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At first sight they were polar opposites, but give them a closer look and they were more alike than they would like to admit. Minerva was a mess, it seemed like chaos followed her everywhere she went. She tried to be organized, especially after she moved out for college, but of course things could never go her way. She loved art, she especially loved drawing people, so she finally decided to enroll in life drawing sessions that went on every saturday. Enki was a busy person, and he was widely known to be very organized, and sometimes a little uptight. His passion was ballet, it had always been, but the fee was rather large, and he was tired of depending of his parents, so he swallowed his embarrassment and accepted the job he had been offered as a model for drawing sessions. Sitting in the middle of a room half naked wouldn't be too hard, and the pay was not so bad, what could go wrong anyway?

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Minerva’s messy dark curls trailed behind her as she hurried downstairs to the art classroom. Her loose drawing papers tight were held tight to her chest as she looked at one classroom number after another; she was a mess, yes, but she detested being late more than anything else. Okay maybe that’s and over exaggeration, but it was pretty close. The session started at 10:00am on point, and last time she checked it was 9:58 am. She usually got to places at least 15 minutes early, but today she had stayed behind a little later to finish packing lunch for her roommate/best friend Diana and for herself, and she had gotten caught up on the aesthetic part of it, to then realize it was getting late. Still she would have had plenty of time to get there on time, unless her bus was late, which it was.

With a small huff she swore quietly to herself as she tripped over her own feet when she finally found the right classroom number and entered the room hurriedly. The moderator slowly ready from a yellowed sheet about the respect there should be between the artist and the model as she barreled in. The old man directed a disapproving glare at Minerva but she was too busy scanning the classroom for her friend Violet. When she spotted her she smiled lightly and blew a strand of messy hair out of her face. Ignoring the glares from the other students she walked toward the seat her friend had saved for her and sat down with a tired huff. Violet smiled as a greeting and she smiled back, her cheeks pink from the race against time. Unceremoniously she dropped her papers on her assigned easel with a sigh, and put her dark hair up with one of her old pens.

-...And this is our model for today Enki Mukda- the old man said, finishing his talk with a bored tone. As the moderator finished speaking a tall and muscled figure came forward, with an awkward wave. Minerva could only describe him as the most attractive person she had ever seen in her entire life. Of course this was an exaggeration, if anyone asked any of Minerva’s friends they would all describe her as someone who found 98% of people she met, no matter their gender, as the most beautiful specimens humanity had to offer, of course if asked this the girl would deny it.

Enki had dark brown eyes and a stoic face, with Asian features, Minerva guessed he might be from a country like Thailand he had, but she had never been any good at guessing where people were from, and as someone who looked like an immigrant herself she knew not many people were. His jawline was razor sharp, but her her attention was drawn to the soft curves of his round nose and the furrow between his brow. she could already see the perfect kind of pencil she would need to use, were the lines would go on the paper. A regal air surrounded the boy, reminding her of a dancer waiting to perform, drawing him would be a welcome challenge. There was no doubt he could usually intimidate people around him, if he wasn’t for the awkwardness with which he carried himself at the moment. Minerva guessed most would be embarrassed if they had to sit in the middle of a room in only their underwear to be drawn by 20 artists, so she could not blame him. His straight black hair rested lightly over his shoulders, and Minerva swore he had to straighten his hair every morning, because there was no way any human being had such perfect hair, not in a million years.

After a few minutes of awkward silence the old man who’s name Minerva had immediately forgotten signaled Enki to sit down in the chair meant for the model as the 6"2 man didn’t seem to have plans of move from his actual spot anytime soon. Minerva noticed Enki taking a deep breath before shuffling his feet and in a few steps reaching the creaky old desk chair and sitting down stiffly. Minerva smiled to herself as she watched him, he interested her, he was almost like a character from a book, and she could not wait to start drawing him.

-Loosen up!- Mr. Rivera (as Violet had told her the old teacher was named) said sternly to Enki as he sat down on his desk with a groan. -Or else none of these kids will be able to get a good drawing out of this session.-

A few snickers were heard around the class at the man’s cranky behavior and everyone watched as Enki reluctantly loosened up, putting his arms on the sides of the chair and leaning back. Minerva smiled to herself and neatly organized her drawing papers, jumping lightly as she felt Violet poking her on the side with one of her pencils. The girl looked at her friend with a raised eyebrow as she passed her a small piece of paper.

Violet was one Minerva’s oddest friends, not that she herself wasn’t odd, and her best friend Diana wasn’t exactly “normal” but still. Minerva met Violet in their last year of high school, they were in the same art class and they had connected immediately. The moment she had seen the purple haired girl, with a sailor moon hairstyle Minerva had known she had to at least try to befriend her. Violet was a good listener, and Minerva never shut up when she was passionate about something so they were to simply put it meant for each other; Violet was willing to listen to Minerva’s rants, and Minerva helped Violet get out of her shell more.

As she unfolded the piece of paper and read its contents Minerva frowned softly and turned to Violet, the paper simply asked her for an eraser.

-Why couldn’t you ju...- before she could finish speaking two or three of the other people in the classroom shushed her. “Ah so that’s why” she thought to herself rolling her eyes and passing an eraser to her friend.

Minerva put her earbuds in and took out her pencil case choosing her favorite mechanical pencil. She started by gently sketching Enki’s figure letting her instinct guide her hand, as she often liked to do. Not much later she felt Violet’s pencil poking her side again, and she chuckled softly at the messaged written in the piece of worn paper. “Isn’t the model a hot piece of ass? I told you we would have fun ;) He is totally ripped.” Neither Minerva nor Violet usually felt comfortable commenting on other people’s bodies in such way, but they loved to imitate the way Diana talked about attractive people, it was a bit of an inside joke for them. She smiled as she erased the words from the paper, and drew a smiley face over it, even if it was a joke, she would die of embarrassment if anyone else ever read it, and she didn’t want to make the poor guy any more uncomfortable than he already was.

Minerva was happy Violet had convinced her to join the drawing sessions, at first she had been exceptical, she had her job and her classes to take care of after all, but she hadn’t done art in so long and she really needed it. She hoped the boy volunteered again the next week and that she could possibly talk to him sometime, aside from being a giant pile of muscle, he truly seemed like an interesting person. It was unfair to call him a giant pile of muscle though, there was something about the way he carried himself, an elegant air that drew her in.

Toward the end of the class Minerva looked over the drawings she completed with a smile, she was really happy with the results, and she was even happier that she was drawing again. She put her supplies back on her pencil case and folded the drawings in half so she could put them inside her satchel. She knew that holding her drawing in half would earn her more than a few dirty looks from the art students, but she knew herself, and if she didn’t do that she would probably end up shoving the papers on her satchel without a second thought. Getting a new binder was a priority now, hopefully the campus library would have a couple of spare ones. With a sigh she stood up and straightened her skirt turning to Violet who was still picking up her stuff.

-Hey Violet, would you like to have lunch with me?- Minerva asked taking out her earbuds so she could actually listen -Today it’s pretty nice out, so I thought it would be nice to have lunch outside, Oh and Diana has a study group meeting so she won’t be joining us-

-I’m so sorry Minny, but I promised Elena that I would proofread her art history essay- Violet said apologetically pointing back to a girl with straight blond hair that seemed to be waiting for her at the door, -I’ll have lunch with you next week, I promise!-

-Its ok! But call me Minny again and I will kill you- the girl responded with a slight grin, she hated being called Minny, but Violet insisted on calling her that,- And I will take you up on that promise!-

-Sure thing, bye Minny!- she waved farewell with a small chuckle sticking her tongue out as her friend flipped her off and walked away.

-See ya!- Minerva said, smiling and rolling her eyes as she exited the classroom. She would have liked to get a last sight of Enki before leaving, but he seemed to have disappeared the second the clock hit 11:00am; she couldn’t blame him though, staying any longer would have probably meant a myriad of awkward situations for the poor guy. She shrugged her disappointment off as she walked out of the art building, hoping that she could find a nice place to eat.

As she settled down under a specially nice maple tree she silently hoped that no frat guys decided to play freesby nearby. She had the most horrid luck when it came to being anywhere near people playing sports, especially the ones that involved objects being thrown around. She sourly remembered the time she had walked out for recess in grade 8 and a freesby had come flying and hit her right in the neck, she shivered at the thought, that was only one of the many stories where she ended up hit by sport gear. It wasn’t that she was completely opposed to sports, she enjoyed volleyball and she went swimming at least a few times each month, but luck was rarely in her favor.

With a sigh she put her earbuds back and took out her lunch,, a chicken sandwich and some watermelon juice, prepared with love, by well... herself. She smiled softly as she opened the container, she had drawn a smiley face on the sandwich with two slices of cucumbers and a few baby carrots, she knew it was childish of herself to do so, but it was always nice to find these little details. It was easy to make, and it made her smile, so why not do it?

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