Oh Boy, I'm in Trouble

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6. Trouble


VINCENT rummaged among his scattered stuff. He could not afford to be late. He couldn't afford another trouble.

He had overslept. Yesterday the mall overworked him. He managed to stumble back at home in the wee hours of the night.

"Gotcha" He squealed in joy when he found his scooter keys.

"What a sissy" His older brother Ace mimicked his squealing in a girlish way as he passed his open room.

Vincent threw him a dirty look but Ace just gave him the middle finger as he walked past his room. Vincent strapped his bag on his shoulder and took his helmet and followed his brothers' lead.

He was surprised when he found his father awake. All clean and dressed up. He even smiled at him. That's a first.

"Morning son?" He asked.


"Morning dad, why are you up so early?" Vincent asked.

"There's someone am meeting today"

"A date?" Vincent asked feeling hopeful.

"Just an interview"

"Okay Dad, all the best. I have to go or I will be late"

He said his goodbye and walked out. Could it be possible for a geek to hate school? Vincent hated it. Especially the kids in it including his brother.

He found his brother's 2018 Ford mustang car. He expected he would have left already. He was just like her. Living in an illusion. He looked over at the garage where his own mustang was parked untouched since it was bought. She could not buy his affection.

He powered his scooter and drove off.


He found a small crowd that had gathered in the parking lot. He hated crowds. He never fitted in. He tried to stop the scooter but seemed like his brake weren't working.

'Damn Ace and his back to school pranks'

He tried again it didn't work. Then he caught a glance of the figure before him.

She was stood paralysed as he headed straight at her. He severally tried to stop but the damn thing wasn't working.

The strange girl started screaming until a figure out of nowhere pushed her and he headed straight to a car.

His scooter hit the car's headlights throwing him to the ground. The small crowd now had moved to where he had fallen. With most holding up there phones. Obviously recording.

He was about to stand when a heavy blow landed on his face.

"What the hell douchebag"

He looked up to find Zayn Malik fuming at him with the strange girl beside him.

She looked familiar.

"Am sorry I. It was an accident" Vincent apologized though he didn't know why.


" What is going on here?" The principal's voice roared as the student started to disperse.

His eyes landed on the car behind Vincent.

"Who did this?" He asked after he saw the damage on his car.

"It's Vincent Weston. He wanted to hit the new girl" Zayn said.

Vincent glared at him. This was why he hated school. With friends turned to enemies like Zayn.

"Is it true Mr.Weston"


"Is that not your scooter?" The principal asked.

"It is" he answered.

"Then follow me Mr. Weston to my office."

Before Vincent went after the principal. Zayn gave him a satisfactory smile. The girl beside him smiled flirtously at him. At that point Vincent decided he hated the new girl. He didn't need to know her to see she was just like his mother.

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