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Chapter 18 - 24 hours with him

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"Where do you want to bring me actually?" I ask him when my back starts to feel hurt because I sit too long.

"Just keep your delicious lips shut and let me bring you anywhere I want. I have 24 hours with you so that's plenty of time." He answers.

"Since when I said I want and agree to go out with you today? I supposed to be in Los Angeles with Alexa and her children now not stuck with you here. Twenty-four hours? Huh, I don't even stand to be with you for two hours. So why don't you just send me home? At least I can rest my tired body." I said to him but he just drives and focuses on the road. I sighed and look outside.

"Okay first, we're going to eat our breakfast. That's the first thing we need to do. So let's go, dear." He gets out of the car and I get out to before he tries to be gentleman opens the door for me.

"We're just going to eat breakfast, not anything why you take me to a really exclusive restaurant?" I ask him.

"It's not that exclusive, dear."

"Stop calling me that. I don't like it."

"What's wrong with that nickname? It's cute right dear?"

"No not cute at all. I feel like you calling me deer rather than dear. So stop it." I said and walk to the restaurant.

Just then he put his hand on my shoulder casually and walk together to the empty table. At least he's not holding my waist. I sit on the chair the same time with Joseph. "Hello, I'm Kay and I'll be your waitress for today. So do you decide yet what to order?" I look at her and she didn't even glance at me because she's to busy looking at Joseph. He orders the food for us because I don't know what to decide. The moment I open the menu I was surprised when I see the price. "Is there anything you want?"


"Alright. Your food will be served in a few." She still looking at Joseph. Joseph looked at her and smirk. Once a man-whore always a man whore.

"Joseph, I really need to go home after this," I said to him.

"I'll send you home after 24 hours." He winked at me.

"We're not even friends. Why you act like this?"

"Well, we can be more than a friend if you want dear. What you say?" I cringe at him.

"Sorry if you think I'll fall on my knees and be your one night stand, you're wrong cause I'm not."

When he opens his mouth to say something to me, the same waitress come and serve our food. "Enjoy.." She winked at him and walk away. I look at the food and begin to eat it.


He brought me to a festival in the town. I have never been here before because one, I don't have any transport and two I don't know there's a festival like this. "Wow," I said.

"You like it?" I nodded and smile at him. "Good you like it." We walk side by side into the festival.

We walk while look around and then I see the cotton candy store. I smile and walk to it but then, Joseph grabs my wrist. "Where are you going?" He asks and I point at the cotton candy store. "Really cotton candy? What are you four?" He adds and chuckles.

"Yea I am. So why don't you let me go and let me go and buy it." I said and he let go of my wrist. I buy it and then dance happily when I got my cotton candy. I look at Joseph who looking at me with a weird look. "What? I'm happy. Let's go and walk again." I said.

"Gosh Thea, why are you so hyper. I feel like I bring a real four years old kid with me now." He said and I chuckle. It is not my fault for stopping at buying that and that. I just love this place and also the food here is so delicious. "Come here you kiddo." He grabs me and then entwines our fingers when I want to go to the teddy bear store.

"Why can't you let me free? You're the one who brought me here." I pout when I can't go anywhere because of our hands entwine. Even though it looks weird because we holding hands like a couple, but I feel comfortable with it. That's why I just let him hold my hand even though I can't walk anywhere like earlier. "Oh Ummm I'm hungry," I add.

"What?" He looks at my disbelief. "Are you for real? You just ate like a variety of foods here and you still hungry? Are you sure you're a woman?" He asks me lots of questions. I just grin at him and it seems to work because he finally gives in. Yay! We're going to eat!

We walk together hand in hand until we both arrive in his car. He opens the door let go of my hand then let me in. Hold his hand feels so secured.

"What do you want to eat?" He asks after he already gets into the car too.

"Anything and can we go home after we eat? because I am super tired besides its already 5:30 pm."

"Not yet dear. We're going to see sunset first and then I can consider if I want to send you home or not. Now wear your seatbelt before I make you." I quickly wear the seatbelt and hear his chuckles.


"Are you really serious now?" I ask when he wants still didn't want to send me home yet. He still wants to bring me to see the sunset. I love to see it but I'm really tired. I can't even take a rest from the jet-lagged.

"We're here. Let's go dear." He said and get out from the car. I cross my arm and stay in the car. Then, he opens my door. "Are you gonna stay in here?" I just look in front ignore him. "Really?" He asks again but I didn't budge at all. Just then, his face is an inch from mine. My eyes widen and feel my face hot.

"W-what are you doing?" I ask him.

"Well, if you didn't want to get out, maybe we can do something more fun in here." He smirked and I just realize what he meant. I push his face and get out of the car.

"Ow!" I look at him. He rubs his head maybe because I pushed too hard. I smile at him and walk to the place where I can see the sunset also with the city of Paris. It's so pretty.

I take out my phone from my pocket and take a picture. "You like it right?"

"Yea I like it but can we go home now? Please....... "

"Sure." I am so happy finally he agrees to send me home. "But there's one condition." I make a boring face to him.

"Ughh do you need too?" I ask.


"Fine what it is?"

"Kiss me." My mouth opens wide when he said that. Kiss him? No way! "So?"

"No! I don't want it."

"Well, then we will stay a night here." I look at him in disbelief.

"I can take a taxi. So see you tomorrow at work." I said and walk pass him but he grabs my wrist and smashed his lips on mine. I am completely shocked. Like totally. He kisses me for the third time today. Oh my god...

Just then I feel my lips start to move to kiss him back. I don't want this to happen but his lips make me addicted and feel like to kiss him. The kiss is passionate and sweet. He wraps his arms around my waist making me close to him and automatically my hands go to his neck and wrap my hands around it. The kiss turns to be a fast and lustful kiss.

After a minute, I finally back to my reality when I realize that I am kissing Joseph Sanchez. I quickly break the kiss by pushing him. He looks surprised but then he clears his throat. Both of us are breathless now.

"Ummm I think we really should head home now. It's getting late." He agrees to it and we both get in the car.

The ride to my condo is so awkward and tense. Both of us just keep silent because don't know what to talk about.

Why it takes so long to arrive? I have to get out of here as soon as possible. I can't stand this...

After a few minutes, the car finally stops. I take a breath of relief. He gets out of the car and brings my luggage out. I open the door and get out too. "Thanks," I said.

"No problem dear." He said and he smiles at me. A decent smile. I think I can melt when he did that because when he smiles his dimples show. I really love a guy with dimples. Drop it, Thea, you need to control your heart. You just gonna end up hurt at the end.

"So, I'll get going then. Goodnight." I bid goodbye. I grab my luggage and walk to the entrance.

"Thea!" I turned around to look at him when I heard her call my name.


"I don't regret a bit when I kissed you earlier, Really. I have a very good day today. Thanks and goodnight dear. Get inside its getting cold." He said and smile showing his dimples before the walk to get in the car.

That's means, he enjoys the kissed? Really?

I feel my heart make a flip then I shake my head. "Stop it, Thea. He must enjoy when he kissed other women too. You're not the only one." I mumble to myself and walk inside the building.

But spend time with him today was fun.


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