Oh Boy, I'm in Trouble

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8. Thrill

Taylor had never been glad in her life when she turned to find her saviour was the infamous Zayn Malik. A girl could dream. Yeah, those other girls but She wasn't them. She was Taylor and she got what she wanted. Dreaming was meant for pathetic losers who could do nothing.

"Thanks" She said.

"Couldn't let that loser put a single scratch on such a beauty" He said.

"Do you two know each other" Taylor asked.

Cause if they knew each other. It would be a bummer to her. She couldn't imagine herself hanging out with people who hang out with such kind.

Zayn thought a bit and shook his head.

"Not really."

"Good" Taylor huffed in distaste.

"Let me be your guide for the day. And sorry about the little show with Bree. She can be..."

"Don't worry. I can take care of myself"

'Bree wouldn't see what hit her' Taylor thought.

"Figured. Am Zayn by the way"

"I know. Am Taylor"

"So have heard" he said. "After you" he stretched his hand.

First he showed her the playing fields, hide outs for 'puff puff' as he had put it. It could also be used for make outs and quickies. There was a forest one could see from the field. He warned her against going there terming it as 'Horror's filmmaker dream come true'

"Do you play any sport?" She asked.

"Bedminton" He winked. When she didn't find humor in his innuendo. He added. "No, just a boy band"

They walked towards the classes as Zayn showed her more around the school. He was about to take her to the school secretary when they found Bree standing by the locker, tapping her feet, impatiently.

"Zayn!" She shouted his name.

Taylor rolled her eyes. She slipped her hand through his arm.

"So after picking my class schedule where do we go next?" Taylor spoke loudly for Bree to hear.

"Zayn" Bree shouted again.

He stiffen beside Taylor. When Taylor glanced at Bree she was sending daggers at Zayn.

"Sorry. Later" Zayn muttered before untangling himself from Taylor, and walked to Bree like a puppy on leash.

What is with people in this school and bending to Bree's commands? Taylor thought before angrily storming.

Now was not the time for a showdown with Bree. Her time would come.


The secretary was a bitch.

That was official to Taylor.

Was Taylor heard to remember?

And to make it already bad. She had to ask that wussy of a boy to assist her to her class like she was dumb and blind.


The boy gave her chills and not the cute giddily chills. The creep ones. Who still wears chinos?

He did.

What a loser?

She was glad when the got to the class to make it worse, they shared the first period. Biology

As if it won't transit further from bad to worse. It got worst when she was to be his lab partner.

For a whole fucking semester.


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