Oh Boy, I'm in Trouble

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Taylor has always being a Troublemaker. She is used to getting what she wants but that may be coming to an end soon when she gets herself tangled in a boy band and the life she knew as truth mocks her with a series of lies. Vincent (Swift) is the good boring kind of guy or as people think of him. In his life he has sworn to stay away from girls like Taylor they are all Trouble. But life has other plans when both are always tossed together. And life is just about to show them they are alike than they expected.

Romance / Humor
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1. Thrill

Taylor's blood pumped in a rush. Thrill was washing over her. This gave her more adrenaline than sleeping with her best friends' boyfriend. Kurt was cool and all that. She didn't like him but he was off limits being her friends' boyfriend. However the part that made him forbidden was what made it fun. Doing something to either get caught or know you can get away with. And Taylor was all about the forbidden fruits.

She walked out of the mall hoping the alarm would go off and also hoping it wouldn't. A disappointed look crossed her face when she managed to leave without getting caught. Just like that the thrill disappeared, until she raised her head and saw a nerdy looking guy walking towards her. He had his headphones on. Busy on the phone

"Here comes trouble" she whispered as he neared her. Quickly she managed to rub the bubble gum she had stuck on the watch's code.

Just as he was about to walk past her. She pretended to trip and slipped the watch in his bag.

"Sorry. Are you hurt ? " the guy asked concerned.

She almost felt sorry for him. But there was no fun in feeling sorry for others.

"Am okay" she answered. Taking a closer look at him. He wasn't that bad looking. And wondered how it would be, dating losers like him. He looked like the type to submit to all her needs. After all a beauty queen like herself would be doing him a favour by even talking to him.

That would be quite a viable project. She would be damned if she didn't try at her new school tomorrow. Date all the losers and nerds. What a thrill !

With a smile she walked towards a bench as she watched the loser walk in the mall. She sat down and waited to see what would happen once he walked outside.

"let the game begin" she whispered.
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