Oh Boy, I'm in Trouble

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9. Thrill

When the class ended Taylor breathed in relieve.

"What a bummer" She said.

The guy seated beside her. Weston, right? Vincent...


Ugh, who cares?

Like a name of some typical loser would bother her.

But she was bothered. Like the way he never acknowledged her presence. And when he looked at her, it's like she was dirt he could easily wash away.

He throughout held unreadable demeanor. Like she didn't exist.

Any guy would be honoured to be graced by her mere presence. He quickly stuffed his book and flee from her side like she was an infectious virus.

"Hey, sweetheart"

An older guy approached her. He looked a bit old to be in highschool. Taylor could see a subtle on his face. Either was he was an eye candy.

"Hey," She formed her special smile for cute guys.

He looked trouble, but trouble was Taylor's second name.

"Am Ace" He walked her outside as his gang friends followed. "This is Chirp" A guy with a greenish mohawk waved. "Monkey here, need something to be done halla at him" The latino guy cried like a monkey. "And lastly this is Hulk, he does the heavy lifting" The blonde guy lifted his shirt showing her his abs and muscles.

Now this was a good start. At the lockers they found Vincent, who was about to blow up.

"Thanks for getting me in trouble. Again" He spat.

"Chill fuckwit" Ace said.

"Idiot" Vincent said before storming off.

He did even cast a single glance at her. Again. This angered Taylor more.

"Do you know him?" she asked, cause looking at Ace one to tell he was those popular guys that people feared yet Vincent wasn't even afraid of confronting him.

"He is no one. Just a doofus"

"Ace..." Harry, Zayn, Bree, Niall and a girl with a strawberry hair. All walked to where they were.

"Where to dude?" Zayn asked.

"Walking princess here to her next class" Ace winked at Taylor making her heart feel like it was about to burst.

"No need for the trouble, i pledge earlier today to do that" Zayn said defensively.

Thrill washed over her, at the thought two hot guys were fighting for her.

Like it hasn't happen before?

It always did.

Bree cleared her throat angrily when she wasn't the one getting all the attention.

"Molly" She snapped her fingers at the red haired girl. "Bathroom" she commanded.

Taylor rolled her eyes when her puppet timidly followed her.

"Heard there was a showdown in the morning between you and Bree" Ace stated.

"She is a pompous bitch" Taylor answered eyeing Harry for a reaction who looked away.

"Can i talk to you" He finally spoke. "Alone" he added when the boys didn't give them space.

"Later Babe" Ace said winking at her. Zayn just eyed Harry before following the rest.

"Am sorry i never mentioned Bree sooner" Harry said.

"Don't be, it was just fun Harry."

"It's complicated" he said.

"I don't care, i have my interest elsewhere now. Am all about the fun"

With that said, she turned and walked away.

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