Oh Boy, I'm in Trouble

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13. Thrill

Taylor found it hard to admit that Vincent's girlfriend, Gianna, was pretty. In fact what she found hard to understand was that there was a girl that found Vincent attractive.

Ew! Just look at him.

"So when should I pick you for the party?" Niall asked as he dropped her off.

"Seven is okay. " She said, alighting his car. She looked down through his car's the window. "That's for everything." She said.

Niall gave her a smile that Taylor found to be cute. "Anytime." He said.

She watched his car disappear from sight before walking to her house. The smell of ginger filled her nostrils. Ginger biscuits, her favourite. She rushed into to the kitchen. Her mom was laying the tray on the table. She slapped her hand away when Taylor attempted to pick one. "Manners Taylor." She warned.

Instead Taylor dropped her bag on the kitchen floor like a kid. She pulled a chair and sat down. Her mother gave her a disapproving look before picking the bag and placing it on the table.

"Wash your hands first." Her mum instructed and Taylor was happy to oblige.

"Do you miss working mum?" Taylor was halfway devouring a tray full of biscuits when she asked.

"Why honey?" Her mom stood and moved towards the sink, turning her back on her.

"You loved being a manager and ever since you quit your job. Dad stopped being around." She said.

"Your father has a lot going on. His..." She stopped like she was about to say something she'd regret. "He just has a lot." She spoke.

She shrugged her shoulders. She had better things to worry about. She stood and took her bag.

"Niall and I are going to a party." She told her mother.

"As long as he has the decency to pick you up and drop you before your curfew. Not like that boyfriend of yours. Harry. Right?"

She slumped her shoulders frustrated. "Harry is nice."

"He better be."

She ignored her mother and left.

She took her sweet time to bath, dress and do her make up. Her friend, Tanya, was on the other side of the computer talking to her as she did all of that.

"Will that skank Bree be at the party?" Tanya asked.

"I hope not. My popularity has been on the rise during her absence at school." Taylor said, applying mascara.

"But if she is, disfigure her face. To know her kingdom has a new Queen bee.

Taylor laughed at her friends' comment before she heard a cars' hoot. She stood and peeped at her window. She expected to see Niall but to her surprise it was Harry. He looked up and waved at her.

She moved from her window.

"I have to go." She said to Tanya, whom they had been skyping.

"Kisses hun." Tanya shouted and blew kisses at her through the screen.

Taylor yelled to her mother as she ran out, saying she will be back like Cinderella. Before the time strikes 00:01.

Harry wasn't his usual self, was the first thing Taylor noticed about him. He opened the door for her as she took the shotgun. He took his position by the driver's seat. He sighed heavily, his hand running through his messy hair.

"Are you okay?" She enquired.

"Bree's mum just passed away." He said.

That wasn't what she expected to hear. She just assumed he had a fight with Bree because of how cosy they had been over the week. She was speechless.

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