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Chapter 24 - Bora Bora time (both point of views)

[Jumpshot - Dawin]


We're at Bora Bora Island, I can't believe I'm here. One of my dreams is going to this Island. And now, I'm here. Its gonna be great.

"We're at Bora Bora!" I heard Brianna shouted. We walk together to go to stay for one week. InterContinental Bora Bora Le Moana Resort is where all of us are going to stay at.

"Okay guys, listen up. Well, I already booked the room and I booked four rooms. So, mom and dad one room." He gives the key to his parents.  "Brianna and Thea. Joseph and Connor.  Lastly, me and my family." I take the key and walk to my room with Brianna.

"Thea, what are we gonna do tonight? What about we're both have a girls sleepover. Its gonna be so much fun." I smile at her and open the door to our room.

I put my luggage beside the dresser and plop myself on my bed. It has two beds for me and Brianna. "Are you going to stay here?" She asked.

"Yeah, maybe for a few minutes. Why do you ask? Want to swim?" I ask and she grins at me. She changes into her bikini and bid goodbye to me before left the room.

I just too tired to swim so I decided to go to sleep until dinner.


I wear my floral dress and put my hair into a messy bun. I don't wear any makeup because of it just dinner besides, after that I just going to sleep. Too lazy to remove my make up later. "Brianna, are you done?" I ask her when she in the bathroom.

"Yeah! Just a second." She shouted from inside and I just sit on the bed while watching TV. After a few minutes, she walks out and both of us left the room.

"Thea... " I turn to see Joseph in his jeans and black tee. How can he look so hot in that outfit?

"Brianna, I think you can go first," I said to her and she nodded her head then leave me and Joseph alone there. "Yes? What do you want?"

"I actually want to. No I mean I actually want us to talk like we used too. Can we?" He asks me.

"We're already talking right. So can we go now because I'm super hungry? Let's go." I said to him but he looks at me with a worried face. "Let's go." I grab his wrist and now he's smiling. I don't understand him. 

When we arrived at the restaurant, I see everyone already sit on their seats and start to eat. I take a seat beside Brianna and eat the food that already being served.

After our dinner, me and Alexa spend time together while sitting on the sand. It's a bit windy but both of us still can manage. We both look at the sea and hear the sounds of it. So peaceful.

"I'm glad that you can accept Elijah and join this vacation." She said to me breaking the silence.

"Hmmm, yea. Whatever it is, you are my best friend. I need to be happy for you no matter what. After Joseph brainwashes me, I think I can trust you with Elijah now." I  reply and Alexa looks at me.

"What did Joseph said to you?" She asks and I  just shake my head nothing. I won't tell her because it's not that important. He just tells me that Elijah already changes and all that. I just don't want to remember it anyway.

We talk and talk until the wind becomes so cold. So, we decided to go back to our room. Alexa gets into her room while me not yet. I need more fresh air so I walk to the jetty and sit there. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. "Its cold why you're not stau in your room yet?" I know that voice so I didn't turn around to see who is it. Then, he sits next to me.

"If it cold, why you here?" I ask him.

"I can't sleep. Need fresh air."

"Same then," I said and both of us become silence but its a comfortable silence so I'm okay with it.

After a few moments, he breaks it by asking me-"Thea, why are you always being so cold to me?"

"It just I don't want you to think that I'm an easy woman for you to sleep with me. I know that what you want right?"

"Well I admitted that I slept with lots of women but you know, actually I stopped that thing already." I look at him. He just looking at the dark sea.

"That's good then. At least you're changing for good."

"So will you treat me like no tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or maybe forever?" He looks into my eyes and then he leans in. I know what will happen next but I just let it be. I let him kiss me. The kiss was soft and slow. I love how his lips move on my lips. It addicted and I feel kind of weak when he kisses me. I close my eyes and kiss him back. Our lips move in the same rhythm.

He hold my face with his one hand and another hand makes its way to my waist. The kiss now becomes a bit faster and deeper. Both of us breathe heavily in the kiss. Then he breaks it and hugs me. I don't know why he acts so weird tonight and I think I also act weird too.

"I think I should go back to my room now. Goodnight." I said and stand up to walk away.

"Goodnight dear." I heard he said to me and I got into my room. I wash my face and feet then change my clothes. I lay down but my eyes can't be close remembering the kiss that we shared earlier.

I need to think carefully if I want to open my heart for him. Even though he said that he already stop sleeping with women, I don't think he can stop too long. Whatever it is, he still a man with needs. I don't want to get hurt besides, he didn't say anything about his feeling for me. I don't want to be the only one who has a feeling for him.

Oh my god! Wait!  That's mean...




I didn't even notice it but now I am. This is gonna be hard.


After our little moment at the jetty, she dismissed herself to go back to her room. I know she might be embarrassed but I also know that she likes it. I still sit there because I still didn't feel sleepy yet.

I want her to be mine but what if when I ask her she rejects me? I can't stand that because I never feel one before. I know for sure that this feeling is real. I want her to be with me and spend the rest of my life with her.

When we first met, I didn't feel anything yet but after a few weeks I look at her, I feel like she's different from the other girl. She's special. Every time there's a guy who tries to flirt with her I felt so pissed but the good thing was she never mind them. There's only one guy she's been close too, that Parrish guy. Who the hell is he to her?

He can't be her boyfriend right? Or maybe he is. No no it can't be because I want her for my own. I sighs and decided to go back to my room.


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