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When I woke up in a bed of purple hyacinths, a beautiful woman with a benevolent smile held her hand out to me. She was a strange woman, who seemingly knew everything, but never told me anything. Instead, she watched over me, guiding me until I reached the truth. "I'm sorry...and I love you." If I knew this would've happened, it would've been better if I never remembered at all. I would've preferred to live in hatred, if it meant that you would be alive.

Romance / Fantasy
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The cold glare of hers had been directed at me for the first time. It was so ruthless, I could finally understand why it was said that she could freeze the plane with just that look. She grabbed me by my wrist, ignoring the hiss of pain that inevitably escaped from my mouth, and dragged me to the Gates of Heaven.

“What are you doing?!” I demanded an answer from her as she forced the gates open, but she did not answer me. Instead, she forcefully took me outside of the gates and brought me down to my knees. “What is going on?!”

“...It’ll only be more troublesome if you got involved,” Those sunset colored eyes that were always warm and full of affection were now cold and almost melancholic. Without another word, she grabbed my right wing and started to pry it out of my back.

A blood-curdling scream left my throat, but even then, she did not cease. It was as though someone had taken her adoration away, and what had replaced it was abhorrence rather than apathy.

The left wing was taken away from me in the same manner, and the confusion and sorrow I felt morphed into rage and resentment.

“How could you do this to me?!” I looked back at the archangel, who had an unreadable expression.

“I will seal your memories and magic; you will be rendered as nothing but a human mortal,” She declared.

“Wha—,” I was unable to retaliate as she seized the collar of my shirt and hurled me off the platform.

After that, all I could do was helplessly plummet down to the mortal realm.

The one I had loved had thrown me away.

She had betrayed me.

Even if my memories are taken away from me, I’ll…

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