Oh Boy, I'm in Trouble

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4. Thrill

Taylor was pissed and mad. Harry was supposed to have picked her up for school an hour ago. He wasn't even replying to any of her text.

She kept on retouching her make up. Today was supposed to be Taylor's day. Where she would walk into her new school with a grand entry. Retain her queen bee title like she was back in her former school. However Harry freaking Styles was late. So much for the first day of school.

"Taylor ! Someone is here for you" her mum shouted from downstairs.

She quickly collected her bag and jacket as she hoped downstairs.

Childish her.

Disappointment washed over her as she saw Niall standing at the door talking to her mum.

Where was Harry. Or she was just his summer thing ?

"You aren't going anywhere dressed like that" her mum said when she saw her.

She had worn her tightest and shortest leather skirt with a boob top that revealed her belly button piercing and making her boobs pop.

She groaned. Going back to her room.

Worst opening day. She thought.

After a few minutes she reappeared wearing a multicolored summer dress that went below her knee.


"Better" her mum said handing her a lunch box.

She grabbed it and headed out as She heard her say have a nice day.

"Where is Harry?" She asked Niall.

"He was running late and he asked me to pick you up" He said opening the door for her.

"He asked you to say that?" She enquired.

"He was. Yesterday they went partying till late with Zayn Malik" He clenched his jaw.

The way he said Zayn Malik name. Seems like there was more than met the eye.

"Oh!" Was all she could say.

She was yet to get acquitted to this Zayn Malik. And her curiosity was growing every minute. Everyone that she met since they moved here they always attached that name to their talks. Also she would love to know what was his deal with Niall. While she came to know Niall as the sweetest guy she ever met, though a pushover. He was sweet.

She reached for her bag and pulled out her leather skirt.

She wasn't going to have her day ruined more by showing up at her school dressed like mother Theresa and all the Vatican's sisters.

"Whoa! What do you think you are doing?" Niall asked in shock covering his eyes. Forgetting he was driving.

"Changing my outfit" she said as she fully removed her dress. Remained with her boob top and panties.

Right now he had turned red like a beetroot. He couldn't look at her. She took her precious time to put on her tiny skirt and also teasing Niall.

"Next time could you at least warn someone" he said.

She just smiled at him wickedly.

She grinned more when the school came into view. It was time for her highness The Queen Bee. Time for Taylor to reign and show everyone where she belonged.

The car came to a stop. She watched as Niall walked towards her side to open the door for her. Now that's how a queen is treated.

Her joy was Short lived.

A familiar car came in and was parked beside us. I recognized it.

It was Harry's.

The back door was opened and my oh my. A god stepped out. Her mouth went wide. The guy stood and ran a hand through his hair. The act was so damn sexy.

Niall stiffened at his sight.

Well she guessed she just met Zayn Malik.

Then the object of her anger today stepped out. Harry Styles. He was yet to see them. She was about to call his name but She stopped when he opened the door. And a barbie like girl walked out. She looked like those dolls that come with a pony. With all her pinkness.

"Who is that?" Taylor rhetorically asked.

She threw her hands at Harry and then kissed him.

"Its Bree. The school Queen Bee. You don't want to mess with her" Niall spoke after a while.

"She should be the one not to mess with me." She said and started walking towards them.

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