A Deal To Be Made

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August 13th, 1918 Thomas Estate Birmingham, England

Mackenzie had no sooner gotten home, ripped off all of his clothing and bathed himself as quickly as he ever had when Blythe got home. It wasn’t necessarily that he was trying to hide this part of himself from her, but rather protect her from it. The backlash from her finding out about the guns was bad enough; let alone torturing and killing another human being. In his mind it was better to ease her into the life than to throw her to the wolves. Blythe was tough and he knew that she could handle it, but it just wasn’t the right time.
A knocking sounded at the door just as Mackenzie pulled the towel around his waist. He brought his hand up to run his fingers through his dark hair and shake out any extra moisture. Mindlessly he pulled the door open to reveal a very shocked Blythe.
“I, uh, came to…” It was like her mouth suddenly transformed into the driest desert. Her heartbeat thumped so madly she could feel it in her throat. Sure, she had seen him undressed before but that did not account for catching her so off guard.
“Came to?” Mackenzie’s deep voice seemed to pull her out of her current debacle of speechlessness coupled with the fact her eyes were roaming his body like she were etching the picture into her brain.
The smirk on his lips annoyed her just enough to snap her mind back into place. It wasn’t like he knew what thoughts were playing in her mind. Right? “I came to update you on Ramona’s place.” She forced out as smoothly as she could. Honestly, she thought she did pretty good at bouncing back but the way his smirk widened proved her otherwise.
“Well, come in, Love. You can tell me all about it.” He stepped to the side to let her slip past him. The progress on Ramona’s ranch was reported to him daily by Remi whom he had appointed to keep an eye on things. There was nothing that Blythe could tell him that he wouldn’t already know. However, he was feening for her presence since he had been gone so much the last few months that he would let her tell him her own stories of how things were going.
Blythe made her way to a small sitting area that was set up in Mackenzie’s bedroom. The room was large enough to have a huge bed centered against the south wall with a fireplace sitting opposite of it as well as the sitting area in the north corner where she currently sat upon a dark red sofa. The room was, of course, decorated in only the finest woods with their deep tones accentuating the masculinity that carried throughout the house. She crossed her ankles and set her hands upon her black skirt and waiting patiently for Mackenzie to sit across from her on the matching armchair. But like usual, Mackenzie did nothing as expected.
He made his way over and poured them both a glass of liquor from the decanter set that was placed in the center of the small coffee table in front of them. After Blythe had accepted his offer for the drink, he sat directly beside her and angled his body towards her. She noticed him arch his brow as he took his first sip like he was waiting for her to begin.
Blowing out a breath and taking a sizable gulp of her liquid, she turned to face him as well. “Ramona has done very well for herself so far. I’ve taken on the task of hiring her 3 more ranch hands. She objected at first, stating that she could handle it. But after they arrived and she seen that they were capable enough to handle what she threw at them her whining eventually stopped.” A small smirk was toying at the edges of Blythe’s lips. Ramona was a stubborn woman, but not more stubborn than she.
With one hand holding the whiskey glass and sipping it gingerly, Mackenzie’s other hand reached up to twirl a strand of Blythe’s hair between his fingers delicately. “Mmhmm..” He mumbled, hardly even paying attention to what she was saying.
“Stop that.” She swatted away his hand before taking another sip from her own glass. The burn from the whiskey was barely even noticeable since she couldn’t focus on anything else other than Mackenzie touching her. “As I was saying,”
“As you were saying.” His deep Brummie drawl sent tremors down her spine and it wasn’t something that went unnoticed. There was no hiding the grin on his lips that he tried to cover with his glass.
“Uhm…” Her tongue darted out and moistened her lips while her eyes stared up at the ceiling in a poor attempt at focusing. “T-the contractor that is supplying the feed for the horses dropped our contract, so I had to file with a different company.” She cleared her throat. The longer she talked, the more hoarse and weak her voice got. By this time Mackenzie was running his fingers up and down her back in soothing motions. The gesture might have been soothing had it not been for the fact that he was sitting directly beside her, dressed in only a towel, and staring at her like she were the only woman left on the Earth.
“Quick thinking.” His simple comment sounded like an endearing compliment. But once Blythe glimpsed over at him she knew the voice of the man did not match the intentions of the man. His back was resting against the arm of the sofa and his long legs were sprawled out in front of him but closed just enough to keep the towel secured. The water droplets from his bath were still dripping slowly down his bare skin making it incredibly difficult for Blythe to tear her eyes away. The way his hooded eyes intently stared at her gave away his intentions and left no question about what he was truly focused on. Even though they had only had sex that one time back in Ireland the heat between them hadn’t faltered even slightly. If anything it had gotten even worse. Blythe had thought she had herself under control. Even if every time the memory of that night her legs tempted to give out on her and kickstarted the pulse between her thighs. Under control. But the longer she had here and the more she stared at him, the more she realized that the time they had been spending apart was balling itself into a huge ticking time bomb. A time bomb filled with very inappropriate things.
“Anything else you wish to fill me in on, Love?” The smile was clear in his double-sided words. Like in slow motion, his hand traveled up her back and gently brushed away her hair. He said no more, but his eyes were so intent that she understood everything his mouth wasn’t saying.
“Err… No, no. I think that’s it.” Her voice was barely audible by this point. It was impossible to rip her eyes away from his so it was obvious she wouldn’t notice how his hand had slid up the back of her neck. At her confirmation he gripped her with his hand. Goosebumps broke out over her entire body. The hold he hand on her was firm, but not painful in anyway and that only excited her further.
“Good. Now come here.” He pulled her against him with his hand on the back of her neck and brought their lips together within the blink of an eye. Blythe used her hands to catch her and they landed against the smooth skin of Mackenzie’s chest. She could feel the way her touch made his skin vibrate, almost like the electricity between them was in fact a real thing. God, how she had missed the feel of him. It had seemed like so long since they both had some time to take to themselves without worrying about anyone else.
He set the glass down on the table in front of them without ever breaking the kiss. Their body’s pressed against each other as his other arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her in close. Both chests heaved up and down, trying their best to greedily suck in air though little gasps between kisses. Their movements were beginning to become frantic. Their kiss deepened as their tongues melted together. Blythe took this opportunity and ran her fingers over ever inch of skin she could get her hands on. They moved over his chest, down his shoulder, up the side of his neck, and finally into his hair. One hand rested on his bearded cheek while she used the hand that was situated in his hair to gain leverage and pull herself even closer. She could feel him hard as a rock beneath her, only his towel and her panties separating them.
He pulled away just enough that as he spoke their lips rubbed together. “I want to you to move in here.”
A light, airy laugh escaped Blythe. “I already live here.” Her tone was gentle, but confused.
“No. I want you to move in here.” His grip on her tightened a little more as he pulled her head to the side and began to nibble on her delicate skin down her neck. “I want you in my bed every night. I want to come home to you and make love to you every night. I don’t want you in that guest house anymore. Say it. Say yes.” His voice rumbled against her skin and only threatened to make her weaker in the knees. Somehow he had turned every bone in her body to putty in the matter of seconds. “Say it.” He reinforced, biting down on the small crook between her neck and shoulder and sucking it between his teeth.
“O-okay! Yes! Jesus…” She gasped. Her fingers tugged at his hair while her other hand guided his face back to hers so she could smash her lips against his. She noticed that his smirk has substantially grew since the beginning of their conversation.
Just as Blythe began to pick the pace back up once more, the door to his bedroom flung wide open. The bang the door caused nearly sent Blythe flying across the room. She tried to hurriedly push herself away from Mackenzie but his arm held like a steel beam across her back.
“Well if it isn’t my favorite couple!” Byron’s voice blared through the room, shredding any sort of romantic environment Blythe and Mackenzie had created. The smile stretching across his face had to at least be a mile wide. He knew that the two of them would be trying to sneak in some alone time after these last few months. But what kind of friend would he be if he let them have it easy?
Behind him followed a chuckling Remi who had his hands tucked away in his pockets and his shoulders relaxed. Apparently harassing Mackenzie was a regular thing around here for these life-long pals. The two of them sauntered in like they owned the place while Blythe stared in horror. This was single-handedly one of the most embarrassing moments she had ever had. Byron was still busting a gut as he poured himself and Remi a tall glass of whiskey. They clinked their glasses together in a cheers and each plopped himself in an arm chair. Remi’s mustache hid much of his smirk but Byron still wore an enormous mischievous grin.
“Ah! What good company you keep, Mackenzie.” Byron sighed after chugging half his glass. The two of them looked so relaxed it was comical. On one side, two best pals enjoying some whiskey. On the other, two lovers locked in a steamy embrace.
In the flash of an eye Mackenzie set Blythe down next to him and jumped up. He began to storm off towards his closet but not before flinging his towel off and throwing it, smacking Byron directly in the face with it. “Worst fucking company I’ve seen.” He grumbled which only caused Byron and Remi to fill the room with obnoxious guffawing.

Honestly guys, I f-ing love these characters! The balance they keep between all of them fills me with joy! I hope you guys feel the same! Please let me know your thoughts! As always, stay safe and please don’t forget to review!
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