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Chapter 5 - Groceries Shopping

[ Geniuses and thieves - Gentle Bones]


Even though my mind wants to kill him and throw him in the river, I still think of him as my boss. So, no matter mad I am right now, I need to act like it's fine. I have to.  Right now, I'm on my way to the company. I wear blue jeans and a white blouse then put my hair into a neat bun. For the last touch up, I wear cream heels.  I take my works and handbag before leave the house. I am so thankful that my house is near the company and I don't have to wait for the bus or a cab to get there. 

As soon as I arrive, I saw one black Jaguar which parked in front of the entrance. That's really a dope car after Audi though. I really love that car. I love to see men driving a sports car because they will look so handsome and dashing. How I wish I can ride one of those cars in the future. I walk into the lobby and make my way to my floor.

I almost have a heart attack when the moment I open the door of my office, I see a figure sit on the chair in front of my desk. "Are you just going to stand there?" Joseph said and I close the door and walk to my chair. "Is that you gret your boss?" I look at him. He wears a suit and looks so professional. 

"I'm sorry, Mr. Sanchez," I answer.

"Are you always be this late?" I look at my watch and it's only 8:31 in the morning. oh shit!

"I am so so so sorry. I will try to not be this late again, Mr. Sanchez," I said and immediately give him the three design that I already finished it. He didn't say anything and take a look of my design.

"Do you think this is a kindergarten or what?! So colorful and look so bad!" I am surprised by his sudden outburst.

"I did my best. I am sorry." I don't know what to say when he yells at me like that.

"How many times you want to apologize? Ms. Morris, I expect more than this ugly design. So you better make the best of the best before I fired you. You understand?" He looks at me with stern eyes. I nodded my head weakly and with that, he walked out from my room and leave me there alone.

Suddenly my tears coming out without any warning. I put my hand on my face and cry for about I don't know how long but enough to make my eyes look fluffy and red. Right now I feel so tired and then decided to go home. I walk out and go to the lobby to go home.

He has the right to give a comment about my work because he is the boss but I never thought he was that picky. I let out a sigh.


That night, I forced myself to go to a groceries shopping because if not, I'm going to starve until tomorrow morning. That's a good thing that I already finish unpack my clothes and put it on the dresser or not that's gonna take a long time to finish it. I wear black leggings and my long sleeves shirt that wrote I'm a savage on it. Put my hair in a ponytail and I think I don't have to put any makeup because it's night after all.

I take my purse and phone before going out and now I'm on my way to go to the nearest supermarket with Parrish. I told him that I'm going to buy some groceries and he said that he will accompany me. At least I'm not having a hard time to find the supermarket by myself. "Do you always walk to go to the supermarket?" I ask him.

"Nope, I usually use my car but tonight I feel like I Want to walk. Besides, it's not too far from our condo only ten minutes walk." He said and I nodded my head.

After walking like ten minutes, we finally arrived at the supermarket and I take one trolley before going in. "What do you want to buy?" He asks me.

"Literally everything because I have none in my refrigerator." I chuckle and he too.

He just follows me like a boy that follows his mom to grocery shopping. "How are we suppose to carry all this on our way home?" He pointed at my cart and I look at it.

"Looks like we're going to have a problem to carry all of this then. I think that's enough for today. Let's go and pay for it." The cart is almost full and I just hope that this thing didn't fall all the way home soon. We queue to wait for our turn to pay. A moment later, when the cashier already finished put all the things in the paper bag, I just sighed and look at Parrish. I pay for it and then try to carry three paper bags in my hands. While Parrish also carries three paper bags. "This is crazy. I can't see the front." I said and he laughed at me.

"How could you laugh at me."

"It just funny. I think you need to grow more like me. You look like a little kid." He laughs again and we walk outside. That's a good thing that there are only a few people.

"I'm 21 after all. And I'm big enough."

"Yeah and I'm 23, little sister." We continue to talk until we saw our condominium. Not we actually, it's only him can see it because these paper bags didn't let me see it. Also, I almost tripped a few times but thank god I didn't fell down or else that's gonna be a real problem.

"Thank you so much for the company me to buy those things," I said after we arrive at my house.

"Not a big problem. So I'll see you on Monday then. Goodnight. We bid goodbye and then I close the door. Well, now time to put all those things into the refrigerator. It takes like twenty minutes to finish it all. And now I'm on my bed and ready to sleep. What a long and tiring day.

I don't like groceries shopping. Like really.


So actually this is when Thea still 21 and Joseph is 24. So the next chapter will be they're two years later.

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