked her out before you came just now maybe you saw her. She even ask me to have sex with her here and she even try to threaten me to make my life miserable ." I laughed. "Did I said something funny?" He ask.

"No no it's just, that woman is funny. Who is she think she is? Threatening you? That's ridiculous." I reply and laugh again.

"But what if she try to make a false statement about me and her? And Alexa see it?"

"Well you have to go and kill that woman now then before she can do all that things." He walk and then sit on the sofa too. We talked about it for a few minutes. Then I dismissed myself to go back to my company.

Rebecca, Rebecca who are you until you had that courage to threaten Elijah like that.


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