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Chapter 23 - Stucked with him (both point of views )

[ James Arthur - can I be him]


Now, I'm in the flight, to be specific to Joseph's private jet. His private jet look so elegant and screams money. "Dear, we might arrive there at night or dawn so if you want to sleep, go and sleep in that room. It's more comfortable." He said to me. "I'm not gonna do anything bad to you, dear. I will only do if you want me too." He winked and that makes my cheeks feel hot.

"O-okay, thanks but I'll stay here for a bit until I feel sleepy," I said and he nodded his head. Then he walks to other sit that not too far from me and do his work.

After a few hours, I feel someone patted my shoulder. I whine a bit. "Dear, wake up. We arrive." I open my eyes then sprig up when I see him standing beside me.

"Why am I in bed?"I ask him.

"You fell asleep at your seat so I carried you here. That's it. No, I don't do anything bad to you." He said when I look at my clothes. "Let's go, dear." He hold my hand and we walk out together.

We get into his car and I thought we're going to go and sleep at Alexa's house but its not the way to her house. "Where are we going?"

"My penthouse."

"What? No! I want to go and sleep at Alexa's house." I said to him but then the car already stops in front of the building. "I don't want to sleep at your penthouse." I crossed my arms and didn't want to get out.

"Dear, let's go. You must be tired. We have a long flight tomorrow." I shake my head. Then the next thing he did makes me shocked. He opens the door of my side and carried me.

"Joseph what are you doing let me down. Let me down." I wriggle to get myself down.
"I will if you stay here with me tonight."

"Fine!" I said and he let me down. People are watching us and I'm so embarrassed now. I hide my face with my hair until we arrive at his penthouse.

"Let me show your room." I follow him upstairs. "You'll stay here tonight." He said open the door of the room.

"Thanks," I said and quickly get into the room and locked it.

"Dear! Why are you locking the door?" He knocked on the door and I just let it be. I won't get out until tomorrow. A moment later, he didn't knock it anymore. I guess he gives up. That's good then. I walk to the bathroom and wash my face and change into more comfortable clothes to sleep.

I sit on the bed and decided to call Alexa. "Hello, Thea." She answers.

"Explain." All I said.

"Look, Thea, I'm so sorry but I just want us to go for this vacation together and be happy. That's it really." She explains.

"I don't care about that! I already agree to go tomorrow but staying in this bastard penthouse for tonight is really not a good idea." I said in frustrated.

"You're in LA? and which bastard are you talking about?" She asks me. Well, I'm so pissed at him until I called him that name. I expect him to bring me to Alexa's house, not his house.

"Yes I am and who else if not your love life's best friend. I just rather stay at the hotel than stuck here like a prisoner." I heard she chuckles.

"You find that funny? I'm being serious here!" I am really pissed now, like really.

"Thea it just for tonight. Why don't you just sleep now because I think you need it. I will see you tomorrow at the airport. Goodnight. " she said with soft tone.

"Fine, goodnight." With that, I hang up the phone.


This morning, Thea didn't talk to me at all. I feel bad for her to force her to stay the night at my penthouse.

When all of us are in Elijah's private jet, I sit on the back near the room. Then, Elijah comes to me and sits next to me. "I heard you didn't let Thea get out of your house last night?" He asks me.

"How did you know?" I ask him back weirdly.

"Of course I know. Even though you didn't let her out, she still can call her best friend, Alexa." He answers and laughed at me. "Why you did that to her bro?" He adds.
"Well, to be honest, I just want to spend our night together, you know in a romantic way but it didn't end up how I want to be. She just locks herself in a room all night." I answer and Elijah crack in laughter. I spare him a death glare but he just finds it funny.

"Don't laugh at me if you don't want your eyes to have bruises. I'm freaking serious, Elijah." I warned him and he nods his head and tries to stop his laughter.

"Chill, don't be so emotional. All of us are going on a vacation and you can try again there. There's a lot of time." He said to me. I just hum in reply and close my eyes to sleep all the journey.


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