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Chapter 33 - Colorado

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I pack my clothes and the things I do be needed. After I'm done, I look at the time and think I should be move now or else I might miss my flight.

I take a cab and now I'm on my way to the airport to my hometown. The place that I born and used to live happily with my parents. Our house still there and I will stay there for the past two months.

After a few minutes, the cab drop me off i front of the airport and I walk out with my luggage to the departure. Mom dad I'm going home now and we can celebrate my 23rd birthday together as a family like we used to. When I already in the plane, I sit and close my eyes. I usually look out the window but today and guess not because my seat is in the middle and this is gonna be the mist boring flight I've ever ride.

I just decided to close my eyes and sleep but whenever I clsoe my eyes, the oicture of Joseph appear and I need to open my eyes. Why it seems so hard for not thinking about him? I hope he have a better life with the anyone he chose after this. Even though its hard but at least I don't have to see his face for 60 days and I think that's fine with me. Now let's empty our mind and think about something else.


Finally I'm at Orlando after 12 hours and 40 minutes in the air. I finally arrives at Colorado, Denver! Its feels so good to be back here after more than 3 years I didn't come here. I take a breath and walk out from the airport to find the cab to go home.
My house from the airport takes like 40 minutes to arrive. I look out the window and realized there's so much different now. It become more beautiful and modern. "Miss we arrive." I don't realize because I play with my phone and when I look outside, I smile because I finally here. I pay for the fee and then take my luggage out.

Home where all the memories was here.

The house seems fine. I grab my luggage then take out the keys. Of course I still have the keys or else, how am I supposed to get in the house. I out the key in the key hole and unlocked it. As soon as I open the door, the memories of me and my parents appear. We looks so happy back there. I always hope that we can be like that now but I also know that won't ever happen. I get in and see all the furniture cover in white.

I turn on the light so that I can see all of it more clear. I have lots things to do. First, do the cleaning because this house looks so dusty. Like really. I take out my hair band from my handbag and make my hair into a high bun. I look around to see what should I do first. Then I decided to do something easy first that is take off the white cover that cover the furniture. Its takes like 20 minutes to finish all that.

Then I search for the broom to sweep off the dust. I do all that until it all clean and now I'm exhausted. My waist hurt. I take my luggage to bring it upstairs and clean myself too.


That night.

I decided to go out to find some food because the refrigerator empty besides, its already broken because its too old. I wear leggings with beige hoodie then pair it with my black vans. I let my hair down and comb it to make it neat. Then, after I'm all done I grab my sling bag also phone before out from the room.

I walk downstairs and look around the house before get out from it. Looks like I havr to walk from here then. That's fine at least I can see the city and smell the air. When I walk, my phone ring. I take out from my bag and see Alexa who's calling me. "Hey Alexa." I greet her.

"Thea oh gosh I'm so worried about you when Elijah told me that you're leaving. Where are you now?" She ask.

"Chill woman I'm safe besides I need space that's why I left."

"Yea I understand that but where are you? At least tell me." I sigh.

"I'm at the place that I think I can forget about everything.".

"Don't tell me you're in Colorado Thea."

"Shhhh! Don't talk to loud Elijah might hear you dumb ass." She's really my best friend. I can't even hide from her because she always end up knows everything.

"Haha I knew it. Don't worry he's not here. He went out with your love."

"He used to. Not anymore."

"You can say that. By the way why you want to stay there that long? That's mean you will celebrate your birthday alone there?"

"Yup. Don't worry I'm fine besides I have my parents here. I'll visit them next week." I said to her and I hear she sigh.

"I can't say anything then if you want that but remember don't do something stupid or else I might tell Joseph to get you back from there to here."

"Alright ma'am. I will get going now. Try to get something to eat. Bye see ya!" I end the call and put it in my pocket. I look around and find a cafe or something to get inside and fill this empty stomach.

There's a lot of restaurant here but I end up to eat at McDonalds. I queue until my turn and I order double cheese burger with fries also have a chocolate sundae with coke. I pay for the food and wait for awhile until I get my food.

I walk to the empty table and put the tray on it. I begin to unwrap my burger then eat it. I'm happy niw because I got my food and its delicious. I eat it until I finished it all then I walk out from the store.

It's still early I think its not that early because its near 11 pm. For me its still early though. I just stroll around the city and see the building and all.

I think I should stay here forever because this city is so pretty. Maybe I should start new life here besides I can visit my mom and dad every day or maybe more often.

Maybe I should stay in Colorado..

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