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Bonus chapter

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This house is a total chaos now. Especially when this four children playing plus this twins. Luckily they play at the backyard. If all of them playing in the house, our house will be a total wreck. I don't see a backyard, I see a mud field behind the house. "Babe, are you okay? You look like a mess. What's wrong?" Thea ask me while playing with Charlotte and Carl who are in the baby carriage.

"Look at those mess." I replied and sigh. She chuckles.

"Babe, chill will you. They're just a kids who try to be happy with their life. Its not wrong if they play like that. They're your boys after all." I look at her and look at the kids.

"Looks like we have to buy big field and put them there for the whole day. So that they can play together as long as they want. At least they're not doing some mess in the house."

"Dad is nagging by himself. Look at him." Thea talking to Charlotte and Carl didn't even look at me.

"Fine then I'll stay quiet." I lean my back and open my phone to see if I can do something mkre fun but before I could press he home button, Thea take my phone from my hands and put a bit far from me. "Babe, give me my phone back."

"No phone when you're with family, Joseph." She said in serious way.

"Fine, babe. Don't have to be so fierce." I sigh and take a sip my drink. I look at the boys who are playing by themselves happily and turned to see Thea is playing with the twins. I go and sit near the twins and join them too. At least they're not to hard to handle than the four boys over there.


After lunch

After lunch, we usually do our own thing. I sit in my office and do my work. That's a good thing I don't have to much work so that I'm done within a few minutes. I walk out from my office and suddenly Dylan come to me crying. "Woah why are you crying boy?" I ask him and wipe his tears.

"Harry took my car!" He cried and I sigh knowing that the real problem is here. I don't know why they keep fighting over toys when I already bought for each one of them. I really don't understand that until now. I am glad that Alex didn't involved in this matter. At least he's being a bit matured from his brother. Of course he is because he's he oldest one, nine years old.

"Dad!" I came back from zoning out.

"Oh yeah, let's go and get your car back." I hold his hand and walk to their playroom. The moment I open the door, I feel like I want to faint looking at the mess that they made. "Did the tornado flew around the room before I came here?" I ask and Harry and Ethan look at me and shake their head no. "Harry, come here you." I call him and he walk to me. "Let me ask you something, did you took Dylan's car?" He shake his head.

"No. I just borrow it. I'm about to give it back." He said and I look at them both.

"If that so, say sorry to your brother for taking his car. Promise that next time you'll inform him first. Alright?" Harry nodded his head.

"I'm sorry." They hug and walk to continue playing. I smile and walk out from the room.

I walk downstairs to see what my wife been doing. I search for her and found her in the kitchen. I walk slowly and wrap my arms around her waist. She startled a bit and relax when she know its me. I kiss her head. "What are you doing?" I ask.

"I want to bake some Cookies. Chocolate chip cookies. Sounds good right?" She reply.

"Yeah. Need my help?"

"Hmm well you can help me to make the shape of the cookies." I let her go and wash my hands first.

"That's so easy, babe. I'm a professional." I said and start doing it. Just when both of us busy with he dough, I heard like a argument between the boys. What's more this time..

"Mom, dad! Dylan broke my robot!" That voice is Harry.

"Dad! Alex don't want to play with me!" Another voice is also Harry. "Alex! Play with me!" I heard a chuckles from Thea.

"Why are you chuckling." I ask.

"Harry is so pampers. Also he's so funny." She said and shaking her head.

"Mom! Ethan rip my drawing!" That's Alex.

"Help me mom! Dad! A dinosaur wanna eat my manhood." Dylan said and me and Thea burst into laughter. He's so funny.

"Mom! Ethan peed in his pants. Ew! It smelly!" Alex shout from upstairs and Thea wash her hand then go upstairs to see what happened.

"Daddy, I peed in my pants." I look at my leg and see Ethan is here look at me.

"Ethan, what are you doing here. I thought you was upstairs with mommy. How did you got here? " I ask weirdly. I wash my hands and dry it before carry Ethan upstairs to change his pants.

"How did-"

"Don't ask because I have no idea too." I said and give Ethan to Thea. I walk to the playroom and see Alex, Harry and Ethan are wiping the mess that Ethan did using..... Curtain?!

"Boys, umm what are you doing?" I ask.

"We're cleaning the pee. Why daddy?" Dylan reply innocently. I sigh because I don't know what to say anymore.

"That's so good. I think that's enough. Let me do it." I said and take the mop to wipe the floor. After I'm done, I look at three of them. "How did you get the curtain?"

"Curtain?" Harry ask.

"Yea the thing that three of you used to clean the mess."

"I thought that a towel. So I just pulled it down." I pinch my nose. They're just a kid Joseph.

"Well it's fine. Now will you put the toys back in their places?" They nodded and I walk out from the room and sigh. Having a kids are fun but it also can be exhausted like this. I know when Carl and Charlotte growuo like them, this house will be more mess than this. I'm ready for it. As long as they happy. That's all I need. I want to see my family grow up to be a big happy family.


Bonus chapter for y'all. I hope you guys enjoy it.





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