A Deal To Be Made

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June 10th, 1918 Dublin, Ireland

It didn’t take Mackenzie long but by the time he had returned Blythe had already finished off their bottle of wine. Shortly after, the two made their way back to the cottage. Although she was sufficiently buzzed, Blythe did make notice that he never stopped to pay the bill. Maybe he had already taken care of that when he had stepped away. Once again they walked hand in hand back to the cottage. This time Blythe’s footsteps attempted a wobbly zigzag pattern but Mackenzie was there to hold her steady every time she nearly tripped over a vine, rock, or even her own feet.
By the time they had stumbled down the cobble stone pathway leading to the front door both were in hysterics. The liquor that they had consumed seemed to loosen each one up, pushing all their worries to the back.
“I promise you. That is the real reason why I am so deathly afraid of chickens.” Her voice cracked at the end as a small giggle escaped. The tears from laugher flowed free from her eyes and were quickly swept away by her hand.
“That is honestly not where I thought this story would end.” Mackenzie’s deep chuckle rumbled his chest while he held the front door open for her. After she had safely crossed the threshold he followed her in. Once the door was locked and secured, he turned around to grab her hand and lead her to the master bedroom. A dark flush crept over Blythe’s face. She knew she was far too intoxicated to be committing to any act with a man, but instead of refusing she chose to follow Mackenzie like he was leading her straight into the gates of Heaven.
“I want to show you something.” His voice was low and matched the atmosphere of the dark cottage with all of the lights still off. The sound of the bedroom door opening accelerated Blythe’s heart beat. What could he want to show her? A part of her hoped it was something casual; like a neat feature of the house. However, the more dominant, raunchy part of her hoped he had intentions on showing her exactly what his drool-worthy body could do. Booze had a tendency to flip on her audacity switch.
Opening her mouth to ask him what it was, she let out a gasp once they stepped into the room. The floor to ceiling windows provided them with a gorgeous view of the night sky. The cottage was far enough away from the city that each star was clear and shining brightly to beam down on them. Among them were an array of colors like blue’s, green’s, and purple’s. In all of Blythe’s amazement she hadn’t realized that she had slowly made her way over to the windows, placing one hand against the glass.
“The Aurora Lights.” Mackenzie whispered causing Blythe to jump at his close proximity. His body was positioned directly behind hers. The strong arms that she had been admiring all day wound themselves around her waist while his face found itself nestled in the crook of her neck. “They’re beauty second; only to you.” His voice was almost a low grumble, sending shivers across Blythe’s body.
“This is amazing.” Her voice came out breathlessly as she tried her hardest to focus on the stunning view before her and not the stunning man behind her. “I didn’t know a big tough guy like yourself could be so romantic.” A little joking to calm her nerves was always Blythe’s go to.
There was a loose grin playing on Mackenzie’s lips while he listened to the nervous undertone in her voice. It was good to know that he scrambled this woman as completely as she did him. Electricity flowed between the two as they remained locked in their embrace. Blythe, soaking in the moment, and Mackenzie relishing the touch he had on her. “Get changed for bed.”
It dawned on her in that moment. “Are we sleeping in the same bed tonight?” Even though she already knew the answer because she had glanced around and only seen one bed in the room and both of their bags had been set on the small settee, she thought she would ask anyway.
Mackenzie’s rough hand moved surprisingly gently as it made it’s way up her side and caressed her arm all the way down until his finger’s intertwined with hers. He moved their hands up and pressed a lingering kiss to her knuckles. The movement of his touch caused Blythe to suck in a small bit of air and freeze in anticipation. “Of course we are, love. I told you. You are mine for this weekend. That includes every moment spent awake, and every moment spent in bed.”
The way this man spoke to her made Blythe’s entire nervous system go haywire. Typically she could control herself and be the one who takes the lead, but Mackenzie broke down every ounce of self-control she had and toyed with it in the palm of his hands. After heavy consideration, she turned and made her way to the bathroom. Reaching onto the settee she snagged her duffle and shut the bathroom door behind her. The cool water refreshed her as she splashed it across her face. The image of herself staring back shook her. The woman’s green eyes were wide, pupils dilated, her cheeks flushed, and her hands trembled as they held onto the small hand towel. Pep talking herself up, Blythe quickly changed out of her day clothes and proceeded to put on her nightgown, then wrapped her robe around herself to give appropriate coverage. It wasn’t like she had never been with another man before. Plenty of experience had led her to believe that there was nothing special about the opposite sex. But something about Mackenzie had her changing her mind. Just the thought of him was enough to send her mind on wild rampages of sinful thoughts, and she didn’t even want to think about what simple touches like handholding or cheek kissing did to her. Every move this man made slowly unraveled her, bit by bit. He wasn’t the man that she had originally thought he was. The closer she got to Mackenzie, the more she realized he had a softer, more intimate side to him. For her at least.
Satisfied with the way she had cleaned up, she made her way out of the bathroom. Her eyes scanned the room to find Mackenzie already posted up in the bed. His thick arms were crossed behind his head as he stared out the large windows into the night sky. Sweeping over the room, her eyes landed on a pile of his clothing neatly folded on a chair. Was he wearing anything under the covers of the bed? She shook her head trying not to think about such a thing and get too far ahead of herself.
“Come here.” The baritone of his voice commanded her out of her daze and she realized she still hadn’t moved from the doorway to the bathroom, clutching her robe tightly. Mackenzie could tell that she was nervous by the excessive chewing on her lip, but he had to get her within his reach. If she didn’t stop, he would be the one pulling that lush lip in between his teeth. His hand extended towards her invitingly, trying to ease the tension.
“Has anyone ever told you that you are incredibly bossy?” Her joke seemed to calm her some as a large smile crossed her mouth. Slowly, just to drive him crazy, she made her way to her side of the bed. Her skin tingled the instant she sat her hand in his.
Mackenzie pretended to mull over her words for a moment. “You’d be the first.” He grinned, tugging her into the bed. A giggle escaped her lips while she tumbled to the bed. One strong arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her against his side. She mentally sighed in relief once she had realized he still had his under-briefs on. His lips found the top of her head and left a soft kiss. “You’re many of my firsts, Blythe.”
The sound of her name coming from his mouth sent a wildfire across her entire body. “Why’s that?” She moved her head ever so slightly from his chest to peek up at him.
His eyes remained on the glass windows, but his hand slowly stroked her back. “The first to challenge me. The first woman to be openly welcome in my estate. The first to make such a deep friendship with the boys.” For a moment he stopped. The way he left his sentence inferred that there was more he wanted to say.
The booze was still strongly flowing through Blythe’s system and that is exactly what she blamed for her next actions. She pulled away from him causing him to sit up and she could see the protest on his face. Right before he went to reach for her to surely pull her back against his side, she moved her body to sit atop of his. One knee on either side, Blythe straddled his hips. Now leaning against the headboard, Mackenzie’s eyes immediately darkened and his lids dropped low. They were chest to chest, both of them sitting upright with Blythe in his lap. She tried not to let her eyes bulge when she felt the very hard, very large appendage underneath her rear, but the chuckle that escaped his lips told her she had failed miserably. She cleared her throat and wrapped her arms loosely around his neck and smiled when he did the same around her waist. “What else?” Her voice was just a small whisper.
Leaning in so close his breath fanned across her lips, he looked up into her green eyes. “The first to make me absolutely lose my mind.” He placed his lips against hers. “The first to make me forget just what kind of dangerous life I live.” His lips moved to her jaw line. “The first to intertwine themselves so deeply into my life.” Down along her neck. “And the first to make me consider a life partner; someone to build a life with and raise children with.” A gasp released from Blythe’s lips at his confession but soon turned to a shocked moan when his lips parted and he took the skin of her shoulder in between his teeth and bit down, leaving his mark.
Her hands clutched at his shoulder tightly, leaving little fingernail grooves in his skin. Lightening flashed behind her eyelids as they fluttered close. The feeling of his fingers squeezing her waist heightened her sensations and urged her to grind against his lap ever so slightly.
“For the love of God…” Mackenzie whispered under his breath, trying to pull himself together. This woman had no idea the things she did to him. Well, maybe she did due to his hardness poking her in her backside. With his eyes hooded he pulled back to look at the beauty he had sitting on top of him. He was shocked to find her staring right back at him. It was almost like he could see the emotion swimming in her darkened green orbs. The actions between them left her lips slightly parted and he felt her chest rising and falling with rapid breaths. When she slid her hands from his shoulder, up his neck, and finally landed on either side of his jaw Mackenzie let his eyes close to savor her touch.
“You are the most infuriating, insufferable, and demanding man I’ve ever met.” His eyes flew open at her whispers. A small laugh bubbled from Blythe at his furrowing brow.
“That’s not hardly romantic.” He mumbled before closing his eyes once more. Shivers racked her body when he trailed the tips of his fingers along her spine and back down.
Leaning forward she placed one kiss on either side of his lips. “I guess I’ll need some lessons.” Her words came out with hardly any volume before she brought her mouth to his. The kiss began slow but quickly picked up pace. His tongue slipped forward and swiped across her bottom lip. A small groan from Blythe gave the entrance his tongue had been seeking. Her hands crept up the back of his neck before grabbing fistfuls of his dark hair. A buck from his hips was his response and it turned the corners of Blythe’s lips upwards. In this moment there was no one else.
Mackenzie pulled back abruptly, the both of them gasping for breath. “No better time than the present.” Within the blink of an eye he had rolled the both of them so that she was pinned underneath him. One strong hand took both of hers and brought them above her head. The other hand slowly trailed up her thigh and drug her night gown upwards until she was fully exposed. He placed her hands against the headboard. “Don’t move.” In one swift movement he had released her hands and slid down to the end of the bed. On his way downwards his fingers hooked the sides of her panties and expertly pulled them off before she could open her mouth to protest. A red blush spread over her entire body, but she only bit her lip and watched him carefully.
“I’m about to show you just how demanding I can be.” His voice made her shudder. The panties he had just pulled off got flung over his shoulder and landed on the settee. It was going to be a long, long night.
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