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Chapter 17 - Tricked

[Alex Aiono - Does it feel like falling]


I play with my phone while Gabriel, Gabriella, and Alexa just watching some random show on tv. It's so fun stay here like this but I have to go back to reality the day after tomorrow. I asked Mr. Gerald this morning for another extra one day for me to stay here and he approved it. So I am so happy at least I don't have to go home tomorrow.

"Alexa, it's late. I think both of them must be tired and sleepy. Its near midnight." I said to her. I look at Gabriel and Gabriella they just looking at the television. I know they must be tired.

"Can you help me to carry Gabriel upstairs?" I nod and carry him. "I think I'm not gonna go to work tomorrow because tomorrow I want to hang out with you. How about that?"

"That's a very good idea!"

"Shhhh... " I cover my mouth with my hands and giggles. Alexa just shakes her head and then we make our way to our rooms.

I close the door after I get into the room and put my phone on the bed before going into the bathroom. I brush my teeth and wash my face. A moment later, I walk out from it and just relaxing on the bed while playing with my favorite game. You all already know what it is. ;)

I'm so focus until someone breaks it by calling me. What. The. Actual. F. It's Mr. Gerald who calling me. Why he always be the one who interrupts my game? I sigh and press the answer.

"Hello, Mr. Gerald. Can I help you?" I ask him.

"Thea I'm so sorry to call you this late but about your leave, I need to take it back."

"What? B-but why?" No!!!!

"You need to be in the office because there's an important meeting at the office." He said and I sigh.

"What important meeting? You know if I fly there tomorrow morning, I won't be able to make it." I answer.

"You'll make it if you take the early flight. Don't worry Thea, the company already bought you the ticket and you're flight will departure at 7 in the morning."


"Ms. Morris, when I said this meeting is important, it's important. " Mr. Gerald said in a professional voice.

"Fine. Thanks for letting me know." I end the call and sigh. I get up from my comfortable position and start to put my clothes into the luggage with a heavy heart. After a few minutes, I decided to go to sleep because I have an early flight in a few hours.

"Oh my god! Dad watch out!" I screamed and my dad tries not to hit that car, our car also looses control because of the slippery road. "No! No! Mom dad!" I screamed and then all black.

I spring up from my sleep and look around. I take a deep breath and hold my necklace. Then, I heard a loud storm that makes me jump and hug my knee to my chest. "S-stop," I said in a very slow voice. I cry. Every time I had this dream, I'll end up crying no matter what. Right now, I'm really scared. I'm scared of rain and storm and thunder and everything about it.

I hug my knee and put my face there. I am so scared now but I don't want to disturb Alexa. It's already late. So, with my body shivering, I slowly lay back and try to sleep.


The Next Morning

The alarm of my phone wake me up and I feel so tired and sleepy also have a slight headache. I take a short shower and wear my baby blue jeans and white tee then wear a cream cardigan. I take my converse before left my room. I stop I'm from Alexa's room and open it.

"Alexa... Wake Up." She whines and back to sleep. "Come on girl, I'm going home today," I said a bit louder this time and she open her eyes.


"Yea I'm going back to Paris. So do you want to send me until the door or just want to continue your sleep?" I ask her.

"But why?" She stands up and hugs me not letting me go.

"Oh come on. I'll miss my flight." We walk downstairs together.

"Thea, you said you will stay here for three days. It's only been two days but you need to go back to Paris. Don't go..." She pleaded and then look at me with puppy eyes.

"Don't act like a child Alexa. I'm sad too but there's nothing I can't do. My boss called and want me to be there as soon as possible. Maybe because there's an urgent or something. I promise you, I'll come here again." I said to her.

"You sure you don't want me to send you the airport?" She asks me.

"It's okay, I already called the cab. I don't want you to prevent me from going back to Paris if you send me to the airport. Oh, there's the cab. Bye bestie. I'm gonna miss you... " I hug her and then got into the cab. I wave her.

I look at the time and it's already 6:30 in the morning. I hope I can make it or else I'm gonna miss my flight and Mr. Gerald will question me lots.

Ten minutes later, I arrived at the airport I just walk straight to the immigration. I wait for a few minutes to do that and that. I'm already tired now.

After a few minutes of queuing I finally in the flight. I lean my back and that's a good thing my seat is beside the window. So, I can look outside. "Attention to all passengers, this is your pilot and we're going to fly in two minutes. Please wear a safety belt. Thank you." I heard the announcement and wear a belt. Okay, here we go again another 7 hours and 15 minutes in the air.


After 7 hours 15 minutes.

It's only 8 in the morning here. I sighed because I have to go to work in jet lag. I'm so tired of all this. I just want to go and spend time with Alexa and also want to go to Orlando to visit my parents.

I walk out of the airport to find a cab. When I found one across the road, I make my way to it but then there's a car stop I'm in front of me. I stop my step and look at the car. Then the window of the passenger side being slide down. "Thea!" I duck my head and see Joseph? What is he doing here?

"What are you doing here?" I ask.

"Get in." All he said.

"Why would I? Of course no." I answer and make my way to the cab. He gets out of the car and walks to me.

"I said get in."

"No. Now can you please move aside so that I can go home and get ready to work?"

"I thought you still on your holiday." He said.

"Yes I am but yesterday Mr. Gerald called and told me that today we have an imp-" He cut me off.

"There's no meeting today. So get in and we're going to stroll around Paris today." He takes my luggage from me and put it in his car while I just stand there.

"What do you mean there's no meeting? And why are you taking my luggage? And you know, Mr. Gerald personally called me last night wh-" my eyes widen when I feel his lips on mine. He kisses me.

"You talk too much Thea. Now get in the car and let's go dear." He said to me but I still standing there blank after what he has done to me.

"Did you just-" He cut me off again by kissing me again and this time he kisses me longer than earlier.

"Yes, I kissed you. So now, are you just going to stand there and let me kiss you again for the third time or move your sexy legs to get in the car?" When he said like that, I quickly get into his car. No way I let him kiss me again. He gets in the car too and starts to drive.

I don't know where he wants to bring me but what I know, he won't send me home now. "You know, I need to go home now. Also, the meeting will start soon." I said.

"Dear, I told you there's no meeting today. Do you have a hearing problem?" I look at him in disbelief. Did he just said that I'm... Whatever.

"But then why Mr. Gerald called and told me tha-"

"I order him to do so."

"What? But for what?"

"Because... I want to?" He said but I hear it like a question.

"So that's mean, I've been tricked?" I ask.

"You can say that, Dear." What?!

I've been tricked by this man? He really want to die soon.


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