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Chapter 4 - First Meeting

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Right now, I'm in my office and just do my work. I'm in a very good mood today because today is Friday that's mean, tomorrow is WEEKEND! I have lots of things to do and buy tomorrow.

Just then I heard my door knocking. "Come in," I said and the door open show the most friendly receptionist. "Do you need anything miss?" She rolled her eyes and act as nothing happened.

"I'm here just want you to know that Mr. Sanchez going to arrive in a few minutes so Mr. Gerald told me to let you know that you'll be needed in his room in 5 minutes."

"Why-" before I could ask more, she closes the door and leaves me there. "What??? Like seriously?" I murmur to myself and take the things that I need to bring. Well, to be honest, I don't know what to bring. So, I decided to bring my phone with me. That's it.

I knock the door and after I heard 'come in' I open the door and walk-in. "Mr. Gerald, why you want me to be here?"I ask.

"I'm going to introduce you to Mr. Sanchez, our boss and also because he wants to see the interior designer who's going to decorate the hotel." I nodded my head and he let me sit on the sofa there.

"When will he arrive?"

"Just in a few minutes. You can sit there and wait until he comes then." I sigh and nod my head. I play with my phone, as usual, I play Subway surf and this time, I success to break my own records. I play and try to break the record again but then my phone died. Good. How long did I play on my phone?

I look at my watch and it seems like I already sitting here like half an hour. Not punctual. "Umm Mr. Gerald, can I go to my office back? I think Mr. Sanchez going to be so late." I ask him.

"Alright... I'm sorry to make you sit there for half an hour." I smile at him and walk to the door to walk out. Just when I want to open it, the door opens by itself and hits my nose. I stumble backward and nearly fell down to the floor. Who the hell open that freaking door so fast like that.

I feel my nose so hurt and I just go to the mirror inside that room and see my face. My nose red as tomatoes and also my eyes watery. Shit.

"Ms. Morris? Are you okay?" I turn around to see Mr. Gerald but then I see him standing beside Mr. Gerald. "Ms. Morris?"

"Oh y-yeah I-I'm okay." Stupid why are you stuttering. I smile at Mr. Gerald and just ignore that man who makes my nose hurt so bad.

"Oh Ms. Morris, this is Mr. Joseph Sanchez our big boss." I look at him uninterested and force myself to smile at him.

"Good morning Mr. Sanchez it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Thea Morris." I said and have a handshake with him. He just nodded his head. What a rude jerk.

Did you know I wait for you here like half an hour and also my nose hurt because of you?!

Three of us sit on the sofa and I just keep silent while they are having a conversation. Hello, I'm here too. I don't understand why I need to be here when they just want to make me like a statue right here. "So you're the new interior designer?" Finally, they see me!

"Yes, I am."

"So did you already start the design?"

"I just do like three of it, Mr. Sanchez." He nods his head. "If it didn't have anything else, can I go now?" I ask carefully.

"Yes, you can now, Ms. Morris." I take relief to breathe and walk out of that room. I quickly walk to my room and charge my phone and then just continue to do my work.


I'm on my way to go home after a long day at the office. I just want to go home and sleep until tomorrow. I walk quickly and when I arrived, I just smile at the girl at the counter and head to the lift.

I plop myself on the couch as soon as I get into my house. Just then I open my handbag to take my phone but my phone not here. "Where is my phone? Oh please don't tell it fell down in the road or something." I talk to myself and take everything out of my handbag but I still can't find it.

Just then, I remember that I charge my phone and forgot to take it. That's means I have to walk again to that company and take my phone. I need my phone or else I'm not able to do anything. Everything I want to do and buy is in there. With all my strength I force myself to get up and go back to the company.

You don't have to walk like this if you did not forget it.

I walk quickly because it's going to be cold. I practically run to the company because all I want is to get home as soon as possible.

I am breathless when I arrive in front of the company. It still has like a few people here so I make my move to my room. When I'm in, I see my phone is on the small table near the plug. I unplugged it and walk out. Then I bump into someone. When I look up I see Joseph standing in front of me. "I'm sorry, Sir." I walk to the lift and wait for it. I see him also wait for it. I don't know why it is so awkward now.

The lift arrives and we get in and I press L then close the door. Why is the lift move so slowly? I can't stand this silent. I really can't.


Finally. I walk out and then I heard my name being called. I turned around and its Joseph. "Yes?"

"I want to see your design tomorrow. At 8:30 here." He said.

"But tomorrow is Satu-"

"It's that a problem?" His voice stern and I shake my head weakly. "Good. Meet you tomorrow then Ms. Morris." With that, he walks away to leave me standing in the middle of the lobby.

Why did he need to look at the design tomorrow? Why not earlier or maybe next week? 


They're finally meet each other but it's not a good meeting I assumed.

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