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Chapter 28 - Storm and Thunder

[In real life - eyes closed]


Three months later.

Three weeks before my birthday. Feel so excited when I know I'm going to celebrate my birthday this year with someone special in my life. When I told Alexa and Parrish about this thing, they're both so happy about it.

In the other hands, Joseph treat me like how every girl want to be treated but sometimes he being possessive because he think every guys undress ne with their eyes. He's the one who always chose my outfit when we're going out that's not I care because he have a good taste in fashion.

Right now I'm at the office and continue to do the designs that I have to submit to Joseph before lunch. After a few minutes, I'm finally done with three designs that I need to show to him. I stand up and take the papers to go to his room. When I left my room, I see there's a few people looking at me like I jist killed 1000 people in my room. What's wrong with them.

Then, one of the workers there stop me mid way. "Are you going to meet Mr. Sanchez?" She ask and I nod my head. Oh and another thing is that nobody knows that we're in relationship now. Even though we often going out together but they seems didn't notice that which is good. "I think you should go later because he's in a really bad condition now. You might get fired without any reasons. Really." Joseph is mad? But why? "Hello do you hear me?"

"Oh.. Do you know why he's like that?" I ask.

"No one know why."

"I have to meet him too because I have to submit this things. I guess that's fine."

"Up to you but of you get fired, don't blame me."

"I won't. And thanks for letting mw know his condition." I smile and we walk to our different path. I wonder why is he's not in a good mood today. Is there something disturbing him? I suddenly feel anxious and also my heart beat so fast when I'm already standing in front of his door.

Should I?

Or not?

Should I?

Or not?

I take like a few minutes to think if I have to knock or not. Even though he used to be so angry at me a few months ago, but still I am scared. I take a deep breath and slowly knock on his door. Then I open the door very slowly and peek my head inside his room first before completely get in. "Why are you peeking like a thief dear?" My heart jump when I saw him standing near the door.

"Oh god you're gonna make me have a heart attack." I put my jand to my heart and breath normally.

"What's wrong why you look so scared and surprised?" He ask me while tower over me.
"Well all the workers just said that you're not in a very good mood now. That's why I feel a bit scared." I said to him.

"You scared of me, dear?" He moves his face near to mine. I shake my head slowly. "That's good then. I don't want you to be scared of me." Then he hug me after kiss my head.

"You look fine actually like nothing but why is everyone said th-" He kiss me.

"I just stressing with work nothing else." Then he kiss me again. He put his hands to my waist and pull me closer to him. I snake my arms to his neck and play with his hair with my fingers. We break apart after we kiss for the past three minutes. I think so.

"So here the designs." I hand him the papers that still in my hands.

"You like to ruin the mood Thea." I grin at him.

"This is office Mr. Sanchez. Act like professional please."

"That's mean if we're at home, you're gonna let me do anything to you? Hmm?"

"W-well depends on wh-what you want to do. Not all." I stutter.

He walk to his desk and put the papers on it then walk to me again. "Alright baby, we'll see about that." He snake his hands to my waist.

"I think I should be in my room and do my work now." I remove his hand and left his room. Oh my god my heart feel like want to explode when he said that with his husky voice. I can't control it. I walk quickly to my room ignore people who are watching.


That night.

I'm so tired. My eyes keep looking at the papers and comoutwe the whole day. I might have a bad eye bag under my eyes. Its already passed 10 but I still can't close my eyes even though I'm tired. There's because of the thunder and also its rain so heavily outside.

I hug my knees near my chest and feel my tears coming out from my eyes. I can't be like this. I need to forget that incident and move on from it. I can't let what happened to me six years ago. But the question is how?

Just then, there's a lot thunderstorm making me scream in shocked. I cocer my ears with my hands and my body is shivering now. My tears rolling down my cheeks. I don't want to remember. I don't want to remember. I don't want to remember. I close my eyes but still can the thunder.

I need someone now. Joseph.

I take my phone and dial his number while shivering. He pick up after few rings. "Hello dear, why you calling me? You said that you tired."


"Dear? Are you okay? Why your voice sound like shaking and are you crying? " He ask me.

"I-I'm s-s-scared." Was all I answer.

"What why? That's doesn't matter I'm coming now. Just stop crying." With that he end the call and the tears keep coming out. I still didn't tell him about my past because I need a riggt time to tell him everything. People might said that I'm overreacting but they don't feel what I've been through. Its become a really really bad memories.

After a few minutes, I heard a knock on my door and I know that must be Joseph so I dash to the door and open it. When I see him, I immediately hug him tightly. "Its fine its fine I'm here. Let's go inside." We walk inside and straight to my room. "Why are you shivering and crying dear?" He ask but I just shake my head. "Its fine then. You can tell me tomorrow now let's go to sleep."

He kiss my forehead and then a few minutes later I fall asleep in his arms.


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