Oh Boy, I'm in Trouble

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12 Thrill

Making somebody to talk was proving hard, especially about Bree. Taylor was on the verge of giving up. She needed something she could use to bring Bree on her knees.

The week flew by, Friday came so quick. The couple of days had been great especially since Bree was missing. All the attention was on Taylor. And she felt good to be on the limelight again.

"Don't miss the party at Ace's." Zayn said to her as his departure signature.

She watched as he drove with Louis.

"See you tonight?" Harry squeezed her hand.

Her heart fluttered. And she hated feeling all mushy.

"See you there," She said.

Harry looked around before kissing her. She hated that he could not kiss her in public without looking if one of Bree's mole was around.

She formed two agendas in her head.

Agenda one: Steal the queen bee title from Bree

Agenda two: Steal Harry from Bree.

Harry got into his convertible, winked at her and drove off.

She stood at the parking lot waiting for Niall, he was always her ride and she had gotten comfortable on that.

A sound of a motor running disrupted her, she turned to find Vincent trying to power his scooter.

He was yet to see her.

"Fuck," he cussed.

She was surprised to hear him cuss.

He tried again but his scooter just emitted smoke like an industrial chimney.

"Damn Ace," He muttered.

"Taylor!" Niall shouted, as both Taylor and Vincent turned to his direction.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting," He apologized.

"It's not a big deal," She stated.

"Just give me a minute," He said as he walked towards Vincent.

She could hear what they were saying. All she saw was the nasty look Vincent would give her.

And she had to wonder, why.

She was Taylor, people admired her but not Vincent.


Like he mattered.

Both Vincent and Niall walked towards her.

"Hope you don't mind, Vincent will be riding with us. His scooter is broken."

"Am going to kill Ace," Vincent said.

There was no way she was going to ride with some loser guy like Vincent.

She looked at him and he was giving her a challenging look, like he knew what she was thinking.

"I don't bite," He sarcastically, said.

Taylor clicked her tongue.

"I get that you don't like me," Vincent mocked.

"Got that right." Taylor concurred.

"The feeling is mutual," He said and got into the car.

Taylor opted for the shotgun. How could some loser like him not like her?

Like any girl would want him.

"Actually Niall, just drop me at Gianna's" Vincent said.

"Your girlfriends'?" Niall asked.


Unbelievable, Taylor couldn't believe there was actually a girl that would date him.

Vincent looked over at her and smirked.

She huffed in annoyance. It was going to be a long ride.

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