A Deal To Be Made

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August 14th, 1918 Birmingham, England
*Warning Mature*

The steam from the tub swirled around the bathroom causing Blythe to exhale a peaceful breath. Mackenzie had insisted she take a bath in the adjoining washroom before bed to calm her nerves. She didn't exactly express it but he could tell the thought of spending her first night with him had her a little disgruntled. Instead of fighting with him she decided to take his advice and let him draw her water while she picked out one of her new nightgowns. She decided to go with a beautiful mauve colored number that had thin straps. The top of the gown had a delicate white lace that ran along the trim, matching with the hem that landed just below her knees.

Blythe had taken extra time to scrub every inch of her body and thoroughly clean her hair. The last thing that she wanted was to crawl in bed with Mackenzie feeling like she had just came off the streets. Once she was out of the bath she toweled off and slipped on her gown. She ran a brush through her hair and left it loose to dry. As much as she didn't want to admit it, she was definitely dragging her feet at an attempt to collect herself before the inevitable. It wasn't that she didn't want to sleep together with him. By all means she wanted nothing more than to jump right in and let him do his worst. It was just a big step for her and him.

She was thankful that he had given her space and not rushed her but it was time to face the source of her raging nerves. The moment the door was pulled open she found Mackenzie sitting in an armchair. He was mulling over a few papers in the light of the lamp sitting next to him. The glasses that he wore low on the bridge of his nose gave him such a sophisticated look it almost made Blythe chuckle. It was such a difference from his usual rough and tough exterior. The two of them had been working closely since he employed her but she hadn't seen much of his professional side considering she mostly worked in the den in the beginning and now at the ranch. As quietly as she could, she walked over to him and placed her hands on both shoulders. The way his body melted into her touch instead of jolting in shock told Blythe that he had been aware of her presence since she walked out.

"Work?" She asked peering over his shoulder.

"Yes. I've got a client that is really attempting to push the limits here. It's almost like they're fighting against us while we're trying to fight for them."

She nodded for a lack of better things to say and instead focused on kneading the knots in his shoulders. He pieced apart his papers for a few more minutes before setting them on the table along with his glasses. Eyes closed in contentment, he let her continue her massage.

"If you keep this up I'm not going to be able to remain a gentleman for much longer." His raspy voice hid none of his intentions. For a moment Blythe paused and bit her lip. It was so out of her character but there was something about this man that pushed her much farther out of her comfort zone than she had ever been before. So she decided to take the leap.

"I never asked for a gentleman." Her whisper caught him off guard but it only took him seconds to process her words and even less time to get out of the chair. Before she knew it, he had grabbed her by the waist and pushed her against the side of the sofa. Her thighs were pressed into the arm, a movement that threatened to topple her backwards and onto the cushions.

"Don't tell me that unless you really mean it." His hand cupped the side of her blushing face, forcing her to stare straight back at him.

The way that his eyes were holding hers made her feel like he was peeling back layers of boldness that she didn't even know she possessed. "I mean it."

He barely waited for the words to come out of her mouth before he silenced her with his lips. This kiss was much different from any of the previous. It was quick, rough, and the farthest thing from gentle. She could already feel her lips swelling from the pressure of his. Her eyes closed as his tongue delved into her mouth and faintly heard what she thought was a moan come from the back of her throat. Mackenzie's hands grabbed the hem of her nightgown and drug it up inch by inch until he had it bunched around her waist. She gasped as he twirled her around and pinned her against the armrest with his hips. The bulge in his lounge pants was unmistakable and incredibly hard. He placed one strong hand in the middle of her back and pushed her down so that she was properly bent over. His other hand still held a firm grip on her waist, squeezing a delicious response out of her. She couldn't help the trembling he enticed when he leaned down and put his lips against her ear.

"Tell me you want this."

"I want this, Mackenzie." The sound of his name rolling off her tongue in such a seductive tone sent him right over the edge. He began in the middle of her back and trailed kisses all the way down her spine. With both hands he held her hips and refused to let her move an inch. The searing kisses caused Blythe to wriggle in anticipation but he was much to strong to fight against. Once his mouth reached the small of her back he moved around and began to tug at her skin, pulling it in between his teeth. She sucked in a harsh breath followed by a generous groan but he didn't stop there. His mouth continued it's assault all the way down the outside of her thighs before placing a kiss on the back of her knees, nearly making her legs buckle. She could feel the smirk on his lips as he moved to bite and suckle on the tender skin of the inside of her thighs. The burning clench that had begun to pool in between her legs ached more and more the closer that he got. His fingers looped around the edges of her panties and painfully slowly he pulled them down until the reached her ankles. With careful and precise movements he gripped each ankle and assisted Blythe to step out of the garment and promptly tossed them aside. He trailed his fingers up the backs of her legs as he stood up. Blythe bit her lip in an attempt to quiet herself. Her eyes popped open wide the moment she felt the sharp sting from the slap on her rear end. What surprised her even more was the sound that escaped her lips.

"You are mine, Blythe." His low voice trembled in what she could only describe as dripping with excitement.

She nodded fervently, gripping the cushion tightly in both hands. "I'm yours. Now do it." Her voice was strong and bold which only seemed to egg him on. The sound of his lounge pants slipping off and hitting the floor echoed loudly in her head. For a moment, all was silent save for both of their heavy breathing.

"Fuck, Love." He moaned as he dug his fingers into the soft skin of her sides. He couldn't hold himself together any more. With one last deep breath, he slammed himself deep inside of her and threw his head back in complete ecstasy.


The early morning rays of light shone through the thin curtains and danced across Blythe's face. Her nose scrunched in annoyance and she attempted to bury her face in her pillow. Only her pillow wasn't the silky soft fabric she was used to but a hard, warm chest. Slowly, she peeked open one eye and caught a glimpse of Mackenzie sleeping peacefully. His arm had an iron grip around her waist as if he was afraid she would disappear without a trace. One of her legs was draped across his lap and it was only then she noticed that they were both completely naked. Apparently after last nights several romps in the sack neither of them had bothered to dress. She took a deep sigh and felt the happiness spread from deep down inside of her. Instead of getting up and freshening herself in the bathroom she chose to close her eyes once more and trace small circles on his chest. Almost immediately she could feel the goosebumps spread over his skin.

"You didn't learn your lesson last night?" His sleepy voice murmured. She giggled as he gave her a squeeze and opened her eyes to find him looking down at her through sleep riddled eyes.

"I'm a slow learner."

A deep rumble sounded from his chest in a chuckle. He pulled her on top of him and brought her face close to his before brushing his lips against hers in a soft kiss. "I'm beginning to believe it." She could already feel his lower region beginning to poke at her. Folding both arms on his chest, she rested her chin on her hands to level her face with his. His fingers ran up and down her back tenderly as he closed his eyes again. "I could get used to waking up like this."

"We both work. There's no way we could leisurely wake up like this every day."

"Who says? I'm the boss. I'll decide."

She rolled her eyes as she attempted to pull away from him. "You sure seem convinced that everyone is obligated to follow your every command."

"You know, I was going to try to be the nice guy here. I was going to offer you champagne last night, slow dance with you in the moonlight and tuck you into bed with me. But instead, you had no complaints after you told me you 'didn't want a gentleman'. I didn't hear you whining about being bossy then."

Her blush completely took over her face and crept down her neck as she crawled off of him with a guilty smile. He slapped her backside as she did so before doing the same and making his way to the closet. Blythe took a few minutes and chose to wash up in the bathroom and by the time she had exited Mackenzie had already dressed himself for the day. He snagged her hand and pulled her roughly against him, pressing his lips firmly against her still swollen mouth. "Get dressed and meet me downstairs for breakfast. We need to replenish all those calories we burnt off last night." She slapped his chest but couldn't help mimic the smirk he was wearing. Shaking her head, she watched him make his way out of the bedroom before she headed into the closet to choose her outfit for the day.

Woweee! This was different for me to write! Hope it flowed well and everyone liked it! Please comment and let me know your thoughts. As always, stay safe and don't forget to vote! Thanks for reading!
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