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Chapter 7 - Little Secret ( Joseph point of view)

[ HRVY - Talk to ya]


Now I'm at the club and as usual, there's a lot of sluts here. Like usual. I take a sip of my vodka and then one woman comes to me with her really short dress that even barely covers her butt. Also, her face that like a clown. She sits on my lap and then starts to kiss my neck and after that, she kisses my lips. Does she taste like smoke and fish? Yeah, I think it is. Gross...

I just kiss her and then move to her jaw and neck. I hear she moan and I smirk. We make out on that couch until she breaks the kiss and asks me.

"Do you want to take this to somewhere more privacy?. I smirk at her.

We walk together and get into my Black Mercedes and then I drive to the nearest hotel there. As soon as we got into our room, I kiss her fast and hard. We kiss until we end up on the bed. My hands roam all over her body and I hear her moan. I ripped her dress and she quickly unbuckles my belt and I unbutton my shirt. I kiss her again and she moans loudly between the kiss. And the next thing is our clothes are on the floor.


Next morning.

I wake up and see a woman sleep next to me. She looks so ugly with her lipstick all over her mouth and her makeup look more terrible when it's day. I get up from the bed and walk to the bathroom then take a shower. After I'm done, I walk out with towel wrap around my waist then find my boxer to wear it also my pants and shirt. After I'm all done, I look at the slut that still sleeping soundly on the bed and just takes my wallet with my phone then walk out. Leave her alone there.

I drive to my penthouse and just take another shower and this time I spend more time in the bathroom. After a few minutes, I finally get out of it and then I take my phone to call my secretary. "Yes, sir." She answers.

"I will stay here for about one week, not three days. So reschedule my appointment alright?"

"Alright sir, anything else?"

"That's it." With that, I end the call and put on my bed. The best thing about my secretary is that she's not like the other women who always want to flirt with me. Which is so good because I can do my work easily. I walk into the walk-in closet and take the clothes that I want to wear. I pick the grey sweatpants and wear my black tee.

I decided to go and buy something to cook. Even though I'm a businessman, I still love to cook when I have free time like this. I take my car keys and drive to the supermarket. I take the cart and start to look the things that I should buy. I bought the ingredients to cook a steak. After that, I just drive back home.

I put the things in the refrigerator and then walk to the living room to do my work first. I take a look at the new project, the new hotel. The design that I took yesterday is so terrible. How can that design be in my hotel? That's why I yell at her yesterday but I don't mean to be that hard to her. Maybe because she's new to this that's why she makes a mistake. I think about it and then just do some paperwork about the project.

After a few minutes or maybe hours, I finally finished my work and now I'm hungry. I walk to the kitchen and going to cook something. No one ever knows that I love to cook except my best friend, Elijah. I love to cook since I'm in the college. This is kind of my secret because no one knows about it. But I think my future girl will be so lucky to get me because I know how to cook also I'm good looking though. Don't you think so? If I found the right woman, I will cook for her and let her taste how good it is. Also if she doesn't know how to cook, that's fine because I can teach her how. It will be so much fun to cook together.

I'm done with my cooking now. I bring the food to the table and sit to eat it. I take a bite and just eat it until it's finished. It kind of boring to eat alone because you don't have anyone to talk too. After I finish my food, I wash the plate and then plop on the couch and take my phone to do my work again. This is my life. Kind of boring but in the meantime, it's fun. Well, of course, it's fun to have lots of money and that all women who attracted to me but To be honest I want to have someone that I can love and talk and do lots things together. People just think that I'm happy but actually I'm not that happy. I'm alone.

I think this is my little secret that no one ever knows it...


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