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Chapter 39 - Preparation (both point of views)

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One month later

Today is the day for me to fit my wedding gown. The day that I've been waiting for so long. I can't wait for it. Me and Joseph are so happy together but we still don't live in the same house because I don't want it yet. I want to live like before until we both get married. I'm going to the boutique with Parrish and Alexa. They're both are willing to company me there. Besides, I didn't want to show my gown to my husband to be now. I want it to be surprise. "Thea! Why are you taking so long in ylur room! Hurry up." I heard Parrish shout from the living room.

Alexa and Parrish are comfortable with each other even though they just meet like less than five times but they still manage to be friend which is good for me. Just when I open my door room, my phone ringing and show Joseph name on the screen. Both of them looking me and I just grin and pick it up. "Hey babe."

"Hey dear. Are you at the boutique yet?"

"Nope. We're just going out now. Why? Don't tell me you want to go there too."

"Haha I want to go if I can but this man here didn't let go anywhere. He just makes me like a completely prisoner. If I want to go out, he have to follow me too. So yeah you're good. I just call because I miss you." I smile when he said that.

"Well enjoy yourself with your brother. Gotta go now. Bye love you." Befire he could say anything I end the call and look at Parrish and Alexa who are making a vored face. "Don't make that face. Let's go." I drag both them out from the house.

At the boutique

"Miss, your gown ready to be fit now." The woman at the boutique said to me. I stand up fron the sofa and walk to the dressing room to try it. I am super excited.

I begin to undress and wear it. There's one woman who help me with fitting. After a while, I'm finally finished and now I'm wearing my dream gown since I was little. "Thea, show us. We can't wait to see you in that dress." I heard Alexa said.

"Are you ready miss?" I nodded my head and the worker open the curtain. I turned around and smile at Parrish and Alexa.

"Omg! You look so beautiful, gorgeous, elegant, everything!" Parrish said and hug Alexa in happiness.

"Thea, you look absolutely stunning in your wedding gown. I can't wait to see Joseph's reaction when he sees you in this." Alexa said.

"Must be priceless!" They both said in unison. I laugh at them. No one can replace them as my best friends. No one.

"Well what are we going to do after this?" I ask.

"Spa!" Again, they said in unison and burst into laughter.

"You need to pamper yourself because you're getting married in Three days! So now go and change then let's go." Parrish said. I nodded my head and start to change into my clothes back.


"I wonder what are they doing." I said to Elijah. Both of us sitting in the coffee house and eat some cakes.

"They must be having fun now. Relax she will be all yours in three days. Just let her be and celebrate her single life as much as she wants." He said.

"She's not single. She's my fiancee. Besides, I'm okay if she just go with Alexa, but that Parrish guy also with them." I am kind of pissed when I remember about that.
"They're going to spa and Parrish didn't go with them because it's a woman stuff. So, he will be here in a few."

"What? That's mean he will join us here? What for?"

"Man, no matter what he still your fiancee best friend. You have to build some chemistry with him." I sigh and lean my back to the chair. Just a few minutes, I saw Parrish walk in and look around until he found me and Elijah. He walk to us and smile.

"But how did he know that we're here?"

"I'm the one who ask Alexa to tell him that we're here." I look at him disbelief.

"You're ruin my mood now."

"Man, hey what's wrong with you? Can't you just be his friend too? He didn't do anything wrong to you though." Elijah take a sip of his coffee.

"He's too close with Thea. That's makes me feel.... I don't know maybe jealous." I heard him laugh at me. "It is funny?"

"No it just you're jealous because he always be with Thea? That's ridiculous because if he likes Thea, he will ask her to be his girlfriend since the first day they met. But look, he's not right?"

"Yeah because he's gay. That's why. If he's straight, I'm really sure that he will try my fiancee."

"Just think positive Joseph." I sigh.

"Hello. I'm not disturbing right?" He ask. Yes you are disturbing us. Now will you please go home? Because you ruin my day here. No Joseph, think positive. Stay positive.

"Come on join us." Elijah said with his friendly tone while me just stay quiet. "Joseph, stop it."I look at him with confused face.

"I didn't do anything."I reply.

"Just be mature. Don't be childish bro. Parrish here is to celebrate you too and hangout with us."

"We didn't celebrate anything."

"Mr. Sanchez, did I make you comfortable? I can go home if you want." Parrish said.

"Just call me Joseph. We're not at the office. By the way I will let you stay if you promise me that you didn't have any intention to take Thea from me." I look at him and he laugh along with Elijah. "What did I said anything funny to you guys?"

"Dude that's so childish. I can't believe you getting married in three days."

"I'm serious."

"Okay, I promise with all my heart that I'm not going to take your financee from you." Parrish said and I take a sip of my drink.

Three of us just sit in that coffee house for a few hours. We just get to know Parrish and actually he's quite fun to be friend with. No wonder Thea really love him as a friend.

Now, I'm in my room and on my bed. I laying down while see what's more to be done in my phone.

Food? Done

Church? Done

Hall? Done

Suit? Done

Cake? Done

Guest? Done

Car? Done

Okay! Everything done. All the preparation are ready. I can't wait for it.


All preparation are done now!

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