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Chapter 1 - Arrival

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I have two feelings now. Sad and Happy at the same time. I'm sad because I have to be away from my one and only best friend, Alexa and also her kids. On the other hand, I also feel happy because I finally got a good job as an interior designer at one of the companies in Paris. But still, I have to live far from them which makes me so sad. Alexa just said to me it's gonna be okay even though she's not that okay too.

Now, I'm on the plane and on my way to my new home, Paris. I just sleep and sleep until the announcement tells us that we're going to land in a few minutes. Finally! My back hurt and numb because sit too long.

When I got off from the plane, I look around to find the way out. After roaming around, I finally found the door. I walk there and I feel so nervous because I don't know how to speak French at all. Oh, shit! I'm doomed now. Then, how am I supposed to tell the driver where I'm going? Thea, you should learn how to speak French while you're on the plane not sleeping all the time. Look now who's in trouble.

I wait for the cab and then when one cab stop in front of me, I just get in and put my luggage next to me. I feel so nervous now. Okay now, how should I tell him that I'm going to my new apartment. "où allez-vous?" Suddenly he asks me and I'm speechless don't know what to say.

"Ummm do you speak English?" I ask the taxi driver carefully. He stays silent for a moment. Did he understand what I just said to him? Oh, gosh, when will I arrive at my condo. Somebody helps me. I shift myself awkwardly and then the taxi driver finally talks again after a long silence. Not so long but whatever. "Yes yes. Where to?" Did he just talk English to me? Yes!! Haha.

"Thank god. You know how to speak English." I said and then tell him the address that my new boss send to me. He nodded his head and then drive off. That's a good thing that my new boss gave me a house not for me only but for his employees. At least I didn't have to think where should I stay and I didn't have to think about the rent cause it's free.

I take a look outside of the window and Paris is pretty. I take my phone and take a picture of the street. Don't blame me it's just worth it to take a picture. Then, I lean my back and close my eyes. My back hurt so bad because I sleep in a wrong position on the plane earlier.

"Miss, we arrive." I open my eyes and look outside. Wow, this condominium looks like an expensive one. I can't believe I'm staying here. I open the door and get out after paying for the driver. I take my luggage out and then close the door. I just standing in front of this building for a few minutes to mesmerize this beautiful building and suddenly I feel my waist hurt. So, the best decision is to walk in and go to the receptionist.

"Hello miss how can we help you?" The receptionist greets me with a decent smile.

"Umm, I work for J. S. Cooperation, and he said that he already has a house for me, and he sends me the address and here I am," I explain.

"Can I know what your name?"

"It's Thea Morris," I tell her, and she checks something on the computer.

"Oh yeah, the new Interior Designer in J. S Cooperation. Here is the key to your new house." She gives me the keys and I take it happily.

"Umm, can I ask something?" I ask and the receptionist nods her head. "Do all the employees of that company live here? " I ask curiously.

"Not all because most of them already have their own house. There's like maybe a few lives here but don't worry this building is under the company too." I nod my head in understanding then I thank her before walking to the lift. I hope there's someone who I can befriend here.

I walk to my new house and use the key to open the door. "Wow... "All I said. Why I feel like I'm in the hotel room and not in my own house. It is just breathtaking. It has a huge glass window that shows the city of Paris and also has a balcony. I leave my luggage in the middle of the house and I take a moment to look around. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

This house is so cozy and comfortable. The decoration is in English Modern concept. I love it. After I'm done wandering around the house, I pull my luggage into my room.

I plop on the bed and just decide to unpack tomorrow after work. Besides its already nearly night. I think I just gonna skip dinner and sleep the entire night.

Sounds good. With that, I close my eyes without even care about my shoes and my clothes. All I think right now is I want to sleep.

Tomorrow gonna be a long day because it's my first day of working as an interior designer.


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