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Chapter 32 - not anymore (Joseph point of view)

[ James Arthur - say you won't let go]


"Hey babe!" When I look at the door, I see Wendy.... This woman makes me really hate her so much. Why she have to exist when I already moved on and got my own happiness.


Its been a year since me and Wendy been i relationship and I think its the perfect time to make her mine forever by propose her. We've been together since we're in high school and now, we're both already 20 and I'm ready to build a new life with her and also build our very own family.

So today, is our 2 years anniversary and I'm going to bring her out for the very special dinner that I arranged for both of us. I check if the ring is in the pocket or not before left my house.

The drive only takes about 20 minutes from my house to her's. I'm feeling so nervous and in the same time I feel so exited. After I feel like a long drive, finally I'm in front of her house.

When I'm out from my car, I can see like two cars near her house. I just think that those are her neighbor cars. I walk to jer door and press the bell. No answer. I try press it again and still no sign of someone coming to get the door. 'Why is she didn't coming and ooen the door? Is she not at home or maybe she didn't hear it.' I thought. Then I press it for the third time and luckily this time I heard a footsteps coming near the door.

I smile feeling so excited to see her beautiful face. Just when the dor open, my smile drop and turn into a frown because its not Wendy but a guy who is shirtless. I try to control my emotions and anger because I don't want to cause a scene here. "Who are you?" The guy ask me.

"You ask me? That should be my question for you. Who are you and why you're in my girlfriend's house?" I ask the guy and he scoffed at me.

"Who's your girlfriend dude? As I remember this is my girlfriend house and now we're having a double date with our friends. So can you get lost?"

"Let me see her now. Let me talk to her!" My anger start to fill my body and my blood boiled.

"Get lost before I punch your ugly face."

"Punch me and you're dead. I mean it. So, let. Me. See. Her. NOW!" I yelled at him because there's no way Wendy could be with another guy when she already have me.

"Baby what's wr- Joseph? W-w-what y-you doing h-here?" She stutter and her face look surprise and kind of scared.

"Don't tell me that you forgot Wendy." I said to her.

"Forgot what?"

"Forget it. Now I want to know who is he?" I pointed at the guy who standing next to her.

"This is Reg, my new boyfriend. Joseph, I know I should tell you about this earlier but I didn't know how and also you look so into me. That's why I didn't tell you. Besides I don't have any heart for you anymore." Without thinking straight, I punch the guy until he fell on the ground. I punch him and punch him in anger.

"Joseph stop! Stop!" I didn't. I keep punching his face until there's blood coming out from his face and then I stop. I straighten my shirt and look at Wendy.

"You! If you don't have any heart for me anymore, you should have told me not having a relationship with other guy behind me until you forgot our second anniversary." I said to her. "Oh and mayne your right said that I'm so into you until I almost made a very wrong decision to propose you." I take out the box that contain the ring, and throw it to her face. "Take this maybe you want that stupid guy to propose you with that ring because looks like he doesn't have enough money to buy you something like that. I just afraid that maybe he only propose you with his stink saliva." I smirk at her and then walk back to my car.

When I'm in my car, I open the window and yell-"by the way enjoy your ROMANTIC DOUBLE DATE. " I take a last glance at them and drive away.

I might be cool in front of them but inside of my heart, I feel so much hurt because the girl that I thought I can spend thw rest of my life with, betrayed me by having another relationship with other guy.

End of the Flashback.

"What are you doing here and what do you want Wendy?" I ask her but my eyes just focus on the papers in front of me.

"Babe, I came here to meet you of course because I miss you so much." She replied.


"So why don't we go out and have a date or anything rather than staying in this company stressing out with that work." She comes closer to me.

"And why you think I will agree to it?"

"Because you loves me." I scoffed.

"Yea I am but that's before you said you don't have heart for me anymore six years ago. Where's your pathetic lovely boyfriend? Did he dumped you already?"

"Babe, please forgive me. I'll do anything for you to forgive me."

"anything?" She nodded her head.

"So why don't you go and tell Thea that you're the one who kissed me first and want me and her to break apart. Can you do that?"

"Except that. Babe, you know why I did that. I want us to be like before. I love you Joseph." I slammed my hand on the desk and stand up. I walk until I'm in front of her.

"Woman, don't ever said that three words again in front of me because I'm sick of hearing it from you. So before I lose control and use my power to make you regret, you better get lost from my eyes my life and I think I'll be more happy if you dead." I said harshly to her. I really didn't care about her feeling now because she never care about mine either.

"Joseph how could you said that to me. Babe, I re-"

"Maybe you're already got bored with your life. So that's not a problem if I make you rot in the prison for the rest of your life, Wendy." I said to her makes she turn into silence. "If you don't want, get out from my life and never come back because I don't have any mercy for you in making you start a new life in prison." I adds.

"How could you do that to me, Joseph. I just want you to accept me back! It's not that hard besides that stupid girl already don't want you!"

"Shut up! Get out from here now before I make a report and you can stay in jail."



"Fine fine. I will get out from your life if you give me money." She said and I look at her disbelief.

"Ohh I know now why you look so desperate want me to accept you back. You need money. Such a gold digger bitch. Do you think I'm gonna give you? No! Now get out bicth!" I yelled at her at first she didn't budge but then she quickly walk out from my room.

Every women that ever been in my life always want my money except for one woman. It's Thea. She didn't even want my money because she only want to be love and care. I'm gonna work harder to get her back. Not going to be depressed or anything anymore. Not anymore.


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