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Angelica knew she had to win them over one way or another, they were her best friends since she was born. They may be 8 years older then her, but love is love right?

Romance / Mystery
Leah Moralez
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Leather and Flames

Angelica's POV:

We've been best friends for my entire life, since they were 8. My fiancé cheated on me the other day... so I called off the wedding of course like any non stupid bride would do. I knew he was trouble since I met him, but I'm slowly starting to get over him now that Elijah and Enzo aren't leaving my side. It's kind of cute that they won't leave me alone while I'm crying. "Angel, It's gonna be okay. We told you he was a piece of shit ever since you started dating that jackass." Elijah sighs, smiling kissing my forehead. We haven't stopped cuddling since yesterday, I've refused to let go a countless amount of times already. "I know I know.. I'm just.." He cuts me off chuckling, sadly. "Depressed, we know." I close my eyes and nod, more tears manage to fall onto my cheeks slowly sliding down to my chin dripping onto his leather jacket that was so uncomfortable to have my head on.

•Elijah Vicci•

•Enzo Vicci•

•Angelica James•

"I love you." I whisper to them, little did they know I meant it way more then friends. "We love you too Angel." Enzo responds curling my blond locks in his thick tattooed fingers with skull rings on them all. I wonder how those damn fingers would feel inside of me. I bet it'd feel better then my ex fiancé's did. I always came during sex and when he fingered me but it took a little bit to get me close. I'm one of those girls who say they can't cum easily by penetration. I honestly can't. My eyes lock on his fingers, imaging them inside of me and Elijah's index finger rubbing my clit making me cum hard to the point where I'd be dizzy. I watch as my eyes follow his hand that now moves to my hip rubbing up and down slowly getting lower. I suck in a sharp breath as his fingers trace over my bare thigh. I'm wearing black shorts and a large shirt which is Enzo's with no bra. I usually never wear a bra unless I'm going out somewhere in public. His hand grips my thigh, as he starts kneading it in his huge palm. He knows all the right spots to rub, I fall asleep like a baby right as his fingers trace it. "You okay, angel?" My eyes sting with warm tears ready to fall. I go to speak but nothing comes out, just a quiet sob of pain and agony. "Hey hey hey don't cry, babygirl i thought you were over this." Elijah sighs, wrapping his huge strong bulky tattooed arms around me. It's exactly what I wanted too, I wanted him to squeeze me to death. If he flexed while he hugged me.. I'd be dead for sure, he's that strong. I love it when they call me babygirl, I just love it so much. I wish they said it in a seducing why, hell that'd make my hormones sky rocket huh! "Babygirl, you know you have to have our permission to bring a guy home right?" I sigh deeply, We made that rule when I was 17. "I know.. why?" "Just checking." Weird, but okay..

Elijah's POV:

since we made that rule, we made sure it meant eventually we'd get her all to ourselves. So we're more then friends sometime at a point in the near future. "We know what's best for you princess, and right now that's to be with us for now. We're not leaving your side until you're completely over that shit, got it?" "Got it." she sighs again, deeply.

two days later

We knock on her bedroom door, she doesn't answer right away. We used the key we have to her house to get in since we have keys to each other's house. "Babygirl, open up." My brother sighs, reaching for the knob. "It's unlocked." She mumbles, she sounds sick. He twists the knob and walks in, her back was to us. I lay next to her and rub her shoulder as I turned her around. She was sweating, her head was bright red, her cheeks were burning up, her lips were too plump and sore. I place my palm on her head feeling if she had a fever, I move my palm to her cheek, and to her other cheek and her neck feeling she had a fever. "How'd this happen cutie?" I chuckle, rubbing her forehead. She shrugs, and buries her head into my chest. I hold onto the back of her head and rub it gently with my thumb. "Love you." I whisper to her who's whimpering in my chest. "Love you too." She whines back, wrapping her arms around me. "Let's get this fever down hmm?" I smile, down at her as Enzo comes in with ice in a cup. She whimpers as I take one and wipe it across her forehead, making sure she got cold quick. She shivers from how cold the ice was, I take it off her forehead and put it back into the cup giving her a break. "Cold yet?" I ask, frowning as she nods quickly and grabs onto my shirt. "Shh.." I pick her tiny body up and put her in my arms sighing so she's straddling my legs. I pull her more to my chest so she's sitting right on my dick. She stiffens for a second, but quickly hid that she noticed how hard I was. She shifts on my lap trying to get comfortable since she felt a huge metal rod beneath her. She digs her head into my neck and wraps her arms around my neck, groaning from having a fever. I rub her back as pat her thigh. "You need to drink water. I promise it'll help keep the fever down." She nods, as I hand her a cup of water. She takes a drink and sighs. "Good girl." I say out loud, that was meant to say mentally not out loud. She bites her bottom lip and looks up at me releasing her lip. "Why'd you say that?" Her cheeks slowly flush a deep crimson shade, which was adorable seeing I had an effect on her so fast. "Because you are being a good girl." I whisper with my hands rubbing her back, she relaxes even more in my chest. "You never said that to me before." "Yes I have, just not out loud." I chuckle wiping the strand of hair behind her ear. She pulls away from my neck slightly looking up at me again, looking right into my eyes. "Why?" I sometimes think she'd be our perfect little girl, but then again we just started dating Amelia. "Because, you're listening to us for once." I quickly save our friendship by one word. She smiles, giggling. God, I love her smile. Her teeth are perfect, her lips are perfect making me have to resist to kiss her every single time we see her. Her eyes shine when she smiles, it's so beautiful. The way her hips are perfectly curved is perfection. "You're so beautiful." Enzo mutters, sighing wishing we had her.

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