Alpha Loren

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Leonardo Loren - a notorious womanizer and feared Alpha. He could have anything and anyone he liked. Until he met Ella. Fiercely independent, strong-willed and hugely unafraid, she was was unique. And she was everything he hated. With a kind heart and an abundance of empathy, Ella is in dismay at the murder and destruction he remorselessly commits. So when she learns she is the mate of such a cruel man, she sets about changing him. Determined not to give him what he craves until he is a better man, she stays true to her fierce nature and resists his attempts to domineer her. But as an Alpha, he is stubborn to change and unwilling to listen to a mere girl, furious that she even dares to question him. So he forces her into his pack and tries to crush her spirit. Twisted games, manipulation, dangerous seduction. No tactic is off the table for Leonardo. But will Ella persevere and thaw his cold heart? Or will she crumble under those dark, handsome eyes like every woman before her?

Romance / Fantasy
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Alpha Loren - Prologue

“I think of myself a gentleman. My power, my strength and my action are driven by one thing- the instinct to protect the things I hold dear. But heed this: if you stand in my way, you will see nothing gentle. Only everlasting suffering and anguish far beyond your comprehension.”

-Alpha Leonardo Loren

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