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Chapter 6 - Two years later

[ Camila Cabello - Never Be the same ]


It's been two years since I work with this company and everything just happened in a good way except for always getting yelled from my boss. No wonder all the stuff seems to scared of him. He has just been so freaking picky about the design I make. I think for the past two years, he only approved like ten of my design. This is so hard from when I imagine especially when I have a boss like JOSEPH SANCHEZ. I miss Alexa and the kids. I wish I can stay there and just be with them.

I'm now at the park just want to clear my mind from work a bit since today is Saturday. I sit on one of the benches there and look around. Most people here come with their partners. Sometimes, I envy people who happy with their partner while me still alone. There's like a few guys who were tried to ask me out but I rejected them. All of them just look like a real pervert. Maybe if they already sleep with me, they will leave me just like that. I don't want that. I can't stand another goodbye. I've been through goodbye to much. The worst goodbye I've ever had was when the day that my parents died in a car crash. I don't even get a chance to say goodbye to them because I'm in a damn coma. When I woke up, I just got the news that my parents were gone.

Just like that.

I shake my head and remove all the things that gonna makes me depressed or sad because no matter what I still have a life to live in. I need to be strong. "Alright Thea, just put that aside and focus on your career.," I said to myself. I take my phone and text Parrish. I think I need a friend to talk to now.

Thea: Hey! :)

Parrish: what's up?

Thea: Nothing, I just need someone to talk too.

Parrish: awe what wrong? Did something happen?

Thea: not really. It just I feel alone out of sudden. :/

Parrish: I wish I can be with you there but I still have to finish something important. Sorry. :(

Thea: Nah it's fine. It seems like I am disturbing you right now.

Parrish: No baby girl, you never bother me.

Thea: Nah, So I'll see you tomorrow then. Bye.

Parrish: Well okay then, but don't do anything stupid okay?

Thea: haha like what?

Parrish: Who knows hmmm anything could happen. Just be careful okay...

Thea: alright.

Parrish: see you tomorrow...

I put my phone back into my pocket and decided to walk around the park. At least I'm not so lonely. I walk then suddenly I bump into someone. "Ow!" I fell down to the ground. Oh shit, my butt hurt so bad.

"Ms, I'm sorry." It's a guy who I bump too. He gives a hand for me to get up and I take his hand and look at his face. Oh why him...

"Out of people why I need to bump into you. Gosh." I mumble and looks like he heard me. I'm done.

"At least I helped you to get up. Now move." He pushes me and I nearly fall down again but this time manage to balance myself. I huff and walk again. My day was completely fine until I bump into him. I wonder why he still here in Paris while he still has a company in New York for him to manages.


The next day

"Thea, are you okay?" Parrish asks me on our way to go to the company.


"Nah you're surely not okay. Tell me what's wrong my beautiful girl?"

"It just I don't want to meet Mr. Sanchez today and I really hope that he already goes back to New York and never comes back," I said to him.

"What's wrong if he's here? It's not like he gonna do something to you or maybe something already happened." He stops me by stopping in front of me.

"Parrish, what you doing? Move I need to get coffee before we enter the company." I push him and we walk again.

"Tell me girl what actually happened between both of you huh? You didn't always moody like this."

"It just yesterday when I just take a walk at the park, I bumped into him and of course he said sorry but then, he just pushes me aside and continues his run. Why he need to be rude to me?" I explain and now we're in the coffee shop to buy coffee.

"Well, no comment. It just you and him bumped into each other girl, not anything else. So stop being moody and smile a little." He pinched my cheeks to make me smile but I just roll my eyes. "Gosh are you on your period?" He asks me but thanks god it's not too loud or else I'll be so embarrassed.

"I'm not. So stop talking nonsense can you." I said to him and he just quietly standing beside me until it's our turn to order. "I just gonna have cappuccino regular size," I order and then I look at Parrish if he wants anything but he just shakes his head no.

"I'm sorry if I offended you with my word," I said when I already got my coffee.

"It's cool. You're a woman after all. A woman always likes that when they moody or hungry." He said.

"Sorry..." I apologize to him again. He hugs me and I hug him back with a coffee in my hand. "I feel like I have an older brother now," I said after we break the hug.

"I know I'm a good older brother. Now let's go or we might be late." We enter the building.

When I've already arrived at my room, I put the coffee on my desk and then Joseph comes into my room and I look at him with a bored expression. "Yes Mr. Sanchez, do you want to talk about the project?" I ask him.

"No, I come to let you know that We need to go to that hotel and maybe can help you with your idea or something." He said.


"Yup." I nodded my head and head to the lift.

It takes about 15 minutes to get to the hotel. I get out from the car and see the new hotel that already finishes building and just needs to paint and fill it with decorations and other things. This hotel is so tall and I bet if it fully finished, it's gonna be so beautiful. I look around and just think what to put there and there. At least Joseph didn't be like he used too today because I don't want to deal with it today.


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