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Chapter 36 - Parrish vs Joseph

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2 months later.

"Dear, are you arrive yet?" He just asked the same questions since I'm still in Colorado airport until I landed at Paris.

"Stop asking me the same question will you." I said to him through phone while walking out from the airport. Actually I should be in New York because Joseph said he can't be in Paris for a while. Besides, he already bought me a flight ticket to New York but welk me just being me, I bought another ticket to go back to Paris.

It's been like two weeks since we last met and that's at Colorado. "Actually, I'm not gonna be there Joseph." You said truthfully to him.

"What why? Is anything happened?" He ask in panic way.

"Nothing happen Joseph. Chill will you and I actually don't want to disturb your work. That's why I make a decision to go straight to Paris." I said while taking out my hand to stop the taxi.

"You kidding right?"

"Nope I'm not. So I'll see you in a few more weeks. Bye love you." I said quickly and end the call. I get into the taxi and tell him my address. I put my phone in my handbag and lean my back at the seat.

As time passed, I finally arrive at my home after been in the taxi like hours. I actually don't know what to do now because I'm not tired like I always been. Now, my energy still much. Then I got an idea, how about I call Parrish and who knows maybe he's free. I take my phone out and search for Parrish number. Just when I'm going to press call, I remember that today is Friday so he must be at work now because its only 4:30 pm. That's mean only 30 minutes left before he's finish his work.

So, I decided to wash my body first and change into fresh clothes. I wear my long purple casual dress and pair it with my white converse. I just let my hair fall down and comb it abit to make it look neat. After I'm done, I grab my phone and my sling bag before left the house.

I make my way to the company and decided to wait for Parrish there. I miss him so much because its been more than a month since we last talk. I wait for a few minutes until I saw Parrish walking out fron the building. I run to him and jump onto his back. "Wha- Thea!" He put me down and hug me. I hug him back.

"Miss me?" I ask.

"Where have you been sister? You know I thought you didn't want to work here and be friend with me anymore." He said and we walk together.

"Awe Parrish, I won't do that to you. Besides, now I'm back with Joseph and also I'm here with you." He stop and look at me.

"You're back with him?" I nodded my head. "Really?! Yes! I've been waiting for this to happen since past months. So what happened between you two actually. Tell me everything like everything from A to Z." I chuckles and start to tell him since the first day I'm at Colorado. We talk until we both arrive home. "Okay that's what happened." I said as he press the button for the lift.


I just play with my phone while eating some chips besides me. I play my favorite game, Subway surfers because its been a while since I last play it. It's only 6:45 pm still so early but I don't have anything else to do so I just decided to be lazy today by sitting on the couch with chips and my phone.

After a few minutes, I feel bored suddenly hit me. "What am I gonna do now?" I ask myself. I close the game and call Alexa. This girl totally forgot about me or what. I press call and put the phone on loud speaker.

"I thought you forgot about me." She said as soon as she pick up the phone.

"Hey hey I never forget you because its seems you're the one who forgot about me. Yeah of course you are because you already happy with your beloved husband." I said to her.

"Awe don't say that. I miss you so so so so so so so much." I chuckles at her statement.
"I know haha. I miss you too. Oh by the way, are you at Los Angeles or New York?"

"New York. I thought you're going to come here but no. Why you didn't come here?"

"I didn't know you there. Ughh that's fine I'm going there next month or what about you come here."

"That's sounds good. I'll try and persuade Elijah to go there soon.." She replied.

"You kn-" before I can finish my sentence, I heard my door being knocked. "I'll call you later someone knocking at my door." I said to Alexa.

"Oh that's must be J-"

"Bye love ya." I cut her and put my phone down. I get up from the couch and walk to the door. When I open it, my eyes widen when I see Parrish and Joseph? Standing in front of me now.

"Joseph? Parrish? What are you guys doing in front of my door?" I ask both of them.

"Because I want to see you." They said in unison. I laugh at it because that's funny.

"Okay okay. But why you both want to see me?" I ask. I look at Parrish first.

"Actually I want to hang out with you tonight because its been a while since we last go out together. " I nodded my head and turn to Joseph which is surprise me ny standing here in front of me when I thought he's at New York.

"And you I thought you're in-"

"You're the one who makes me do this. If you come to New York, I won't be here, dear. So now let's have a dinner with me." He said.

What should I do now? Both of them want to go out with me tonight. Oh gosh if I choose Parrish, Joseph will be jealous. If I choose Joseph, I'm not going to enjoy the night with Joseph because I will feel bad for Parrish.

Why they need to be here now. Oh gosh.

"Okay okay this is not an eyes staring contest. So cut it out abd just go home. Besides, I don't feel like I want to go out tonight." I said to them. When I see they are lookibg at each other eyes like they gonna kill each other just with glaring.

Just then, an idea comes to my mind. I look at them who still glaring at each other and quickly get intk my house and then colose the door shut before locked it. "Thea! Open up. At least let me in. " I didn't say anything and just walj away from the door and plopped myself on the couch. They will go home soon.


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