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Chapter 19 - Back to normal

[ Shaggy - It wasn't me]


The facted that Joseph and I kissed yesterday seems to be so unreal to me. My mind still can't stop thinking about that. My mind keeps repeating that scenario. I have to stop all this or else I might get hurt.

Stop it!

I get up from bed and go take a shower. I let the cold water hit my naked body. I really need it now. I shampoo my hair also I soap my body. I scrub it and juat stay a bit longer in the bathroom until my fingers looks like a granny fingers. I turn off the water and wipe my body with towel. I also take the small towel to wrap my wet hair.

After that, I walk out from the bathroom and choose my clothes for today. Today I feel like I want to wear a dress. So, I pick a grey dress that stop until my knees and also its a long sleeve dress. This dress not to tight just a ordinary dress that still appropriate to wear to go to work.

Then, I use hair dryer to dry my long hair. It takes about ten minutes to finish doing my hair. I put some makeup on my face after feel myself ready. I take a look at myself in the mirror and after I feel okay, I grab my handbag before left my room.

I'm now at the small cafe across the street having my breakfast before get to the office. After a few minutes, I finally finished my little breakfast. When I walk out from the cafe, I see Parrish walking in front me. "Parrish!" I call him and that's makes him turned around to look at me.

"Omg Thea! I miss you girl." He hug me and I hug him back.

"You look happy until you didn't notice me in the first place."

"Sorry gal but yeah I'm happy. Really happy." He said to me and we walk together.

"What happened?"

"Well when I brought my partner to meet my parents, I thought they didn't approved it but I'm wrong. They just approved it. That's the reason I'm happy."

"I'm happy for both of you. Looks like after this, you will spend more time with your partner huh?"

"Awe don't worry gal, I will make sure you're not feel left out. Don't worry."

"Oh by the way what his name? You never tell me his name."

"Its Liam." I nodded my head.

"Well see you at lunch then. Bye Parrish." I bid goodbye when the lift stops on his floor.

I get out of the lift after it arrived at my floor. I just walk straight to my office and start doing my work. Just then, someone knocks on my door. "Come in," I said and the door open. "Oh, Mr. Gerald. Good morning. " I smile at him.

"Good morning to you too, Ms. Morris. Well, I just want to say that I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"The day I call you and told you that there's an important meeting."

"Oh that. Nah it is fine. It's not your fault after all. That's all Mr. Sanchez's idea." I said to him.

"I'm glad then. I don't want to know wjat you did to him yesterday but I just hope you still had a good day yesterday. Okay, I'm going to be in my office now." I nod and he closes the door.

Yeah, I had a good day yesterday really but its all just stay as memories, good memories because I bet today he's gonna forget it all and just act like normal.



"It's been a while since we last go out for lunch together," Parrish said. As we eat our food in front of us.

"I know right."

"You didn't even tell me that you going to Los Angeles. How could you."

"It's short notice. Besides, I got tricked by Mr. Sanchez yesterday. I supposed to be back here today but because of him, I arrived yesterday.."

"Tricked? Who? Mr. Sanchez? What did he do to my sister? Tell me.."

"He asked Mr. Gerald to call me when I'm in LA to say that we have an important meeting and I need to be there. Then when I arrived at the airport, Mr. Sanchez cames to me and said that there's no meeting at all. Then he forces me to go with him around Paris. It is fun actually but still I'm exhausted as a goat." I explain to him and he just looks at me quietly. "Are you okay?"

"OMG!!!" my eyes widen when he suddenly shout like that.

"Shhhhh... " I put my hand to his mouth and look around to see people in that cafe start to look at us weirdly.

"Okay okay, I'm sorry. It just I can't believe you went out a date with him. I've been waiting for this time to come since last year. " He answers happily...


"You know the first time I saw you guys together, I already knew that both of you might be ended up together but I don't know it will be this fast. So tell me what happened did you two kissed?" I look at him in disbelief. "Hey girl, tell me. Don't l9ok at me like that. Did you two kissed hmmm?"

I take a breathe and tell him. "Yeah, we were BUT don't tell anyone about it. Or else I will cut your head down." I threaten him. He nodded his head.

"That's mean you two now... A thing?"

"What thing?"


"Ew, no way... Didn't you see all the articles about him? He literally went out with so many women and maybe he just makes me one of his collection. Who knows."

"No I don't think so. I know he likes you and I also know that you like him too but both of you just to chicken to tell your feeling towards each other especially you, Thea. I know you scare that you might be getting hurt but that's what makes us strong and mature. So think wisely and don't make any wrong decision that you gonna regret it. Remember."

"Wow, is this the Parrish I know? What are you now? A love counselor?"

"Well, I can be one but only for you. Girl, I want you to be happy." I smile and continue to eat my food.

Well, I think what Parrish said is all true but if he likes me, why would he show to me or maybe give me a sign? Like today, he just acts like normal. Like nothing happened between us.

I guess I have to act like normal too then.


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