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Chapter 26 - Home sweet home (both point of views)

[ Kat Dahlia - I think I'm in love]


After one week now me and Joseph are heading back to Paris. Yup you heard me right. I'm now in his car and on our way to send me home from airport. I don't know why he's here when his actual home is at New York. "You know I can go home with a cab. Why you need to send me like this." I ask him.

"Because I don't want anything bad happen to you. I know your boyfriend can't even pick you up at the airport." I look at him weirdly. Boyfriend? Who's my boyfriend? Oh Parrish. Hahaha! He still think tjag Parrish is my boyfriend oh my god this is so funny. "Why are you laughing? Did I said anything funny?"

"Yeah really funny." I continue to laugh at him.

"What, what is it?"

"The boyfriend part. How can you think that he is my boyfriend though. I can't believe this." I wipe the tears that coming out from laughing just now.

"Whatever." He said and I look at him. He hold a little piss expression on his face but still cute and hot. He drop me off and without giving me a glance he drive away. I look at his car that slowly fade away then make my way inside the building. When I'm in my home sweet home, I walk straight to the refrigerator to find some food to eat but I just to lazy to cook now. So I just decided to eat ice cream then. I turn on the television and my favourite tv show, Teen wolf on show. I love the actor and actress so much. Who doesn't love this tv show? It so lit and legite. I love it. I eat my ice cream and watch the Teen Wolf.


After I dropped her off at the condo, I immediately go to the office. Today is Thursday so everyone might be working like usual. Besides, it only 2:20 pm. When I'm arrive at the company, I give my car keys to the chauffeur and walk inside to talk with a guy who name Parrish. I need to know what's going on between he and Thea. I need to find out today if not I might not be able to do anything because I will keep thinking about this thing.

"Mr. Sanchez, welcome back. I thought you will be start your work tomorrow?" The receptionist greet me.

"Do you know the guy name Parrish?" I ask her.

"Parrish? No I don't think so." She answer and I walk to Gerald's office. I open the door and he look up at me from his work.

"Mr. Sanchez." He stand up from his seat.

"I want to ask you something. Do you know a guy name Parrish who work here?" I ask him.

"You mean Mr. Nelson?"

"Yeah I think so. So you know him. Can you tell me which floor he worked?"

"He's an accountant. So it's in fifteen floor."

"Okay thanks Gerald." With that one walk to the lift and when the door open I get in and press fifteen. I wait for a moment until the lift's door open. I walk and ask the receptionist-"Can I know where is Parrish?"

"Oh Mr. Sanchez. I know you'll come here to see me." She said and biting her lips.

"Do you want to get fired?"


"Then tell me where he is!" I yell at her because I'm really tired of every receptionist in this company. I don't know how can they got the job.

"You have to take left and his room is the second room there." I walk and go to the way she said to me. After I'm in front of his room, I open the door and see him doing his work.

When he sees me, his eyes widen in surprised. I close the door and sit at the chair in front of him. "So you must know who I am right?" He nodded his head. "Tell me everything what with you and Thea."

"W-what you mean Mr. Sanchez?"

"Do you guys are in relationships?" He laughed and I look at him weirdly. Why when I said that he and Thea just end up laughing? "So you are?"

"I knew it!" He said out of sudden.

"Knew what?"

"You must like her right?" He said to me and I just keep silent. "Okay Mr. Sanchez actually me and Thea just a good friend. We met like two years ago and that's when we start to close like this. When we went to the funfair last week, everyone just assumed us as a couple too. But we're not and you know what I'm gay and I already have my partner. So I think that's the answer you want to know right?" He explain and I find myself smile.


I choose my outfit for sleep after taking a shower. Not a shower but I almost fell asleep in the bathtub and when I got out from it, it's already 7 something. So I wear my comfortable pyjamas, long sleeves shirt and my strawberries pants. It's my favourite pants. When I comb my hair, I heard my door being knock. Who's knocking at my door at this time? I walk to the door and open it to see Joseph standing in front of me.

"Joseph what are yo-" Before I could finish my sentence, he smashed his lips to mine and kiss me faster. At first I am surprised but then I kiss him back. We kiss for a minute then I break it. He look at me and smile. Oh man stop smiling you're gonna make me weak.

"Let's go in." He invited himself into my house and I open the door then sit on the couch with him. "Do you want to skip work and go out with me tomorrow?" He ask me and I raised my eyebrows.

"Like a date?" I ask and I feel my heart beating so fast and also feel so excited when he ask me that question. What you do to me Joseph. You make me can't control my heart anymore. I'm falling for you no matter how hard I push you away.

"I don't care if you want to think that way, dear." He winked at me.

"Nah l just gonna think like that's a normal day then."

"Well we'll see about that dear. By the way you look so cute in that strawberries pants.." I feel my cheeks heat up. I just clear my throat and look away. "Did someone blush for my compliment?" He sit next to me and my heart beating like crazy now.

"No I'm not. What time you want to go home? Didn't you feel tired?" I ask him to get out from this awkwardness.

"I am tired but I never get tired to see your face, dear." This man really love to make me blush and feel like no control. "You blush again dear." He kiss my cheek makes me blush more.

"Okay okay I think that's enough. Go home now, Mr. Sanchez." I stand up.

"Why with sudden formality dear? Why call me that when you can call me whatever you want."

"That's enough, now you need to go home because you might be so so tired aren't you." I grab his hands and drag him to the door. "Now with all the honour, will you go home now?"

"I will if you give me a kiss. Like good night kiss." He said and grin.


"Then I'll stay then." He want to walk to the couch again but I stop him by holding his face in my hands and kiss him on the lips hard. He smile in that kiss and kiss me back. Before the kiss get deeper, I break it and look at him.

"So now you got your good night kiss . So you can go home now. Good night Mr. Sanchez."

"See you tomorrow dear. I'll come at ten in the morning. Skip work together gonna be so fun." He said and walk away.


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