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[ These days - rudimental]


10 Years later

It's feel like yesterday I got married and tease Thea about having lots of kids. Now, I already have four kids and another one in Thea's tummy and maybe she will giving birth to our fifth child tomorrow. Well I'm not going to be clumsy again because I've been through this like four time already. I think I can handle it well.

Let me introduce you to me and my wife's children. Well, our first child is a boy, Alex Sanchez. The second one also a boy, Harry Sanchez. Next, our third child also a boy, Dylan Sanchez and the last one also boy, Ethan Sanchez. As you see, I have four sons and Thea really upset when every time she's got pregnant, its a boy but she's still love them so much. For our fifth child, its going to be a girl. Thea is so excited for it because she said that finally she has a friend to company her other than the boys.

Right now, I'm at the kitchen cookig something for the hungry mommy also her for big dinosaurs. "Here you go. Grilled salmon for everyone." I put the plates and sit next to my beautiful wife. We begin to eat happily.

"Mom, why is your tummy is so big?" Harry ask and she chuckles.

"No it's not honey, every time I got pregnant to all of you, my stomach will get this big. If you don't believe it, ask your dad." She answer and I nodded my head.

"Well what if, there's two of babies in that balloon." Alex my eldest son said excitedly.

"I don't know. The doctor said that its only one in this balloon." She rub her stomach and we just laugh at it. After a few minutes, we already finish our food and now, me and Thea sitting in the living room and have some times together while the boys are playing at the backyard together.

"Dear, is getting pregnant makes you tired?" I ask her.

"Why suddenly?" She ask me back.

"Because you look like you don't get enough sleep."

"I'm not it just maybe because I can't wait to meet my little friend." I kiss her forehead.
"I hope you will still love me."

"What are you talking about?" She loom at me. "Don't say that you're going to get jealous for your own daughter. Joseph, don't be so childish. It's not suit you at all. Besides how can I don't love my handsome husband that makes my life like this now." She said and I kiss her even though I can't get to close to her because of her big stomach but still I want to kiss her.

"Well then dear. I love you sooo much." I said.

Just when both of us are having a good time, her face turn. I look at her confused and ask her-"are you okay dear?" She close her eyes and suddenly grab my hand tightly.

"Babe, I think its time. Oh my god its hurt." She said and my eyes widen.

"What? But the doc-"

"Forget it and bring me to the hospital now! " she screams makes the boys come to us and ask me why.

"All of you stay here take care of your mom and and I'm going to get her clothes and start the car." I said running upstairs and take the bag that she Already pack for the hospital. I quickly run and get to the car to start the engine. Then, I run inside back to see her.

"You, you, you and you get in the car now. " the nodded their heads and head out. I follow them and quickly get in the car too. I drive the car tk the hospital now.

"Dad I think yo-"

"Quiet I'm trying to act normal here." I said and continue driving.

"Dad bu-"

"We will get to thw hospital in few minutes. Don't worry." I cut my son off.

"Mom is n-"

"Yeah yeah I know. Calm down everyone."I cut Again.


"Just a few more turns and we will arrive." I said and wipe the sweat that on my forehead.

"DAD! MOM. IS. NOT. HERE!"I heard Alex said and I pull the break then turned around to the passenger side and see its empty. Oh shit. Don't say I leave her at the house in thag condition.

"Oh shit. Fu-"

"Dad, language." Dylan said to me and I shut my mouth and drive back home more quick than before. I can't believe I leave my wife at house and go to the hospital without her. I thought I'm not going to be this clumsy but this time I become the most clumsy than before. "Hurry up dad!" I get out the car and run into the houshouse to see Thea breath heavily on the couch.

"Dear! Oh god I'm so sorry. I don't have any intention to leave you like this. It jus-"

"Shut up and bring me to the hospital!" She shout at me and I carried her and bring her to the car. I get to my side and drive off to the hospital. "Oh gosh, it's hurt so bad!" Thea said.

"Calm down dear. Calm down take a deep breath." I said.

"HOW CAN I CALMING DOWN WHEN YOU CLEARLY LEAVE ME AT THE HOUSE AND DRIVE TO THE HOSPITAL WITHOUT ME AT FIRST!!" she said and luckily we already arrive at the entrance. I call the doctor and bring my wife inside. I need to parked my car first before can get inside. I parked my car and running out from it to be with my wife now.

"Where's your mom?" I ask my sons. They all point at the room in front of them. "You guys stay here alright." I said and I get in to see my wife ready to giving birth. I stand besides her and hold her hand.

"When I count to three, be ready to push." The doctor said. "One two three. " Thea push and hold my hand very tightly.

After a while, the baby already out but when the doctor give me and Thea to take a look at it, I see its a boy not a girl. That's weird. It's supposed to be a girl this time. Just when I am thinking, Thea screaming again and I look at her. The doctor give our son to the nurse to hold and hold a position like earlier. Don't say.... Oh my god, it's twins!

After a few hours in the labour room, finally the doctor transfer Thea to the other room.
"Mom, I told you its not one. See." Alex said and look at the twin. She respond with smile because I know she's tired.

"Dear, let's name the babies." I said.

"I want to name her Charlotte and him Carl. What about that?" She ask.

"That's a good name. I love it." I said and kiss her forehead.

"That's mean I have tk take care like four younger brothers and one little sister?" Alex ask and look at me and Thea.

"It's not only you but all of you have to take care each other. Alright?" They nodded their head.

"Dear, thank you for bringing this kids to my life and be a good wife also mom to our kids. Thank you for accept me as your husband and want to spend yur life with me. I love you Thea. I love you so much. Thanks you for everything." I said to her and kiss her.

"Umm mom, dad we're here." I break the kiss and smile at them.

Now, I have six children and I am so happy because my family become more bigger now.

Thank god for making my life perfect like this.


How's the ending? I hope you guys are happy with it. Lots of love from me to all of you for supporting my stories from the first one and also this one. I will start to edit this book too soon. So stay tuned for my next book.

My next book is not going to be about The Perkins or Sanchez yet because I need more time to think of it. That's why I wrote another book and I think I'm gonna publish it next month or maybe in two weeks. I can't promise you guys the date because I am so busy this year but I'll try my best to keep update with you guys.

Anything just message me!






Much love from me

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