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Chapter 20 - Help Him (Joseph Point of view)

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[ Lany - Super far]


4 months later.

Its been four months since I last slept with any women. Well I did make out with them but I'm not taking it until bed because I kept thinking about Thea, Thea and Thea. I try to forget her for at least a week but I can't. It seems like her face alredy stick in my mind and can't be erase.

Right now, I'm back at New York and hope that maybe at least my mind can stop thinking about her. At least for an hour. I feel like I'm a teenager who crazy on love now. Especially when I kissed her. I still can remembered it well jow her lips feel and her taste everything about her. We've been talking but only talked about work not any personal stuff. She act like she forgot our moment together or maybe she jist act like one. I don't know.

I'm on my way to go to Elijah's house. That's the another problem. I don't understand his loves life. It's really really complicated. At least mine is not that complicated.

I parked my car beside his car and walk to the front door. His maid open the door and I get in straight go up to his room.

The moment I open the door of his room, all I can see is only the sofa that he currently sit now. His room so dark maybe his soul are dark too. "Did you drinking again?" I said to him at the door and he look at me with jis tired eyes. "Gosh Elijah, stop acting like this will you? Where's the Elijah that always said that 'I will never give up whatever happened'. It's look like you're already take out a white flag. Enough.." When I want to nag at him he want to take another sip. So, I take the glass from his hand and put it on the table in front of him.

"It's not like Alexa will forgive me if I do anything." He said and I sighed. Well its Alexa again. Man, I feel you because her best friend makes me can't do my job properly. This two best friends are really makes our life always thinking about them.

"You know, I am so pity look at you now, with eyebag under your eyes, hair like a bird nest, and also it's looks like my best friend is now a old man because of that beard." I said and chuckles and he look at me with pissed expression. "Bro! Did I talked with a stone or what? Give another response other than look at me like that." I  said.

"My life is nothing now." He answer.

"I don't think so cause you still got power in your hands to do anything you wants. It's just you just too stupid to do that." I said.

"Alexa will never forgive me, Joseph and I know that. I know that I hurt her too much. No one will forgive their someone like me so easily after what I done to her. She's hurt too much. And this time, I know she want me to feel the pain that she felt. You know she succeeded make me feel so so hurt and in pain." He said to me.

"Well, because I think you're like my own brother, I will help you then."

"Help what?" He ask me.

"Oh gosh, did your cell at your brain got cut off until you can't even understand what I mean?" I sighed. "I will help you to get Alexa back of course." I adds.

"Really?" He said and then I see his eyes like  finally found the light.

"Even though I also have a problem with the girl I like, but for you yeah I will help you." I reply.

"The girl you like? Why I didn't know this? Who?" He ask me.

"Well it's because I never told you. She's the interior designer for my new hotel at Paris. I think I like her because of her personality that makes me can't forget about her." I explain and smile a bit when I remembered about Thea.

"It's funny but congratulations bro. Now, get out from my house because I think this alcohol starting to give effect to my head. I want to sleep now." He said and walk to his bed.

"Bu-" Before I could finish my sentence I see him plopped on his my bed and ignore me. "Fine, I will find the way for you and Alexa getting back together again.. It's good think I'm your best friend or else I will kill you for making me like this." I said and I left his room then closed the  door.


"Sir you call me here?" My private investigator ask and I nodded. He walk in and then sit with me at the couch.

"So anything from her" I ask as soon as we sit.

"What I know, is that Ms. Johnson will make an event to celebrate her new collection also it's her company 3rd Anniversary, sir." He answered.

"Do you know when?"

"As I not mistaken, it will be held a few weeks from now." I nodded my head. That's mean Elijah have to go to that event to meet her. Maybe that time she already cool down and can give a real chance for Elijah.

The next day

After I finished finish my meeting, my secretary said that there's someone want to meet me. I raised my eyebrows because I thought I didn't have any appointment until lunch.

I sit in my office waiting for that 'someone' to come in. A moment later, My secretary open the door and wait for him or her to come in. I groan when I see Rebecca standing in the middle of my office. "As I remembered, we don't have any problems. What's bring you here Ms. Jay?" I ask her.

"I want you to stop all this." She said in cold tone.

"Stop what?" I ask innocently.

"Listen here Mr. sanchez. Elijah is mine and no one will get him if I can't get him. So stop whatever you doing to make Elijah back together with that woman." She said while pointing her finger to me.

"Do you think I care? Why don't you just go and stay at your home other than sending those stupid pictures to Alexa. Sending that pictures just make you look more stupid and Elijah didn't like stupid woman especially a whore and gold digger like you, Rebecca." I stand up and lean on the front of my table.

"At least that make them tearing apart right? I know that she already hate Elijah and I still got a chance to be with him." She said and I smirk.

"Well.. Look Ms. Jay, I think you better stay out from his life if you don't want him lose his control and make you get into jail."

"B-but it's between me and Elijah not you!" She yelled at me.

"Well why don't you follow me and explain everything to Alexa about you and Elijah." I said and she shake her head no.

"I won't follow you. He deserves that!" With that, she run out of my office.

"We'll see then... Ms. Jay."


2 Days later

Today, I have a good plan and I think this plan gonna work at least. I don't know what to do if this didn't work. I take my phone and call Elijah.

"What do you want?" Elijah answer with pissed tone.

"Woah what with that tone. Bro chill, I have a news for you and I bet you will like it." I  said to him. 


"Just wait at your office and I'll come in ten minutes." With that he hung up. I put my phone in my pocket and walk out from my room and on my way to Elijah's Company. 

A few minutes later,  I arrived at his office and walk towards his office. Then, I heard a yelled from his room. Well I guess Rebecca already arrived. I quickly walk and open he door.

"Woah man relax. I can hear your voice when I'm out from the lift." I said to him as soon as I l'm in his room.

"Why did you close the door? This slut didn't even get lost yet." He said to me.

"I'm the one who told her to come. So that you and Alexa can get together again." I explain to him.

"What you mean?"

"Well she's here because she will explain all of it to Alexa about those pictures that she sent to her and also about you and Rebecca. I just hope Alexa will forgive you and be with you back. That's the least that I can do." I said and I see that his anger finally cool down a bit when he jear what I said.

"But please let my family go after I do this." She pleaded at me and I just nodded my head. Well, to be honest, I didn't do anything to her family. I just make a fake paper that says I can take she and her families properties until they got nothing left and it turns out that she believed it. How easy my work.

"So brother, we will fly to Los Angeles tonight at 8. Don't be late." Without waiting any reply from Elijah, I left with Rebecca follow behind me.


Currently, three of us already landed at Los Angeles and when we're going to take a taxi to the hotel, I see Elijah are going somewhere and see there's a car waiting for him. "Where are you going?" I ask him.

"To my penthouse of course." He said. "Okay then I'll go with you." I said and he stop him.

"What about that woman? I don't think I want her to be in my penthouse." He pointed at Rebecca. Then, I walk to her and give her money maybe for her to pay for the room.

"Here takes this money and don't ever try to do something stupid. Or else you what will happen." I said to her and she nodded her head.

"What are you talking to her?" He ask but me. I look at him and just patted his shoulder and go to his car. He just follow me and get into the car too. As soon as we arrived at his penthouse, I just plopped myself on the couch and It just seems he just let it be then he walk upstairs to rest. I close my eyes and sleep automatically.

The next morning, I wake up and get ready to go out. I open the door of Elijah's room I see him still sleeping soundly so I just close back the door slowly. Actually, I'm going go make an appointment with Alexa. Of course  I have to make an appointment or else we won't be able to meet her today.

I take his car and drive to her company. I just talk with her assistant and that's a good thing that Alexa didn't that busy today. When I'm on my way to go back to the penthouse, my phone ring and show Elijah's name on screen.

"Yo bro."

"Where are you? Why you didn't you let me know that you're going out." He ask me.

"Well I guess you didn't want to be wake up so early in the morning. You look so tired so I didn't want to disturb your sleep. I know I know I'm so kind." I said.

"Whatever." He hung up the phone and I look at the phone disbelief. I shake my head and just drive home. Sometimes, this man can be so moody like a period women or maybe even worse.


Right now, we're on our way to go to Alexa office and when I glace at him, he looks so nervous. He get out from the car after his drive open the door for me and he wait for me and Rebecca get off from the car then he walk together with me into the building. He completely ignore Rebecca all the way here. Now, we're in elevator and a few moments later the door open and he get off first from it. "Good morning Mr. Perkins, Mr. Sanchez and Ms..."

"Jay. Ms Jay." Rebecca said.

She nodded her head and She knock the door and then open it. "Ms. Johnson, Mr. Sanchez is here to see you." Her secretary said. "Okay then, please come in now." With that I take my step to go in.

Well I think my work done here. Elijah, you should be so so so thankful to me from doing all this for you....


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By the way, I'll update the chapter every weekend maybe two or three chapters. I hope you guys understand. Thank you.


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