Oh Boy, I'm in Trouble

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11. Thrill


"Did you know any Tessa?" Taylor asked Niall as he drove her home after school.

He tensed and clenched his jaws.

"Only knew we were in the same class" he replied.

Though Taylor knew there was more to it. Seems like everyone in her new school held some secrets.

"What transpired between her and Bree?"

"Just Bree being Bree and Tessa being the innocent quite girl" Niall said.

"Does she still go to our school?"


"Where is she?"

"I just don't know"

Taylor had never seen Niall so angry. He fisted his free hand until his knuckles were turning white.

"Jeez, whatever it is not interested anymore. But Bree, better know that am not easily scared"

"About that...i saw you talking to Bree nemesis Arya. Don't trust everything you hear. There are many truths people whisper but none of them is the truth"

Taylor got more confused at what he meant.

He killed the engine, in front of her house. As she alighted the car. Her father's car was at the driveway.

Joy washed over her as she ran towards it but, her father drove off. Shock and surprise was what she felt. She was always her father's daughter yet just drove off.

She rushed inside the house. She found her mother in the kitchen.

"Can you believe that Dad just drove past me like i wasn't there?" She said in dismay.

"Sorry honey. A friend of his has been rushed to the emergency room."

At least he didn't ignore her.

"I thought i did something wrong. I missed him. Can't wait i tell him about my new school when he returns" She said excited.

Her mothers' face fell.

"Am sorry honey but your father won't be back for at least a couple of weeks. Work has become too much"

"Agh...i hate my life"

"Now you are being dramatic"

"Am i? Really? He took me away from my school, friends where i was popular and had a life. He said he wanted to be close to his work to spend more time with us. How many times have i seen him since we moved here? Two. If today counts. This sucks" She was shouting.

"Just be patient dear" Her mother begged.

"Ugh.." She sighed climbing the stairs to her room.

She heard Niall say bye to her mother. She didn't bother to say her adios too.

She fell on her bed and took a pillow and screamed.

Her phone vibrated besides her. She check to find a text from Harry.

Harry: Sorry😖

She wasn't going to let him off the hook that easily. So she didn't reply.

Harry: Let me explain. Fries🍟 and stake🍖 at Freddie's joint?

He wanted to bribe her with her favourites. Though she would never anyone to find out she ate such.

The cholesterol.


Being a Queen bee came with sacrifices.

Instead she thew her phone and logged in to Skype with her former school friend, Tanya. She didn't know how long she had been chatting with Tanya until she heard something hit her bedroom window. She was about to scream when she saw a shadow.

"Taylor" Someone called her.

"Harry" She walked to the window and drew the curtains.

"How did you get up here?"

"A man on a mission can do anything"

She looked down, outside and wondered how the hell he got there.

"Are you gonna let me in?" He asked.

She lifted the window up to let him in. He stepped in. Taylor was still surprised.

"Who is that hottie?" Tanya voice came from the computer.

"Sorry" Taylor said trying to shut the computer.

"Bye Tanya..."

"We aren't.... But Taylor had already shut her computer.

"You didn't reply my text. So i brought you take outs" He lifted Freddie's bags.

"Because i didn't want to"

Her phone vibrated again.

Tanya: Bitch, he is fine as sin.

Taylor: Bitch, go to sleep.

Tanya: Are you going to sleep with him?🍆🍆🍆

She did reply she set her phone aside. Before she could say any word. Harry's lips crushed down on hers in a fierce kiss.

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