Another Try For His Butterfly

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She was the meek girl, never knew how to answer back, retort, or sass someone. she was kind, sweet, and loving. That was five years before he killed her kindness, murdered her innocence, and betrayed her love. Her goodness was for the world to know, while she was here to kill him, unlike he killed himself for her... this time she has to make sure he dies, unlike the last time when she cried for him to live, for him to breathe. Five years back she failed to kill him, so now, five years later, she is ready to make sure he dies, without remorse in cold blood once he spilled. "Caspian, stay away. People are looking at us," I tried to pry him off me but instead his hands dangerously moved down from my collarbone. With a smug smile, he grabbed my throat instead, and slowly increased pressure as he squeezed. "That day you survived, now what my butterfly, how will you survive now?" he smirked against our touching nose and a gasp left my lips to intake the air I was losing with passing seconds. with all force, I pushed him back and tried to run past him but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him as my back collided with his chest. "Don't forget, butterfly, you are vigorously flapping in my cage, from where you know... only death can take you away," his breath fanned on my earlobe with the threat he gave me. This a mystery, steamy, and thriller short romance novel.

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1 : The Ending

(Note: The story is not edited.)

Life is beautiful, and I’m thankful for this to god.

My name is Butterfly, and I’m not joking when I say it is true. My mother loved this name, and I heard it from my father. So, my name is Butterfly Fate Walker, and that is what everyone calls me.

I live with my man and sister while my sister is the only family left, you can call her my step-sister or be it half-sister, whatever people name our relation and say that step-sisters are bloodthirsty for each other’s blood and all it isn’t in our case, she is younger than me. While I’m twenty-one and she is seventeen. Her name is Alaska Rose Carter, my younger sibling from another mother. My mother soon died after my birth, and later my father got married to Alaska’s mother. After she turned five years old, our parents met with a road accident, and they expired on the spot. We both were too young so, Acaccia, Alaska’s aunt, took us under her wing, but she despised me a lot. Later, when I turned 19, I got married to my boyfriend, Caspian Juniper Walker.

No one knows about our marriage, and we have not told anyone yet. It was just registering and getting our marriage certificate. Caspian and I are together since our high school days, and now our marriage has been three years long. I love him a lot, and so, he. We three live in my deceased parent’s house. While Caspian and I go to college and do some other works, Alaska also does some part-time jobs, and my schooling is going on through our hardly acquired scholarship. While apart from this, my life, going on perfectly, and I love my current version of the life.

Caspian is the eye candy, bad-boy nerd, quarterback, cool and handsome man who girls fantasize about still, whatever they think the man is already reserved and is for me to keep. We live happily, though I don’t know a thing about Caspian’s background. I never met his family, neither his friends. And I think he is a genius apart from studies because we are together for seven years now, and married for three years still he has done great at keeping his life private and mysterious from me. I was uncertain when he proposed to me the offer of marrying him three years back. I told him about the situation of mine, as I was planning to leave Acacia’s house, but she wasn’t willing to let me leave, and then she drew a custody contract where I had to get married to leave her house with Alaska, so then I got married to Caspian, and with my sister, I moved out to live our free life.

Caspian’s parents don’t know about his marriage, and he said they don’t have to. While apart from this, I only know that his parents live in New York, and Caspian travels back and forth from Florida to New York from time to time. I have never heard from them, met them, or anything while they even don’t know if I exist, maybe? Caspian never told me if they know about me being with him together or not, and I don’t ask further also he wants me to believe him, and I do because what’s the point of a relationship when I cannot trust when he wants me to most?

I just dropped Alaska for her babysitting job and then walked to my home. Opening the gate, I walked inside, and it was odd because before leaving, I always open a single light, unlike the darkness around the house.

“Caspian, are you home?” I voice out, though I know how it’s possible since today he left for New York to meet his parents. Walking inside, I tripped over something, and face fall first. It was firm and rigid, whatever I came across. Turning the switch on, I looked back at the object, and a gasp left my mouth. My whole form was trembling to look at what was lying there in front of me. A tear rolled down through my wide eyes that hurting me from looking at the body in front.

It was Caspian his whole body was wounded, and blood smeared all over him. I rushed to his side and turned him over as he laid on his front and looked at him with tear freely shedding through my eyes. I hugged his unconscious body crying loudly. Panic took over as I hurriedly called for the ambulance and cops.

An hour later, I was pacing back and forth in front of the emergency ward where he was being treated. The cops asked me about all that happened, and I answered what I saw, while they told me to inform his family, as I stayed silent, looking at the ground. Fuck sake, I don’t even know their names... How am I supposed to find out and tell them? I groaned and tugged my hair. I was all alone, but soon the doctors came out and informed me that he is out of danger.

“Your friend has suffered from a mild concussion and some major injuries, but other than that, he is alright. After he wakes up, we are going to keep him under observation, and then, we’ll tell you about his final reports later,” I nodded to him, murmuring thank you. He went away while I walked inside and sat beside Caspian.

Stroking his black silky hairs, I kissed his forehead, then interlacing our hands, looked at him with guilt and pain. I hate the sight in front of me, him, wrapped up in bandages. His fair complexion tainted with bruises, while his pink-lush lips busted with traces of dried blood. I don’t understand he was supposed to board the plane. Why was he at home and in that state? Who beat him up, and especially when he is good at fighting and mixed martial art?

The next morning when he woke up, I called the doctor the instant to check on him. Later, the doctor allowed him the discharge, and I brought him home. He seemed a little angry but ignoring that, I settled him in our bedroom and prepared a bowl of soup. While I sent Alaska to school, I stayed back to care for him.

When I tried to feed him, he pushed me away, and the soup bowl spilled all over me. It was too hot, and thus I rushed the instant to the bathroom and cleaned it off to avoid any burning. Still, my stomach turned red, but I avoided that as he must be very frustrated because of the pain and the wounds.

Later that day, cops came to take his statement, and when they left, Caspian lashed at me for calling the cops. I was afraid to retort since I know his anger level, once a boy tried to misbehave with me, and so, he has beaten up the crap out of him that lead him to hospital for at least half a month. I said nothing, but then another week passed. His behavior worsened with me, and even he shouted over Alaska some times, so Alaska has started to avoid encounters with him. While he has turned ignorant and insignificant towards me, but I still tried to understand him.

Like this, a month went by, but his changed behavior has not improved at all. Instead, he has started to come late at night, and I don’t even know where he is all day?

I tried to talk to him, but he again lashed at me so, I left it like that. Maybe there is some problem with him. Something happened that got him injured that day and has impacted him a lot.

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