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Chapter 31 - Avoid him

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[ Natalie Imbruglia - Torn]


Only eight more days till my birthday on November. I always wanted to celebrate my birthday and I thought this I can but no. Its seems like not going to happen.

Now, I'm waiting for Parrish at our favourite restaurant for lunch. I don't tell him what happened between me and Joseph yet. I've been trying to think that Joseph didn't did it but still who loves to see someone that we loves being kissed by his ex? Yeah love. I love him, I love him hard.

"Hey sorry I'm late. There's something I need to take care of. So did you order the food yet?" Parrish said as soon as he arrive.

"Its fine and yea I already order your favorite food." I replied smiling.

"Well that's good because I'm hungry like really hungry."

"Me too."

"Oh yea before I forgot, I want to ask you why you didn't tell me that you and Joseph not together anymore?" He ask and I wonder who tell him because no one ever knew that me and Joseph was a couple.

"Who told you?"

"Remember the woman we saw when we're in the pantry? Yea she came the day after that. The day that you didn't come to work last week."

"That woman told you?"

"Not only me actually she told everyone in the building I guess. Why you didn't tell me girl?"

"I just need to forget about it. Besides, I don't want to make you burdened by thinking about my problem." I said and our food being serve. We start to eat it and he talk again.

"You never be a burden to me. You know what that woman said?"


"She and Joseph are getting married in six months. I can't believe that Joseph cheated on you. How could he."

"Actually she's his ex but I don't know what the actual status now. Also I told him that I need space from all this and he seems to understand." He look at me with pity eyes. "Don't look at me like that, I'm okay." You said to him.

"Hope things will get better between you two." He said and eat his food. I didn't finish my food because I feel so full but Parrish take my food and eat until it finished. He really a big eater. After we pay and all, me and Parrish make our way back to the company.

"Parrish, I think I need to take a few days leave." I said as we cross the road.

"What why?"

"To be honest, I can't focus on my work like I always do. I always think about it and tjen end up crying. I can't live like this."

"Then when you want to go? Back to Los Angeles?"

"No. I will go to the place that I can release my tension and everything."

"But where?"

"My hometown."

"Didn't you said that you don't have anyone there. Where will you stay? What if you become depressed? What if-"

"I will be okay. Don't worry about me." I said to him and he just nodded his head.


"I don't know that Thea. If you want to ask for a long leave like that, you have to ask Mr. Sanchez. I don't want to make any decision about this." As Mr. Gerald said to me when I ask for two months leave.

"But isn't you're his trusted employee? So that will be okay then."

"I'm sorry but you have to ask Mr. Sanchez." I sigh but I still want to take two months leave. I really need it.

"Okay then. Thanks for spending some times for me." I said and left the room. I can't leave just like that because I might get fired. I don't want that to happen because I need money too no matter what. Looks like I have to face Joseph then. Its okay Thea, just act like its nothing. You can do it!

I take a deep breath and exhale it before makes my way to his room. I knock on his door until I heard he said come in. I open tje door slowly feeling so nervous to speak to him. "Thea?" He said my name. Oh gosh why is my heart beating so fast? He just said my name not kiss me or anything.

"Mr. Sanchez can I talk to you for a minute?" I act normal even though inside my body already shaking and all.

"S-sure. Sit." He said and I take my sit on the chair in front of him. "So what it is?"

"I need two months leaves." That's all I said and he look at me a bit surprise.

"But why? Thea look you don't have to do this. If you can-"

"If you can't give me, fine then. I'll get back to my work then. Sorry to waste your time." I said standing and walk to the door.

"No wait! You can go if you want. I won't stop you." He said.

"Thank you Mr. Sanchez." I said to him and smile.

"But.. When will you go?" He ask and his tone sounds like he sad for letting me go.

"Tomorrow morning sir. Oh and about the designs, I already ask Gia to cover up for me a bit. Its okay right? Besides she's the interior designer too." I tell him.

"Oh yeah sure."

With that I open the door and left the room. I felt really bad for him. I know I can't do this to him but I don't know maybe my ego is just to high. Just when I walk to walk back to my room, his ex- girlfriend walk past me like I didn't exist. She nearly bump into me but luckyly I quickly move aside. She walk to Joseph's room and I feel my tears stung in my eyes.

I need to leave as soon as possible. Maybe avoid him for two months will make my emotions normal back.


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