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Chapter 29 - Hurt

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This morning I woke up with Joseph besides me sleeping soundly and I can hear he snore slowly. I smile remembering last night he calm me down until I fell asleep. He's so kind and caring person. I look at his face for a few seconds until he open his eyes. "Hey dear." He said in husky voice. Sexy.

"Good morning." I greet him and peck his lips. "I'll take a bath first." I said but he stop me and in a blink of an eyes, he's now on top of me. "What are you doing?"

"Try to look at your beautiful face in better view." He smile at me showing his dimples.

"Not now. I'm going to go and take a shower or else we're going to be late for work. Also you have to go home now." I said to him but he leans in and kiss me passionately. Then I push him until he fall beside me. "Opss sorry but don't want to be late for work because the boss there is so fierce and arrogant. Don't want to get fired."

"Oh let me show you how fierce he is." Before he could get me I quickly run into the bathroom and locked it. "Dear, you know to safe more time, why don't we take a shower together. Its not only safe time but also safe water." He said while knocking on the door.

"You can't because its already full with me here." I said back.

"Really? Let me see." I giggles and start to undress before turn on the shower. I heard him knocking the door but then I just let it be.


At the office.

Now I'm on my to the pantry and then I see Parrish there. "Hey Parrish. What are you doing here? Didn't your level have a pantry too?" I ask him.

"Yea but the coffee machine is having a problem that's why I'm here." He said while making his coffee.

"Well want to go for a lunch together today?" I make my coffee too.

"Lunch with me? Your boyfriend let you?" He ask me. Well since me and Joseph been in relationship, it almost everyday he wants to go lunch with me. I felt bad for Parrish for eating lunch alone.

"Yup. I think he's fine with it."

"You think but I think he's not. That's fine, Thea. I can eat with other colleagues at the cafeteria."

"No no I want ti eat with you today because I miss too hang out with you." I take a sip of my coffee. Mm its good.

"Fin- who's that?" He point outside the door. I look at it and see a woman who dress in a short and tight dress like she want to go to a night club. She's heading to the Joseph's room. I wonder who it is.

"Maybe she's one of the client?" I said to Parrish to make my heart feel better.

"It's looks like not. Thea, no matter what please be strong alright? Always remember I'm here with you when you need me. Anytime. I better go now." He hug me and then bring his coffee out from the pantry. Who is she? Should I go and take a look? Or not? No no no Thea, that's not nice for peeking. I bring my mug out and go to my room to continue my undone work.

I do my work for a few minutes but then I can't concentrate anymore because I kept thinking about the woman that me and Parrish saw earlier. My mind now just want to go to his room and see what happen there. He's not cheating on me aren't him? Okay that's enough. I stand up and left my room to go to his room because I'm so so curious why that woman came here. I'm not a clingy girlfriend or anything but this curiosity eat me on the inside. I can't stand it. If I'm not make any move, I can't even focus on my work.

As soon as I arrived in front of his door, I put my ear close to the door hoping that I can hear something but the result is I heard nothing. Why there's only silence I heard? Are they not in here? Maybe they already out or something. I thought but then I heard someone talking inside but I can't understand it. Maybe because the door to thick. I twisted the door knob slowly and open it but only for me to see them not they to see me. My eyes widen for what I've seen. No no no this can't be. He can't do that to me. I know he won't. Joseph won't cheat on me right? Then why him and that woman KISSING!! Even though Joseph's back facing me, I still feel so hurt.

I know this thing will happen. I know he'll hurt me like this but still I take the advantage. I feel the tears stung on my eyes when I look at him with another woman kissing in his office. No This is not me. I'm not this weak. I'm always be the stronger one when I'm with Alexa and now I should be that too. I push the door more wide until both of them break apart from the kiss. That woman just smile in evilly at me. "Thea..." He called me as soon as he turned around. "Look dear this is-" before he could finish his sentence I slap him hard at the face the take a look at that woman who standing behind him. I push him and then when I'm already face to face with this woman, I do the same as I did to Joseph but for her, I did twice. She looks at me in shocked for what I did to her.


"Quiet!!" I shouted.

"It's no-" I cut him off

"Do you think this is wattpad love story that whenever a girlfriend caught her boyfriend cheated on her with another girl, the guy will said 'let me explain' or 'it's not how's it look like'? Do you think it's like that? Stop all this Joseph because I don't want any cliche drama in my life. It's clearly that both of you were kissing earlier not doing some pimples search or anything at each other's face." I said to both of them.

"What's your name again? Thea right? Okay let's be honest here then. Actually me and Joseph already been in relationships longer than you think. I didn't even know that he have another girl with him currently because there's no news coming out about it. Maybe because you're not important to him that's why he didn't want media to know. Me and my darling Joseph will get married in six months from now." My heart feel like stop for a while when she said that they're getting married. She's lying completely lying. "I know that's must be a very shocking news for you but that's the truth. Besides we love each other. Right baby?" She adds and then when she ask Joseph he just look down at the floor. Didn't giving any response.

"Oh that's good then. I'm happy for you two. Don't forget to invite me to your wedding alright? Can't wait for it, so excited. Do you already have the place because if not, I can help you to find it. I know both of you surely want to make your wedding like 'wedding of the year' right?" I said sarcastically and her face drop.

"You know what, I don't believe you're his girlfriend because look at you. You're not even his taste. His taste just like me. You might be his one night stand. Poor you, girl." She laughed.

"At least I got enough money to but a proper clothes."


"Both of you please stop the argument. I want to talk with Thea alone. So you, can get lost." He said to that woman.

"But baby I-"

"Get out before I call the security to drag you out from here." With that she walks out and slammed the door shut.

"Okay now dear, you need to listen to me okay." I look at him and wait for,him to continue. "I didn't kiss her really. She's she one who smashed her lips to mine. I-I was surprised by her move that's why I didn't push her right away." I scoffed.

"Oh so that's mean, if the Mr. Gerald kiss me, I should let it be and let him taste my lips until someone barge in just like I did earlier?" I ask him

"Not like that Thea but I'm telling you the truth Thea. Really. She just... My ex- girlfriend. All she said earlier was all lie. Our relationship finished 6 years ago when I'm 20. That's it. I don't know how she can find me here and said all that to you. Thea trust me. I-I'll never cheat on you. If I want to cheat on you, I can do that last month, last week or maybe yesterday but no I'm not. So please Thea trust me. Please." Then he stop and I feel tears coming out from my eyes.

"I think we should just take a break. I need space now. So don't talk to me again.."

"No no Thea please don't do this to me. I can't live without you."

"Just stop all this." I said and left the room. Why is this happening to me? Why now? When my birthday is in few weeks. I thought this year gonna be different but I guess it's not. It'll be the same as the past year.

I don't hate you Joseph but I seems can't trust you enough now.

I don't want to live like this. No one ever want to be hurt like this. My heart hurt so bad now. Really bad, Joseph.


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