Drawing Sessions

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Enki fidgeted with the straps of his bag as he waited outside the classroom where his imminent death awaited him. Was he being overly dramatic? Of course he was, he could almost hear his best friend mocking him for it, but this time the situation called for it. Sure, he was a ballet dancer, which meant he would often wear skin tight garments to perform in front of a lot of people, but this wasn’t the same. When he performed on a stage he was moving around, he could get lost in the steady pattern of his dance moves and forget people were staring at him, he could feel the warm comfort of his clothes, what he was about to do was nothing like it. He would have to sit still for a whole hour, safe for the times he would be instructed to change his pose, he would be partially naked in the middle of a quiet room being ogled. The tall man could already imagine the type, of most likely lewd comments that would fly around, he was used to them, it wasn’t as if he wasn’t aware of his physique and the way girls and guys alike would stare at him, but that didn’t mean it didn’t make him uncomfortable.

The sound jingling keys brought Enki back from his own thoughts, he checked the time on his phone and looked up to see an old man who looked like he would rather be anywhere else. Said man who if he remembered correctly was named Mr. Rivera, signaled him with a small nudge of his head. Enki stuttered in place for a second, and then followed the older man inside the classroom.

-Should I ch...- before Enki could finish Mr. Rivera interrupted him pointing at a door behind what he supposed was the teacher’s desk.

-Go in there and change quickly, people are starting to arrive,- he said with an irritated huff.

Enki wanted to tell him that he was being unnecessarily rude but the words died in his lips as he saw a few people come into the room, he nodded dryly and went inside the small room, closing the door a little harder than he would have wanted. The space was smaller than expected, and it was brimming with what he supposed were props that he would have to use at some point. He let out a resigned sigh and made a quick job of undressing himself, there was no point in drawing this thing out, at least he had picked out one of his nicer boxers. When he finished getting ready he stood awkwardly in what he was sure was a supply closet, should he come out? should he wait to be called out? Unlike in his ballet sessions he wasn’t given strict rules and steps to follow, he wasn’t sure of what he was doing and it was killing him. Huffing lightly he undid his ponytail, guessing they would prefer it that way. He waited there until Mr. Rivera called him out and he got the chance to stand awkwardly behind him as he read over a set of rules or something similar, in what seemed to be the most boring voice he could muster.

The old man drew on and on, and it seemed impossible to Enki that there could possibly be so many rules for a silly art class. When he assured himself he would die of boredom and the shear strength of the states directed at him, someone barreled inside the classroom making him wrinkle his nose. Enki HATED it when people were late, and he specially hated it when they were loud about it. He spared the culprit of said crime a fleeting glance, noticing the sheer chaotic energy that seemed to roll off her in waves. Nevertheless he held in a small smile as he looked away from her, she was pretty, in a wild way but that wasn’t the reason of his amusement, the reason was a habit that he had picked up a few years ago, were he would look at someone and then imagine how his mentor would react to them if they showed up at the dance studio. Being honest his stern teacher would most likely eat the poor girl alive, as he said before it wasn’t that she was ugly, but just being late would be sinful in the eyes of his mentor, and she would certainly scoff and deeply disapprove, of the girl’s messy hair, the unorganized way she carried her drawing papers and her posture, and of course the way she slumped into her chair would certainly give his teacher a small heart attack.

Enki was pulled away from his quiet musings as Mr. Rivera introduced him to the class. Hearing his name he took a step forward, not sure whether to speak or not, and gave what he was sure was the most awkward wave, deciding to stay silent. A few seconds of uncomfortable silence passed by, he knew he should move and sit down on the old desk chair placed in the middle of the room meant for the model, but his feet were glued to the cold floor. He then took a deep breath to steady himself and shuffled to the middle of the room, sitting down stiffly, he was seriously starting to regret signing up for this hell every other week for the rest of the semester, but of course he needed the money. Enki felt his face grow hot as Mr. Rivera reprimanded him, telling him to loosen up, and taking a deep breath, closing his eyes momentarily to ignore the small giggles that sounded around the room, he started going over the steps for his latest performance which always helped him relax, allowing him to take a better pose in the chair.

Unable to move much, and craving a distraction Enki’s eyes wandered around the classroom, landing on the girl that had been late after some time. Her hair was still a mess, but she seemed more calm, of course he noticed she was quietly fidgeting with her right hand and she drew with her left, but he could see a concentration and passion that oddly reminded him of the passion he saw in his own eyes when he catched a sight of himself whilst dancing. Minerva was around 5′3 in height with a slim build, and if you looked closely you could see the hint of slight muscles, she obviously worked out, at least twice a week. She had light brown eyes, a color resembling honey, black messy curls fell over her shoulders, and countless freckles kissed tanned skin over her cheeks and what was visible of her shoulder. Aside from her chaotic entrance, she seemed rather friendly, with her easy smile and long lashes. Enki noticed her wrinkling her nose in concentration and that unlike her peers, her standard mechanical pencil had been wrapped up in different colored tapes, and two small tokens were hanging from the cap, before looking away as the teacher was signaling for him to change up his current pose.

The minutes seemed to pass by very slowly for Enki, at the end it wasn’t as bad as he had imagined, and he knew that he was a little over dramatic, of course he would never admit that, especially not to his best friend or his roommate. Anika along with Stephanie were his childhood friends, they had met when they had first started practicing ballet, and they had been inseparable ever since. Stephanie was the calmer one, the peacekeeper in their friend group, Enki would have no trouble admitting he was over dramatic to her, Anika on the other side would never let him live down that confession. If he met Anika now he would never peg her as a ballet dancer, she was brass and loud and just the opposite of the elegance and quiet restraint that ballet dancers usually represented, but of course Enki knew that when the girl stopped flirting around with the other girls in class and focused she was one of the best dancers he knew.

The second the clock struck the end of the hour it was as if Enki vanished from his chair and appeared back at the storage closet due to his speed. He heard some sounds of protest from artists who were not done drawing him, but he didn’t care, his shift was over, and the only thing he wanted now was to put on his clothes, collect his paycheck and leave as fast as possible. He put his clothes back on rapidly, careful not to mess up his hair that he styled so carefully everyday and gave a sigh of relief as he stepped out of the stuffy closet, backpack slung over one shoulder. Most people were already gone, as there was no real reason to stay behind, and after he talked to Mr. Rivera about the details of his pay he planned to do the same. Nevertheless he stopped dead on his tracks as he noticed a colorful mechanical pencil laying on the floor. He rolled his eyes and walked over to the spot where the girl that arrived had sat, and picked up the colorful thing, the little tokens clicking together as he did so, of course she would forget her pencil. Enki might not know the girl, but he was certain this was not the first time she lost something due to her messiness. He quickly scanned the room looking for her mess of curls groaning annoyed when he didn’t find her.

He looked at the pen on his hand for a moment and sighed, he wished he could have given it back that same day, but giving it back the next drawing session would have to do. Hopefully he was a good model and she wouldn’t mind coming to draw him again. He pocketed the pen, if he guessed correctly and she was as forgetful as he imagined she would probably have a replacement. Shaking his head lightly, and tucking a piece of hair behind his ear he exited the classroom and went upstairs towards the exit. Opening the door to go outside he hoped his roommate had ordered some take out, he was starving and for once he didn’t feel like cooking. He froze midway through taking out his phone though, as he saw a familiar head of messy hair walking down the green hill beside the building and finally sitting down under a pretty tree.

He smiled to himself as he walked over to her, this was a nice coincidence, now he could give her pen back and get the whole thing over with. He didn’t mind being outside, but it wasn’t something he was overly enthusiastic about, at least the frat boys weren’t around playing with their Frisbee this time.

-Uh... Hey,- Enki said awkwardly, he wasn’t all that sure of what he was doing. The freckled girl turned around, she seemed to have taken the first bite of what seemed to be a sandwich and some crumbs were gathered around her lips. She gave him a confused look but quickly recovered offering him a small smile and wave.

-Hi?- she said tentative, after she swallowed her food, at least she had some manners- You were the model at the drawing session just now, right? What’s up?-

-Uh yeah, he replied sitting down beside her, he really didn’t need to sit he was just handing her her pen and leaving, but then again he had not idea of what he was doing. With a small sigh he took the pen out of his pocket and handed it to her- I just came to give you this, you left it behind-

- Oh my! I didn’t even realize,- of course she hadn’t. The girl put her sandwich aside so she could grab the pencil- Thank you so much, this is my lucky pencil, well it’s supposed to be anyway-

-Oh no problem, I just saw it and figured I might as well return it-

- Still thank you! By the way what’s your name? Mine’s Minerva-

-Oh a fellow wisdom deity I see!- at the girls confused expression he corrected himself- My name is Enki, just like the Sumerian god of wisdom, and fresh water if I’m not mistaken, he is not as well known as Minerva of course but they are both gods of wisdom.

- Ah that’s so cool!- her honey eyes widened in slight surprise- It’s not everyday you meet someone else who is named after an ancient god, much less one that represents the same thing

-You are right, perhaps your lucky pen brought us together- Enki smiled extending his hand to the girl- Nice to meet you Minerva

-Perhaps- Minerva returned his smile shaking his hand with a surprisingly firm shake- Nice to meet you Enki

- I’ll let you finish your lunch now- he stood up dusting off his pants- See ya around-

-See ya! Thank you again for my pencil-

-No problem- he said with a small wave, slowly walking away. Luckily the whole thing had been surprisingly less awkward than he anticipated. The girl, Minerva, had been really nice and he was kind of glad she had forgotten her mechanical pencil.

Enki’s thoughts about his new acquaintance were interrupted by the sound of his phone, there was a new text from Anika, who claimed he had forgotten that they were supposed to have lunch and it was his turn to pay. He knew that neither of those things were true, since whenever they planned to have lunch together he would make sure to put it on his calendar, the girl just wanted to interrogate him about his new job. Regardless of this he texted back, making his way to their favorite lunch spot.

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