Oh Boy, I'm in Trouble

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5. Thrill

Taylor swiftly moved towards her prey. She cautiously eyed them. Though burning with anger.

Who the hell did Harry think he was. Use her and dump her?


She did the dumping. She used them and tossed them away for a pathetic little thing to play with second hands.

She didn't do second hands.

Did Harry have any idea the favour she was doing him just being with him. Any guy and girl would die to have even a strand of hair belonging to The Taylor or even by just sniffing her scent.

As she moved closer she eyed the barbie trash. Definitely she was dumb as she "blondely" appeared. So Harry went after her cause she was just an easy lay.

Everything happened too fast. Once she got where they stood. Taylor pushed the Blonde girl aside and before Harry knew it she drew him in for a kiss.

He pushed her back before his eyes widening when he saw her.

"What is happening?" Bree asked.

"What is happening is that you should 'shoo' and leave my boyfriend alone" Taylor turned to face her.

A perfect round face with a poised structure just stared at her. Bree was silent for a moment before she burst out in laughter.

This made Taylor more agitated. This wasn't the reaction she expected. She expected the girl to be at least intimidated by her presence and her words to scare her more. Only this girl wasn't moved. In fact she moved to the other side of Harry.

"Did you not hear me?" Taylor asked.


Bree stopped Harry from talking.

"Babe let me handle this" She said raising her hand.

"First of all Taylor I heard you. Secondly, Harry isn't your boyfriend. I know all about your little escapades with my fiancé during the summer. Which I don't mind cause I was away and a boy gotta have some little fun. So thank you for your services. We no longer need them. And Finally am good as a referee. So I will recommended your services to others. Let's go Babe"

She took his hand and pulled him along with her.

Taylor expected at least Harry to say something but he didn't do anything. He just followed her like a puppy after he gave her a sympathetic look. The guy Taylor assumed was Zayn followed them after whispering a 'Hi'

She had even forgotten he existed for a second back.

What just happened. Did she just get "Taylorfied"? A word her former schoolmates used to describe her whenever one messed with her.

She looked around and realised a small crowd had gathered around the parking lot. All staring at her. No way this was happening to her. She knew she would now be the talk of the day. She was the one who was supposed to create the talk not be the one talked about.

This was more than a humiliation. And she didn't like it. Only loser got humiliated by her not the vice versa.

If Bree wanted war so be it. War it was. And Taylor played dirty. She would snatch that stupid Queen Bee title from her and showed her where she belonged.

"You forgot your lunch box inside the car" Niall spoke behind her.

She was surprised he was still here.

The few students that had remained started to giggle. She looked down to see that he mother had packed her food in a Winnie the pooh lunch box.

Dear mother.

Could any of this day get worse?

"Who still carries packed food?" One of the girls spoke.


Just Great.

She threw her hands up in frustration as the dish swung open. The food scattered all over as some flew across.

Just Freaking Great.

Then she saw a scooter that was coming towards her. Heading straight at her.
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