Oh Boy, I'm in Trouble

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7. Trouble


"Mr. Weston detention after school" The principal said.

Vincent mumbled inaudible yes before waking up. He picked up his bag before walking out.

He had never hate anyone like he did with Zayn. That devil. And the new girl? He shared the same dislike.

He must have seen her somewhere but he couldn't remember. By the reception he found a commotion.

Speak of the devil. The new girl was arguing with Rebecca the secretary.

"Bitch" the new girl muttered.

Becca was such a darling and a peacemaker and Vincent had to wonder what she did to deserve an insult.

"Hi Becca" Vincent said walking past them.

"Hey Vincent, would you mind showing Miss....

"My name is Taylor. Let it sink" the girl said rudely.

Vincent disliked her more. She was just like her. Self absorbed, wanting people to worship the ground they walked on, selfish, manipulative and all the evilness.

"Miss Taylor to her class" Becca said wearing a smile.

Vincent wanted to say no. He would be dead to even associate with her. But this was Becca asking. She was always polite to him.

"Okay." he took the class schedule from her stretched hand.


They had Biology together.

Just great.

"This way Miss Taylor" He said.

"Its Taylor. Not Miss" She said, walking ahead of him.

Vincent rolled her eyes before following the lead.

That was the longest walk Vincent had ever walked with the awkward silence and tension.

"Room 4" Vincent said.


"Room 4, biology" He blabbered.

He knocked as he walked in.

He handed over a piece of paper to professor Falcon. Then walked to an empty seat.

Taylor stood there as the rest watched her. The boys in the back seats whistled.

She introduced herself as more whistles continued until Vincent heard what Prof said.

"You will be Vincent's lab partner for the semester"

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