Oh Boy, I'm in Trouble

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3. Thrill

"Nice butt" Taylor said slapping Harry.

"Tell that to my mother" he jokingly said.

She watched him as he walked across the room to the window and slide it open.

He pulled out a cigarette and a lighter, then lit it. Took some few puffs and blew the smoke in a boyish manner.

He turned only to find her checking him out.

"like what you see ?" he smirked.

"Seen better" she dismissively said as she reached for her pair of panties.

Honestly she had seen better. Had dated better men than Harry Styles.

After she was fully dressed she walked towards him.

"Have to go" she said leaning to kiss him.

He passed the cigarette to his left hand and extended the right one to hold her in position.

"You know you should join me in our band practice. We need a female voice" He said.

She let out a groan.

"I told you before, am not interested in singing. Just don't have the time" she said trying to release herself from his hand.

"After all singing is for losers" she added.

He never took her words personally.

"Says the girl dating a band boy" He said.

"You are Harry Styles that's the difference. And we aren't dating" she retorted.

"Ouch! Am hurt" He pretended to hold his heart.

She ran her hand through his curly hair. Messing it up.

"You are a big boy who can handle a little hurt. Even though I know you break so many girls heart"

He gave her a devilish smile before throwing the remaining cigarette through the window. Taylor Was tempted to say how dangerous that was since it was still burning.

"Need a ride home? Zayn asked me to pick him up at the airport." Harry asked.

"Sure" she jumped up picking her jacket.

"Haven't seen him all summer" He went on talking of how him and Zayn were all close buddies and the stuff they did together.

Taylor's had just moved to San Fransisco this summer with her family. So she was yet to meet this Zayn Malik every one spoke of. And if was as gorgeous as every one claimed then. She promised herself she would have herself a Malik

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