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Chapter 35 - My life (Joseph point of view)

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And what's more... I can't express my feelings with words because I just happy so so so happy. All the emotions come in one time.

When I open my eyes, I see my love sleeping like a baby in my arms. I look at her and smile then hug her more tightly. I don't want to lose you again. Even though we only be apart like a few weeks but still I can't.

"Good morning dear." I said to her when I see she already open her eyes. She just smile in response and I give her a peck on her lips.

"I'm going to take a shower now." I frown and hug her so that she can't go anywhere. "Joseph what you doing let me go." She wriggles but I still hug her.

"I want to stay like this for the rest of the day." I said to her. Then, she take her phone that on the night stand and I just let it.

"What?!" She suddenly scream.

"What? What happened? Tell me." I ask her worried.

"Its already noon." She show the time on her phone. "No wonder he sun so bright and I hungry. So I better go and take a shower now because I'm hungry." I pout and she give me a kiss. Then she sit up to walk to the bathroom but just then, she stoo and look at me.

"What?" I ask.

"Turn around." She said and I smirk.

"Dear, I see everything already. Don't need to be shy." She smack me on my shoulder.

"Turn around or you leave my house?"

"Woah okay okay dear I'm sorry." I close my eyes until she's in the bathroom. When I heard the door closed, I open my eyes. She's so cute but sometimes she savage.


Right now, we're at the supermarket to buy ingredients to cook something at home. Today, I'm going to be her chef because I'm going to cook for her. My dreams come true to cook for my girl. "What do you want to buy?" Thea ask me while looking around.

"What do you want to eat?" I ask her back. She think for a bit and smile.

"Anything. I'm not a picky eater. I just eat it. So its up to you." She replied.

"Well if you say so." I push the trolley while walking to the seafood section to buy prawns and clams. Thea just walk next to me while wrapping her hands to my arm. "You know what, I love when we did this." I said to her.

"Did what?"

"This. Shopping for groceries like right now, its seems like we're husband and wife." She smile at me.

After I already got the the things that I want we both queue to pay for it. We wait for a few minutes because there's many people today. A moment later, it's finally our turn and I quickly take out the things from the trolley.

Before we go home, we ate our lunch at the nearest restaurant.


hat night.

"So Chef Joseph, what are you going to cook for our dinner tonight?" She make her hand like a microphone and put it in front of my mouth.

"Well for tonight, I'm going to cook something special for our very special guest. I'm not going to tell you now because its a surprise. So wait for it. Thank you." I get into it too.

"Okay then I'll wait there and look from there then." She said and give me a kiss at my cheek then walk to the counter. I look at her and smile before start to cook our dinner.

For tonight I'm going to cook seafood pasta and also lasagna. I cut all the ingredients first to make my work more easier. It takes only for a few minutes to finish cut all this and now, I'm ready to cook. Actually I already ready since few hours ago.

"Joseph, don't you have any work at the office?" She suddenly ask.

"Why you ask that?"

"I just wonder because didn't people like you always have work to do even though its weekend but you seems.... free." I chuckles.

"Dear, that's fine besides, my companies are all in stable position and running smoothly. That's why I can at least take a few days leave from work." I look at her and she nodded her head.

"But how many days do you want to stay here?"

"Why you want me to leave?"

"No no I just curious because I still have like a few more weeks to stay here. That's why I ask you."

"Hmmm maybe until you back to Paris then. We can practice to be a married couple ifnwe stay here didn't you think so?" I put the pasta on the plate.

"Smell so good. Can't wait to try it!" She sequel in excitement.

"You can eat it when the other meal ready. So maybe wait for 10 more minutes. Okay dear?"

"I'm okay with it." She said and I walk to her and hug her. "Are you okay?" She ask me.

"Thea, why are you so cute without doing anything? You looks like a little talking teddey bear." I still hug her and put my chin on her head.

"If that so I'm your talking teddy bear." I break the hug and look at her. "Why are you looking at me like that?" She ask me.

"Nothing it just I want to mesmerize your face so that I won't look at other women than you...... I love you." I lean in and kiss her pink lips. She put her hands at my chest and kiss me back. Just when the kiss are getting more deep, I heard the sound of the oven. That's mean the lasagna is ready.

I walk to the oven and take out the lasagna and quickly walk to the dining table to put it. "Alright dear, all ready. Now let's eat. Wait let me take the wine. I put it with the glass and take my seat across her. I pour the wine for her also for me. "Try it.". She nodded her head and taste the pasta first.

"Its.... delicious! Oh my god how come you can cook like this? Let me taste that." She take a spoon of lasagna too. "I can eat this forever." She continue to eat. I relief because she likes it.

"Well I can cook for you wherever you want. Now let's continue eating." We eat the food with comfortable silent. I want to stay like this. Me and her just two of us away from anything.

I can't wait to see our junior. Maybe in three or four years. I already know how to propose her and I can't wait for that day to happen. If she said yes, that's mean my kife will be completely different from now. My life will be more happy and complete with her by my side.

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