Oh Boy, I'm in Trouble

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10. Thrill


Time ticked down fast like a youth wasted. Taylor found herself seated alone during lunch. This was better than sharing a table with Bree, even though it was where the popular people sat. Where she belonged.

She bite her apple as her eyes connected with Bree. Smug was plastered across the girl's face. She pulled Harry for a kiss then smirked at her.

"Bitch!" She said.

"Tell me about it." A female voice said.

Unfamiliar girl placed her food tray beside her and sat on the empty seat.

Taylor was tempted to call her off for invasion of her personal space. And remembered the morning incident. In this school now everyone saw her as 'ordinary loser' and not as queen bee. Something she wanted so badly.

"Oh, sorry. Am Arya. Bree ex-bestfriend"

Taylor took a good look at the girl. Nothing suggested that Bree would want to be friends with. The girl was on the chubby side and her dressing was out of this world. Not good but messy.

"I can help you get back at her" The girl said.

Taylor's interest was piqued but pretended and none.

"We grew up together, i know how she thinks, her weaknesses, strengths, her bathroom schedule. Literally everything about her" Arya went on.

"And why are you telling me this?" Taylor feigned no interest.

She was about speak when Ace propped himself beside her.

"You, me; on this table, what do you say honey?" He asked.

Taylor rolled her eyes.

"In your dreams"

"My dreams are nastier" he said. "Friday night, my place. Am hosting my birthday party"

Before Taylor could answer he was already gone.

"This so great. We have to go to that party" she squealed in joy.

"We?" Taylor asked in surprise.

What was wrong with this girl. Like Taylor would ever want to be friends with her.


Just look at her.

"Yeah we. You badly want the Queen bee title. I want payback"

"I can fight my own battles" Taylor said standing up.

Bree eyes were trained on them especially Arya.

"I know, but I can't. You don't know Bree. Just ask around the name Tessa"

Taylor thought for a second. She didn't need third parties. She could take out Bree on her own. Steal Harry, Zayn and her entire life and friends.

"Thanks but, no thanks" Taylor straighten her back.

"When you change your mind. You can get your trouble self in detention. It's more fun than P.E"

Taylor didn't respond she just walked past her.

Bree was just a drop in the ocean.

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